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Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Method: On Campus
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Images of Chisholm Institute of TAFE Dandenong Campus:
Photo Chisholm Institute of TAFE Dandenong Campus Australia
Photo Chisholm Institute of TAFE Dandenong Campus Australia
Chisholm Institute of TAFE Dandenong Campus Australia
Photo Chisholm Institute of TAFE Dandenong Campus Australia
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Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - Dandenong - Victoria Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - Dandenong - Victoria
This course helps learners develop assessment abilities, identify training approaches, review training techniques and produce training outcomes for continuous improvement. To gain the qualification, you are required to successfully complete fourteen units Participants will need to attend classes for 11 days 14 units are delivered in the classroom Homework activities and assessment tasks will be set for participants to complete in their own time You should allow an extra 4 to 5 hours per week to complete this work
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Course Description:
The TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment specifies the units of competency required to deliver training and assess learning outcomes for industry and/or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

The qualification consists of 14 units. It can be completed in the classroom and some units can be completed by the distance-learning mode of study. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is also available.

Berwick, Dandenong, Frankston, Workplace.

Study Mode
Classroom attendance of 11 days – one day per week for 11 weeks.

Entrance Requirements
Basic computer skills, access to the Internet and good English language and literacy skills.

Course Commencement
Refer to TAA40104 Certificate IV Schedule.

How Do I Apply?
Complete the enrolment form and payment details and return to the address shown on the
How Do I Enrol Information sheet (available from the Centre for Professional Education and Training Practice).

Study Areas
Learning Environment TAAENV401B – TAAENV403B
Learning Design TAADES401B – TAADES402B
Delivery and Facilitation TAADEL401B – BSBCMM401A
Assessment TAAASS401C – TAAASS404B

Assessment Methods
Consists of observation, written reports, oral questioning and presentations.

Employment Prospects
Training responsibilities within industry. The Certificate IV in Training & Assessment qualification must be held by those working for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Further Options / Articulation
TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment.

The qualification is divided into four (4) fields.

TAAENV401B Work effectively in vocational education and training
• Work within the vocational education and training policy framework
• Work within the training and/or assessment organisation’s quality framework
• Manage work and work relationships
• Demonstrate a client focused approach to work

TAAENV402B Foster and promote an inclusive learning culture
• Practice inclusivity
• Promote and respond to diversity
• Develop and implement work strategies to support inclusivity
• Promote a culture of learning
• Monitor and improve work practices

TAAENV403B Ensure a healthy and safe learning environment
• Identify OHS responsibilities
• Identify hazards in the learning environment
• Assess risks in the learning environment
• Develop and implement actions to ensure the health, safety and welfare of learners and/or candidates
• Provide appropriate OHS requirements to learners and/or candidates
• Monitor OHS arrangements in the learning environment


TAADES401B Use Training Packages to meet client needs
• Define the basis for using Training Package(s) and accredited courses
• Analyse and interpret the qualifications framework
• Analyse and interpret competency standards and accredited modules for client application(s)
• Contextualise competency standards and accredited courses for client application(s)
• Analyse and interpret assessment guidance for client application
• Use Training Package(s) and accredited courses as an integrated tool for client application

TAADES402B Design and develop learning programs
• Define the parameters of the learning program in consultation with the client(s)
• Generate options for designing the learning program
• Develop the learning program content
• Design the structure of the learning program
• Review the learning program


TAADEL401B Plan and organise group-based delivery
• Interpret the learning environment and delivery requirements
• Prepare session plans
• Prepare resources needed for delivery

TAADEL402B Facilitate group-based learning
• Establish an environment conducive to group learning
• Deliver and facilitate training sessions
• Demonstrate effective facilitation skills
• Support and monitor learning
• Review and evaluate effectiveness of delivery

TAADEL403B Facilitate individual learning
• Identify individual learning facilitation requirements
• Establish the learning/facilitation relationship
• Maintain and develop the learning/facilitation relationship
• Close and evaluate the learning/facilitation relationship

TAADEL404B Facilitate work-based learning
• Establish an effective work environment for learning
• Develop a work-based learning pathway
• Implement the work-based learning pathway
• Monitor learning and address barriers to effective participation
• Review the effectiveness of the work-based learning pathway

TAADEL405B Coordinate and facilitate distance-based learning
• Prepare for distance-based learning
• Manage distance-based learners
• Monitor learner progress
• Review the distance-based learning process


TAAASS401C Plan and organise assessment
• Determine focus of assessment
• Prepare the assessment plan
• Contextualise and review the assessment plan
• Organise assessment arrangements

TAAASS402C Assess competence
• Establish and maintain the assessment environment
• Gather quality evidence
• Support the candidate
• Make the assessment decision
• Record and report the assessment decision
• Review the assessment process

TAAASS403B Develop assessment tools
• Determine the focus of the assessment tool
• Determine assessment tool needs
• Design and develop assessment tools
• Review and trial assessment tools

TAAASS404B Participate in assessment validation
• Prepare for validation
• Contribute to validation process
• Contribute to validation outcomes

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