Bachelor of Social Science (Geography)

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  • Objectives
    Geography focuses on how societies, groups and individuals interact with their physical and cultural environments. It emphasises the spatial and environmental relationships within and between cultural landscapes at the local, regional, national and international levels. This major, which you can undertake as part of the Bachelor of Social Science, focuses on three main themes: environmental management, urban, rural and regional development and regional studies. The first two will provide you with a general understanding of the concepts and processes central to both the discipline of geography and the relevance of the geographical perspective to contemporary world problems. Regional studies complement many other social science offerings by providing an understanding of the geography of regions with which Australia is intimately related - the Indian Ocean, South-East Asia and East Asia, as well as Australia itself.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Social Science (Geography)
  • Course description
    Geography Major


    This major focuses upon the manner in which societies, and individuals within those societies, interact with the physical and cultural environment in which they live. Geography gives emphasis to the spatial and environmental relationships within and between cultural landscapes at the local, regional, national and international scales. The focus is on three main themes: environmental management; urban; rural and regional development and regional studies.

    Career Opportunities

    These are as varied as the degree itself. For example, recent graduates have become advisors to politicians, detectives, Federal and State civil servants, sports organisation officers, regional planners, community and development workers, environmental consultants working in natural resource management, the tourism industry and as justice system officials.

    Many have also been employed as researchers, particularly after completing Honours, higher degrees by coursework or research, or taking vocational postgraduate courses in areas such as business, computing, social work or planning.

    Course Structure                                                                                             Hrs/Wk     Credit

    Year 2

                                      SELECT OPTIONAL UNITS TO THE TOTAL VALUE OF:                          100.0

    Year 3 Semester 1

    311066     v.1           Geography 311 - Geographical Challenges of a Finite World     3.0     50.0

    Year 3 Semester 2

    310995     v.1           Geography 312 - Research Perspectives in Geography             3.0     50.0

    Optional Units to Select from in Year 2                                                          Hrs/Wk     Credit

    13210       v.3           Geography 221 - Environmental Conservation                          5.0     25.0
    13212       v.3           Geography 222 - Tourism and Recreation
                                     Impacts and Implications                                                          5.0     25.0
    2491         v.5           Geography 211 - Rural and Regional Australia                          5.0     25.0
    2493         v.5           Geography 213 - Australian Cultural Landscapes
                                     - European Exploration, Settlement and Development             5.0     25.0
    305762     v.2           Geography of Sport and Recreation 225                                   4.2     25.0
    310993     v.1           Development Policy in Practice 225                                           3.0     25.0
    310994     v.1           Geography 226 - Resource Development in Australia               2.0     25.0
    310998     v.1           Geopolitics: Power and Place 232                                             3.0     25.0
    311020     v.1           Urban Life - Governance, Community and Resistance 223        3.0     25.0
    311063     v.1           Approaches to Development 224                                              3.0     25.0
    5220         v.4           Geography 215 - Social and Environmental
                                     Sustainability in South-East Asia                                              4.0     25.0
    5221         v.6           Geography 216 - Environmental Geomorphology                     5.0     25.0
    5223         v.5           Geography 218 - Natural Hazards and
                                     Environmental Planning                                                            5.0     25.0
    7985         v.4           Geography 219 - Regional Development
                                     - International Perspectives                                                     4.0     25.0

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