Bachelor of Business (Specialisation)/Bachelor of Professional Communication

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  • Objectives
    Public relations is a function of modern management. It is relevant to community affairs and government as well as to the corporate sector. In the contemporary world, organisations depend on public relations professionals to devise and implement strategies for effective employee relations, crisis management, and maintenance of an appropriate public profile. Graduates will have the ability to research, analyse, and plan strategically by setting objectives and evaluating results. They will have many career opportunities.
  • Entry requirements
    Domestic students - Prerequisites: English (4, SA)
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Business (Specialisation)/Bachelor of Professional Communication
  • Course description

    About Business/Professional Communication

    It’s all about management. At some time in your working life you will have to manage something. It might be a section or department of a company or corporation or in the government sector. Why not combine business with professional communication and consider a career in marketing, media management or public relations?

    Explore how to effectively communicate with an audience, design and manage public relations projects and gain valuable insight into dealing with the media. Learn fundamental business skills involving accounting, finance, economics and marketing, and then choose a specialisation to complete your business/professional communication studies.

    Career Opportunities

    Graduates with a double degree have access to other career possibilities outside their primary discipline and are highly attractive to potential employers. Career options for graduates of the Bachelor of Business (Specialisation)/Bachelor of Professional Communication are as a public relations officer, human resource officer, business manager, government administrator, media and marketing officer, promotions and publicity officer, advertiser, journalist, management consultant or marketing manager.

    Program Structure

    The Bachelor of Business (Specialisation)/Bachelor of Professional Communication requires the successful completion of 32 courses/192 units of credit over four years. These courses are provided by the Faculty of Business and Informatics and the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Education.

    In order to graduate from this program students will be expected to complete 14 courses from professional communication comprising a professional communication plan and a professional skills plan, 6 core business courses and 8 courses from a major in business, plus 4 electives courses.

     * Available business majors include: Marketing, Human Resources Management, Management, and Information Systems.
    * The courses in professional communication comprise a professional communication plan and a professional skills plan.

    6 compulsory core Business courses
    Course Code     Course Name

    4 Level 1 compulsory courses
    COIS11011     Foundations of Business Computing
    HRMT11010     Organisational Behaviour
    MRKT11029     Marketing

    plus a choice of one of the following two courses
    ACCT11057     Principles of Accounting
    ACCT11059     Using Accounting for Decision Making

    2 Advanced Level compulsory courses
    MGMT19114     Strategic Management
    MGMT19128     Business Integration Topics 1

    MGMT19114 and MGMT19128 are recommended to be undertaken in the last year of study.
    Plus 8 courses from 1 Business major listed for this program
    Prerequisite course requirements must be met.
    Course Code     Course Name

    MRKT11028     Interactive and Internet Marketing
    MRKT19030     Promotions Management
    MRKT19031     Consumer Behaviour
    MRKT19034     Entrepreneurship, Innovation and New Ventures
    MRKT19036     Marketing of Service Products
    MRKT19037     International Marketing
    MRKT19038     Marketing Research
    MRKT19049     Customer Relationship Marketing

    HRMT11011     Human Resources in Organisations
    HRMT19016     Contemporary Organisational & H R M Studies
    HRMT19020     Managing Organisational Change
    HRMT19021     Principles of Employment Relations
    LAWS11030     Introductory and Contract Law
    MGMT11109     Introduction to Management
    MGMT19103     Logistics Management
    MGMT19126     Production and Operations Management

    Information Systems
    COIS12073     Enterprise Systems
    COIS13013     Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
    COIS13034     Information Systems Management
    COIS13064     Information Systems Project Management
    COIT11222     Visual Programming
    COIT11226     Systems Development A
    COIT12167     Database Use and Design
    COIT12200     Systems Development B
    MMST11002    Web Design
    MMST12009    Web Application Development

    Human Resources Management
    HRMT11011     Human Resources in Organisations
    HRMT19012     Performance Management
    HRMT19013     Human Resource Development
    HRMT19014     Human Resources Planning, Recruitment & Selection
    HRMT19016     Contemporary Organisational & H R M Studies
    HRMT19020     Managing Organisational Change
    HRMT19021     Principles of Employment Relations
    HRMT19022     Comparative Employment Relations
    HRMT19023     HRM Competencies

    Public Relations plan (6 courses)
    Course Code     Course Name

    Level 1
    COMM11108     Communication and Democracy in Australia
    COMM11110     Introduction to Public Relations
    COMM12018     Advanced Public Relations
    COMM12025     Organisational Communication
    FAHE13004     The Global Future
    JOUR19024     Public Relations & the Media

    Communication Practice plan (6 courses)
    Course Code     Course Name
    Level 1
    COMM11007     Media Writing
    COMM12020     Communication in the Digital Age
    COMM12030     Desktop Publishing
    COMM12116     Contemporary Photomedia
    COMM12119     Speech and Script
    JOUR12010     Feature Writing

    4 elective courses

    Chosen from any undergraduate program in the University.

    Students wishing to apply for membership with the Australian Human Resources Institute must take the additional Human Resources Management course as one of their elective courses. Students should contact the Business and Informatics undergraduate program advisor for further details.

    There is no accreditation for the Information Systems major in this degree.

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