Bachelor of Biomedical Science

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  • Objectives
    Biomedical Science is the study of the human body, its structure and function in health and disease. The Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree is a structured program that develops student knowledge in the molecular, cellular, anatomical and physiological processes of the human body. There is a strong emphasis on developing scientific communication skills, plus technical skills, including working with state of the art scientific equipment. Extensive laboratory training and problem solving with a case study approach to teaching, emphasise the applications of Biomedical Science within a variety of clinical, research and allied healthcare settings.
  • Practical experience
    Work Experience & Internships Internships are available with permission from the faculty. This intensely practical professional development approach fosters graduates who are ready, willing and able to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact in the workplace. Eligible students may also participate in the Bond University Smart State Undergraduate Internships Program.
  • Entry requirements
    Year 12 results or equivalent results that include English, Maths B and either Chemistry or Physics. Students without year 12 Chemistry maybe required to complete a bridging Chemistry subject. International applicants also need to satisfy English Language Requirements.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Biomedical Science
  • Course description
    Career Outcomes

    The broad scope of the Biomedical Science degree ideally positions graduates wishing to enter a wide range of professions involved in, or allied to, the healthcare industry. This includes employment in hospitals, health administration, the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, veterinary / animal health and medical devices industries and many other related services and will have the opportunity to complete. Graduates may pursue biomedical research opportunities within universities, government and non-government based research institutes. Graduates will also have the opportunity to complete research based Honours or PhD qualifications, or continue study into graduate programs in medicine, pharmacy, nutrition and dietetics, medical laboratory science, exercise, and rehabilitation.


    To increase the range of career outcomes available many students complete a dual degree or postgraduate study. Popular choices for Bachelor of Biomedical Science students include:

        * Bachelor of Biomedical Science / Bachelor of Health Sciences (Biomedical Science) with Honours (3 years full-time study)

        * Bachelor of Biomedical Science / Bachelor of Laws (4 years full-time study)
          Graduate outcomes include patent law professionals or biotechnology scientists


        * Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
        * Graduate Certificate of Biomedical Sciences
        * Postgraduate Diploma of Biomedical Science


    We offer a range of scholarships to help students with the costs of tuition. All scholarships, including benefits and requirements are detailed in the Bond University Scholarship Program.

    FEE-HELP is an interest free loan available to Australian citizens and those holding a permanent humanitarian visa.

    In addition to FEE-HELP, there is a range of financing options available to students. Why not attend a free Investing in your future seminar to find out more?

    Students studying the Bachelor of Biomedical Science must complete 20 compulsory subjects and 4 core subjects.
    Compulsory Subjects (20)

        * BMED11-202 Human Biology
        * BMED11-203 Cell Biology
        * BMED11-204 Chemistry
        * BMED11-205 Medical Chemistry 1
        * BMED11-206 Microbiology
        * BMED11-207 Medical & Molecular Genetics
        * BMED11-222 Human Anatomy I
        * BMED11-223 Human Anatomy II
        * BMED12-208 Scientific Writing and Research Methods
        * BMED12-209 Medical Chemistry 2
        * BMED12-211 Neuromuscular Physiology
        * BMED12-212 Cardiovascular, Renal & Respiratory Physiology
        * BMED13-213 Gastrointestinal, Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology
        * BMED13-214 Molecular Biology
        * BMED13-215 Human Nutrition
        * BMED13-216 Immunology
        * BMED13-217 Pharmacology
        * BMED13-218 Pathology
        * HLSC11-102 Human Development
        * HLSC13-750 Internship in Health Sciences or Elective

    Core Subjects (4)

    Students must complete at least one subject from each of the following four discipline clusters:

          Communication (1)
              o CORE11-100 Communication Skills
              o CORE11-101 Public Speaking: Presentation Skills for Leaders

          Outcomes: To communicate effectively in writing, speaking and visual; to understand the nature of communication processes and sources of difficulty in communication.
          Information Technology (1)
              o CORE11-110 Information Technology 1
              o CORE11-111 Business Applications of IT

          Outcomes: To work effectively with contemporary information technology; to evaluate critically the current and future role of computing technology in the storage, retrieval and processing of information.
          Values (1)
              o CORE11-120 Cultural and Ethical Values
              o CORE11-121 Contemporary Issues in Law and Society

          Outcomes: To appreciate the foundation of moral, ethical and social theories and their relevance to issues of public concern and debate; to use theoretical ideas in formulating arguments about how particular issues should be resolved.
          Organisations (1)
              o CORE11-130 Strategic Management
              o CORE11-131 Entrepreneurship

          Outcomes: To appreciate the natural, dynamic and strategic positioning of organisations within their environments; to appreciate the nature of effective work in groups.

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