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Bachelor of Social Work

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  • Objectives
    Provides a professional education in the field of social work such that its graduates are eligible for membership of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). Graduates are expected to develop skills in generic social work practice, as well as specialist skills to practise in regional, rural and remote social work practice settings. The curriculum is designed to develop social workers who are able to understand and meet the Practice Standards for Social Workers (AASW, 2003).
  • Entry requirements
    Minimum admission requirements apply to enter this course.
  • Academic Title
    Bachelor of Social Work
  • Course description
    Related careers
    Social Worker

    This course is available for on-campus study by students with an International student visa.
    This course structure contains information about the units which comprise the course as well as the credit points required to successfully complete it.

    The Bachelor of Social Work consists of 28 units (480 credit points), comprising 26 x 15 credit point units and 2 x 45 credit point (field placement) units. The first two years of the award will consist of 16 units (240 credit points) which include two foundation units from the Faculty of Regional Professional Studies (FRPS), FRPS cross-disciplinary units and specialist social work units. The final two years of the course will consist of 10 specialist social work units (150 credit points) and two social work field placements units (90 credit points) which enable and support the students to undertake 2 x 14 week social work field placements.

    Students may have no more than 10 first year units (150 credit points) in their award.

    Students who achieve a weighted average mark of 70+ are invited to undertake an honours project in their final (4th) year.

    Year One - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                                          Points

    RPS1100     Communication for the Professions          15
    SWK1103    Culture and Daily Life                               15
    SWK1106    Psychology for Social Work                       15
    SWK1110    Introduction to Professional Practice        15

    Year One - Semester 2
    Unit            Description                                                                                         Points

    RPS1120     Information and Communications Technology for the Professions         15
    SWK1102    Philosophy, Knowledge and Ethics                                                         15
    SWK1107    Introduction to Australian Society                                                          15
    RPS1130     Rural, Regional and Remote Community Development                           15

    Year Two - Semester 1
    Unit             Description         Points

    SWK2104    Human Behaviourin the Social Environment                                           15
    SWK2110    Ideological Frameworks for Practice                                                       15
    SWK2111    Aboriginal Histories of the Present                                                         15
    SWK2116    Gender, Families and Professional Practice                                             15

    Year Two - Semester 2
    Unit            Description                                                                                         Points

    SWK2112    Australian Politics and Policy                                                                  15
    SWK2113    Power and Privilege                                                                               15
    SWK2114    Community Health and Well-being                                                         15
    SWK2115    Human Rights and Social Justice                                                            15

    Year Three - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                                                                                         Points

    RPS3110     Applied Research Methods                                                                     15
    SWK3110    Organisational Contexts                                                                        15
    SWK3111    Social Work Theory and Practice 1: Professional Helping                       15
    SWK3120    Mental Health: An Addictions Focus                                                       15

    Year Three - Semester 2
    Unit            Description                                                                                         Points

    SWK3115    Field Placement 1                                                                                  45
    SWK3121    Social Work Theory and Practice 2: A Focus on Theories                       15

    Year Four - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                                                                                         Points

    SWK4106    Social Policy                                                                                           15
    SWK4110    Legal and Ethical Practice                                                                      15
    SWK4111    Social Work Theory and Practice 3: Collective Interventions                 15
    SWK4120    Social Work Project                                                                                15

    Year Four - Semester 2
    Unit            Description                                                                                         Points

    SWK4115    Field Placement 2                                                                                   45
    SWK4121    Social Work Theory and Practice 4: Activism and Social Change            15

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