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Advanced Diploma of Live Production, Theatre and Events (Technical Production) [Sound]

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  • Objectives
    Available to students who demonstrate potential for, and wish to acquire expertise in the technical and production aspects of the entertainment industry. The program is structured to provide skills and experience consistent with the growing sound and audio needs of the entertainment industry The skills and knowledge gained will equip graduates to find employment in the areas of theatre, film, television, concerts, festivals, studio work and trade presentations. Units cover a broad spectrum of sound production and operation disciplines. Specific procedures are studied in stage and concert sound, digital sound and sound for the electronic media. Music recording and the creation of special effects for theatre are studied both in theory and in practice. Multi‑track, stereophonic and binaural techniques are also covered, supported by electronic theory and musical score reading. The course also provides investigation into the new areas of acoustic sculpture and art. Practical work in the industry is provided in third year. This VET course is offered by ECU as a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Quality Training Framework.
  • Entry requirements
    Applicants apply directly to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Admission is based upon comprehensive interview and the submission of a prescribed project for evaluation. Interviews are normally held in November‑ December. Information relating to interview requirements and procedures is available from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.
  • Academic Title
    Advanced Diploma of Live Production, Theatre and Events (Technical Production) [Sound]
  • Course description
    This course is available for on-campus study by students with an International student visa.
    This course structure contains information about the units which comprise the course as well as the credit points required to successfully complete it.

    The course achieves endorsed national units of competence principally from the entertainment industry training package (CUE03). The units of competence are clustered within course delivery units. Details of the specific delivery arrangement for each unit of competence are available from the relevant Course Coordinator or the Programme Director. Students commence the programme at AQF level 4 – Certificate IV, and over a period of three years full-time study achieve the standard required to graduate at AQF level 6 with an Advanced Diploma of Live Production, Theatre and Events (Sound).

    Unit                Description                                                                                     Points

    Semester one
    50214    Assist on production (Part A)    *                                                                  0
    Semester two
    50215    Assist on production (Part B)    *                                                                  0

    Full Year
    CUELGT09A     Apply a general knowledge of lighting to work activities                     0
    CUESOU04B    Mix live audio                                                                                       0
    CUESOU03B    Operate professional audio equipment                                               0
    CUFMEM02A    Author a multimedia product                                                               0
    CUSSOU09A    Mix Sound Sources                                                                              0
    CUETGE15A     Handle physical elements safely during bump in/bump out                0
    CUESMT06B     Plot technical requirements from scores                                             0
    CUSSOU11A    Operate sound mixing console                                                            0
    CUESOU08A    Select and manage microphone and other audio input sources         0
    CUFSAF01B      Follow health, safety and security procedures                                   0
    ICAITU006B     Operate computing packages                                                             0
    MEM5.1AA        Manual Soldering/desoldering - Electrical/electronic Components      0
    THHGHS03B     Provide first aid                                                                                   0
    CUESOU01B    Repair and maintain audio equipment                                                 0
    ICTCC120A      Use basic computer technology                                                          0

    Unit                Description                                                                                       Points

    Semester one
    50216    Coordinate an area of production in (Part A)    *                                            0
    Semester two
    50217    Coordinate an area of production in (Part B)    *                                            0
    Full Year
    CUEIND01B     Source and apply entertainment industry knowledge                           0
    CUEOHS01B    Implement workplace health, safety and security procedures              0
    CUETEM06A     Organise and monitor bump in/bump out                                             0
    CUEFIN01B      Develop a budget                                                                                 0
    CUEFIN02B      Manage a budget                                                                                 0
    CUESOU07A    Apply a general knowledge of audio to work activities                         0
    CUESOU09A    Manage and compile audio replay material                                           0
    CUESOU5A      Design sound materials                                                                         0
    CUESOU6A      Design Sound Systems                                                                          0
    CUSSOU21A    Direct A Final Audio Master                                                                    0
    CUFEDT05A     Operate A Non-linear Editing System                                                    0
    CUFEDT08A     Edit dialogue and sound                                                                       0
    CUSSOU05B    Install, align and test audio equipment                                                 0
    CUSSOU08A    Operate sound reinforcement system                                                   0
    CUSSOU24A    Edit sound using computerized digital equipment/systems                   0
    CUESOU2A      Install sound equipment                                                                       0
    CUFSOU01A    Operate the boom                                                                                 0
    CUSSOU02A    Operate portable audio recorder                                                           0
    CUSSOU04A    Record sound                                                                                         0
    BSBCMN103A   Apply basic communication skills    *                                                     0

    Unit                Description                                                                                         Points
    Semester one
    50213    Lead a production team    *                                                                              0
    Semester two
    CUETEM08A    Realise productions    *                                                                            0
    Full Year
    CUETEM03B     Establish and manage production requirements and resources             0
    BSBFLM503A    Establish effective workplace relationships                                             0
    CUETEM01B     Co-ordinate production operations                                                         0
    CUSADM06A    Develop and Implement An Operational Plan                                          0
    THHGLE22A     Manage risk                                                                                             0
    CUSSOU22A    Implement Sound Design                                                                        0
    CUSSOU15A    Create a final sound balance                                                                  0
    CUESMT12A     Analyse performance outline/script                                                         0
    CUSSOU23A    Specify sound systems                                                                            0

    * Units marked with an asterisk are Designated Units . These units are a fundamental course requirement and may only be attempted once unless otherwise determined by Board of Examiners. Where a student is assessed as 'not yet competent' in a Designated Unit that student may, at the discretion of the Board of Examiners, be excluded from the course and the academic progression status of the student shall be excluded .

    Students must attain competency in all units in a given year before progressing to the next year, i.e. successful completion of year one is a prerequisite for entry into year two, and successful completion of year two is a prerequisite for entry into year three.

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