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  • Objectives
    The Bachelor of Management is designed to provide contemporary management knowledge and skills to students who need, or aim to work in, a management role. This course enables you to acquire and master a solid understanding of the intellectual foundations of the study of management and its main components. A wide range of specialist majors are available from within the Faculty of Business and Law, and you can also select a major from another faculty such as psychology, public relations, journalism or many others (subject to satisfying entry requirements).
  • Entry requirements
    Applicants should have successfully completed VCE or equivalent. Prerequisites are units 3 and 4 a study score of at least 25 in English (ESL) or 20 in any other English. Those aged 21 or over on 1 January and who do not hold VCE or equivalent should apply under Alternative Admission. This category is open to those who do not satisfy normal entrance requirements, but can demonstrate relevant work or life experiences.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Management
  • Course description
    Fees and charges
    Equivalent Full Time Student Load (EFTSL)
    EFTSL is the standard annual full time load. Eight credit points is the standard full time load for one year of study.

    Commonwealth supported place (CSP)
    A Commonwealth supported place is one for which the university receives some government funding. As such, students enrolled in these places are required to contribute only part of the cost of their course. To be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place you must be an Australian citizen, or a New Zealand citizen or holder of a permanent visa who will be residing in Australia for the duration of your unit/s of study. All Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens and holders of a permanent visa will receive a Student Learning Entitlement (SLE). The SLE entitles a student to the equivalent of 7 years of full time study in a Commonwealth supported place.

    * The "indicative annual course fee" cited has been provided as a guide only. It has been calculated on the basis of a typical enrolment of a student undertaking the course in 2009, and reflects the cost involved in undertaking a full-time quota of units within the specified discipline.
    The actual fees charged by Deakin University will depend upon the discipline from which each individual unit is chosen, and may vary from the indicative course fee cited, particularly if units are chosen from a number of disciplines. The cost of each unit offered in 2009 can be viewed at
    Please note that the fees per unit/credit point may increase annually due to rises in the cost of course delivery and service.
    Deakin assumes no responsibility for persons relying on "indicative course fees" to calculate the total future cost of their course.

    Career opportunities
    As a graduate of the Bachelor of Management you will be well prepared for a career in business in areas such as management, marketing, human resource management, economics, finance etc.

    Course rules

    The course rules for the Bachelor of Management require that students complete 24 credit points, of which 16 must be Business and Law course-grouped units, including a core General Studies stream, made up of 8 credit points chosen from a specified list, and a core Business Management stream made up of 8 credit points. Students must also complete 8 credit points of elective units, which may include a major sequence.

    Students must not complete more than 10 credit points at level 1 and must complete 4 credit points at level 3 undertaken at Deakin University. Students may take up to 8 credit points from approved units offered by other faculties including a major sequence made up of a minimum of 6 credit points defined by the relevant Faculty Board.

    All commencing students are required to successfully complete at least one wholly online unit.

    Major sequences

    Major sequences that may be chosen include:

    Accounting Information Systems
    Business Security Management
    Commercial Law
    Facilities Management
    Financial Planning
    Health Informatics
    Human Resource Management
    International Relations
    International Trade


    Media and Communication
    Politics and Policy Studies

    Professional Practice

    Course structure

    Core General Studies stream^

    Eight credit points, chosen from the following:

    ALC101 Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of Text, Image and Meaning  

    ALC102 Contemporary Communication: Making Sense of New Media  

    MLC101 Business Law  

    MMH230 Strategic Human Resource Management  

    MSC120 Business Information Systems  

    MSC244 Business on the Internet  

    plus one unit from:

    MAE101 Economic Principles  

    MAE102 The Global Economy  

    plus one unit from:

    MAA103 Accounting for Decision Making  

    MAF101 Fundamentals of Finance  

    MSQ171 Business Data Analysis  

    ^or other undergraduate units approved by the Course Team Chair


    Core Business Management stream

    Eight credit points, chosen from the following:

    MMH299 Business Communication  

    MMK277 Marketing Management  

    MMM132 Management  

    MMM240 Organisational Behaviour  

    MMM262 Understanding Organisations  

    MMM365 Strategic Management  

    plus two units from:

    MMH349 Industrial Relations  

    MMM343 Business Ethics  

    MMM382 International Business  


    Elective units

    The remaining 8 credit points may be selected in one major sequence as listed, or students may choose any units from the range of major sequences, including the general elective unit listed below.


    MLL382 Indian Commercial Law  

    MME101 Communication Skills for University Business Studies  


    Students are encouraged to join international study tours and to undertake internship units offered by the Faculty of Business and Law.


    Students who have completed a Certificate of Management, a Diploma of Management or an Associate Degree of Management with DeakinPrime may articulate to the Bachelor of Management with full credit.

    Articulating students should seek course advice from the Faculty of Business and Law enrolment officers.

    Business internship program
    The Bachelor of Management incorporates a business internship program which provides students with a realistic business experience in their area of specialisation. Two 1-credit-point units, available to final-year students, have been developed to provide experiential learning opportunities which foster the development of practical capabilities and enhance employment prospects for graduates. These units complement each major area of study and are available on all campuses and off campus.

    Part-time studies
    Part-time study is available on and off campus. Part-time study refers to academic workload, not mode of study.

    Professional Recognition
    By choosing appropriate units within the Bachelor of Management-Accounting major sequence plus specified finance and commercial law units, students may be accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAA).

    Admission requirements - general
    Deakin University offers admission to undergraduate courses through a number of Admission categories.
    In all categories of admission, selection is based primarily on academic merit as indicated by an applicant's previous academic record.
    For more information on the Deakin Admissions Policy visit The Guide.

    Admission requirements - specific
    Applicants should have successfully completed VCE or equivalent. Prerequisites are units 3 and 4 a study score of at least 25 in English (ESL) or 20 in any other English. Those aged 21 or over on 1 January and who do not hold VCE or equivalent should apply under Alternative Admission. This category is open to those who do not satisfy normal entrance requirements, but can demonstrate relevant work or life experiences.

    Advanced standing - general
    The University aims to provide students with as much credit as possible for approved prior study or informal learning which exceeds the normal entrance requirements for the course and is within the constraints of the course regulations. Students are required to complete a minimum of one-third of the course at Deakin University, or four credit points, whichever is the greater. In the case of certificates, including graduate certificates, a minimum of two credit points within the course must be completed at Deakin.

    You can also refer to the Advanced Standing System which outlines the credit that may be granted towards a Deakin University degree.

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