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Bachelor of Accounting - Rockhampton - Queensland Bachelor of Accounting - Rockhampton - Queensland
Traditional accounting has changed! Accountants develop a range of skills in analysis, presentation and communication of organisational information, and find professional positions across areas such as computer auditing, taxation planning, management accounting, treasury, financial consulting and strategic management. The accounting degree prepares graduates for all of these fields and ensures that students graduate with good communication and technical skills. Graduates from this program are currently working in positions in banking, large international public accounting firms, smaller regional public accounting firms and as accountants and managers in industry. They are readily employed in Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe. In particular Australian employers value the international and electronic communication skills of graduates. The program satisfies the education requirements of CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the National Institute of Accountants, and graduates may also be eligible to apply for registration with the Tax Agents Board provided they meet the Board's requirements of practical experience. Graduates are also eligible to join the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants at the member level, without further study. The Bachelor of Accounting program not only offers students the opportunity to study a degree that is recognised by professional accounting bodies throughout Australia, but also allows students the flexibility to design a program of study that will best meet their individual career aspirations and take advantage of the rapidly changing career opportunities that exist in the modern business environment.
Entry Requirements:
Domestic students - Prerequisites: nil; Recommended study: English and maths;
Bachelor of Accounting
Course Description:

About Accounting

Accounting is the kind of career that can take you anywhere. From computer auditing to taxation planning to treasury, an accounting degree gives you endless career possibilities.

CQUniversity's Bachelor of Accounting is an excellent preparation for your career in accounting. As well as helping you to develop excellent technical skills, our degree will hone your analytic and problem-solving abilities, and help you become an effective communicator across a range of media. Your studies will have a wide base, including such areas as computing, economics and management, so that you will have the skills you need to work in many different areas of accounting.

Career Opportunities

Modern professional accountants are multi-skilled and dynamic. They enjoy a wide range of career opportunities in areas such as assurance services, consulting services, information technology (IT) services, forensic accounting, international accounting, strategic management, taxation and financial planning.

Given the need for financial accountability and cost effective decision making in just about every organisation throughout the world, qualified accountants are essential to international businesses, rock bands, government departments, sporting teams, small businesses, multinational corporations and dot-com start ups.

Program Structure

To graduate with a Bachelor of Accounting students must complete a program of 24 courses consisting of:

    * 6 compulsory courses;
    * 12 accounting technical specialist courses; and
    * 6 elective courses.

6 compulsory core courses
Course Code     Course Name

5 Level 1 compulsory courses
ACCT11057      Principles of Accounting
COIS11011      Foundations of Business Computing
HRMT11010     Organisational Behaviour
LAWS11030     Introductory and Contract Law
MRKT11029      Marketing

1 Advanced Level compulsory course
ACCT19084     Financial Accounting

12 Accounting Technical Specialist courses
Course Code     Course Name
ACCT19060     Management Accounting
ACCT19061     Corporate Accounting
ACCT19062     Issues in Financial Reporting
ACCT19064     Auditing & Professional Practice
ACCT19066     Accounting Systems and Assurance
ACCT19082     Financial Accounting Theory
ACCT19083     Corporate Governance & Ethics
ECON11026     Principles of Economics
FINC19011      Business Finance
LAWS19032     Company & Association Law
LAWS19033    Taxation Law and Practice A
STAT11048      Essential Statistics
plus 6 elective courses

    * Selected from any 6 units of credit undergraduate course offered by CQUniversity, subject to approval by the Dean. A maximum of 12 Level 1 courses may be credited towards the Bachelor of Accounting.
    * It is recommended that students who have not completed Mathematics B (advanced maths) or an equivalent subject at secondary school level complete MATH11246 Quantitative Methods A. This will assist students to successfully complete STAT11048 Essential Statistics to fulfil the requirements for accreditation with accounting bodies - CPAA and ICAA.
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