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Advanced Diploma of Music [Classical]

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  • Objectives
    Concerned with the development of the highest standards of Classical performance, either instrumental or vocal. It is designed for talented students who wish to pursue careers in these fields. This VET course is offered by WAAPA as a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Quality Training Framework. The Units of Competence from the nationally accredited Music Industry Training Package (CUS01) are clustered within the course delivery units.
  • Entry requirements
    Students apply directly to the Academy for admission which is based on auditions and interviews normally held in November ‑ December. To be eligible to enter this course, students must hold a Certificate IV in Music or equivalent qualification/experience in a relevant stream of study. Students are assessed on the following criteria: 1. performance at an audition; 2. school or post‑secondary academic record; 3. successful completion of an aural theory test. (No preparation or coaching is necessary for this test). A minimum music standard equivalent to Grade VI practical and Grade V theory (AMEB) is desirable. Information regarding the audition requirements and procedures is available from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.
  • Academic Title
    Advanced Diploma of Music [Classical]
  • Course description
    Related careers
    Performer, Vocalist, Singer, Entertainer, Singer

    This course is available for on-campus study by students with an International student visa.
    This course structure contains information about the units which comprise the course as well as the credit points required to successfully complete it.

    The course achieves the following endorsed National Competency Standards

    Unit                Description                                                                                         Points

    Group A
    CUSADM08A    Address copyright requirements                                                             0
    CUSSAF02A    Follow health, safety and security procedures in the music industry       0

    Group B
    CUSMGE04A    Analyse music                                                                                         0
    CUSMGE13A    Apply music knowledge and artistic judgement                                      0
    CUSMCP08A    Arrange music for a brief                                                                        0
    CUSMCP04A    Compose songs or tunes in a range of styles                                        0
    CUSMGE02A    Develop self as artist    #                                                                       0
    CUSMPF13A    Plan and prepare a program for performance                                         0
    CUSMPF17A    Develop technical skills and expand repertoire                                       0

    Diploma Unit Bank
    CUSBGE11A    Plan a career in music                                                                             0
    CUSMPF15A    Perform music as a soloist                                                                      0
    CUSGEN03A    Collaborate with colleagues in planning and producing a project          0
    CUSMGE01A    Maintain self or group in music                                                               0
    CUSMPF05A    Rehearse music for performance                                                            0
    CUSGEN05B    Make presentations                                                                               0
    CUSMGE10A    Use MIDI devices and/or software to compose music                            0

    Unit                Description                                                                                         Points

    CUSMCP05A    Create original music                                                                             0
    CUSMCP10A    Interpret, confirm and create music for a brief                                      0
    CUSLRN04A    Prepare for and lead a music rehearsal                                                 0
    CUSMPF18A    Refine performance technique and expand repertoire    #                    0
    CUSMPF19A    Use private practice to refine performance technique    #                     0

    Advanced Diploma Unit Bank
    CUSRAD02A    Conduct research                                                                                  0
    CUSMPF20A    Plan, prepare and present a recital performance    #                            0
    CUSMCP07A    Prepare compositions for performance/ publishing                               0
    CUSLRN02A    Provide instrumental/vocal tuition                                                         0
    CUSLRN01A    Provide musical leadership in performance                                           0
    CUSMGE07A    Analyse harmony                                                                                 0
    CUSMPF14A    Perform accompaniment                                                                       0
    CUSMGE05A    Write music copy, articles, criticism and/or program notes                   0

    #Designated Units and therefore subject to rule 33A (7) These units are a fundamental course requirement and may only be attempted once unless otherwise determined by Board of Examiners. Where a student is assessed as 'not yet competent' in a Designated Unit that student may, at the discretion of the Board of Examiners, be excluded from the course and the academic progression status of the student shall be excluded .

    For further information on Training Packages refer to the National Training Information Service at http://www.ntis.gov.au/. Details of the specific delivery arrangement for each Unit of Competence are available from the Relevant course coordinator or Programme Director.

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