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Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business
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Type: Bachelor
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Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business - Perth - WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Western Australia

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Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business - Perth - WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Western Australia Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business - Perth - WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Western Australia
This double degree enables students to succeed in business in today's rapidly changing society. It will broaden students' understanding of themselves, their community and the larger world as well as provide them with a foundation in the disciplines which constitute business studies, together with the opportunity for indepth study of a functional specialisation. It is a challenging educational program leading to a degree which is internationally recognised in the global marketplace. Areas of Arts specialisation include: English; French; Geography; History; Japanese; Politics & Government and Social Science. Areas of Business specialisation include: Accounting; Business Law; Economics; Electronic Commerce; Finance; Human Resource Management; Industrial Relations; Information Systems; International Business; Management and Marketing.
Entry Requirements:
Minimum admission requirements apply to enter this course
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business
Course Description:
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This course is available for on-campus study by students with an International student visa.
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business students can study unitsets in the following disciplines as part of this course:

Bachelor of Business Majors
    * Accounting
    * Business Law
    * Economics
    * Finance
    * Human Resource Management
    * International Business
    * Management
    * Management of Information Technology
    * Marketing

Bachelor of Arts Majors
    * English
    * French
    * French
    * Geography
    * Global Studies
    * History
    * Japanese
    * Japanese
    * Politics and Government
    * Social Sciences
    * Writing

      Arts minors are also available in the above areas of study. In addition, there are minors in:

      Children's Literature


This course structure contains information about the units which comprise the course as well as the credit points required to successfully complete it.

The course will comprise 32 units (480 credit points) over a full-time enrolment of four years. 240 credit points will be studied in the Bachelor of Business, and 240 credit points in the Bachelor of Arts.

Within this course, students are required to complete the following units:

From within the Bachelor of Business:

    * 60 credit points Business Edge (BES) units
    * 60 credit points Level 1 core Bachelor of Business units
    * 120 credit points Business Major

From the Bachelor of Arts:

    * 240 credit points Arts Majors, or
    * 120 credit points Arts Major, plus
    * 90 credit points Arts Minor and 30 credit points electives

Unit            Description                                             Points
Business Edge Studies

BES1100    Foundations of Business Knowledge          15
BES1200    Business Knowledge Development             15
BES2100    Foundations of Business Leadership          15
BES3100    Business Career Development                    15

Core Bachelor of Business Units
Select 60 credit points from the following:

ACC1100    Accounting I                                               15
ECF1110    Economics I                                                15
ECF1120    Finance I                                                    15
LAW1100   Legal Framework I                                     15
MAN1100   Management I                                            15
MIS1600    e-Business Systems                                   15
MKT1600    Marketing Principles & Practices                15
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