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Diploma in Languages (DLAN)
Method: On Campus
Type: Diploma
Course Fee: By Request
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Diploma in Languages (DLAN) - Casuarina - Northern Territory

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Diploma in Languages (DLAN) - Casuarina - Northern Territory Diploma in Languages (DLAN) - Casuarina - Northern Territory
This course is designed for those seeking specialist Indonesian, Greek or Mandarin language and cultural awareness training to improve their capacity to communicate and engage effectively with the people and country of the target language. The course is also suited to those who have a personal interest in developing their understanding of Indonesian, Greek or Mandarin language and culture.
Diploma in Languages (DLAN)
Course Description:
The course requires completion of approved units of 80 credit points. Candidates may complete the requirements for the course structure by completing two Common units and 60 credit points of study selected from Indonesian, Mandarin or Greek language and/or non-language units. Although the course is not structured into Core and Elective Units, most students concentrate on doing the language units sequentially, commencing with the unit appropriate to their language competency upon enrolment in the course, and supplementing these language units with their choice of non-language units.

Units in Indonesian and Greek Language are available in internal (on-campus), and external (distance) modes. There are also opportunities in both countries for in-country programs each year.

A candidate must successfully complete units totalling 80 credit points selected from the common units and specialist elective language and/or non-language units detailed below.

Unit type    
Credit Points
Specific requirements
(2 units)    
Units totalling 20 credit points selected from Common Units available (e.g. units coded with a prefix of "CUC"). Students must complete the compulsory regional and indigenous issues unit (CUC107) and one of the two academic skills units.

CUC107 Northern Perspectives (compulsory)
Plus either:
CUC100 Academic Literacies (recommended for this course) or
CUC106 Design and Innovation: Communicating Technology

Select Common Units to find out more about individual units and advanced standing options.
Specialist Electives
(6 units)    
Specialist Elective units totaling 60 credit points selected from any of the available units listed below:

Indonesian Language Units
Indonesian Language units are available in internal (on-campus), external (off-campus) and in-country modes.
INI101 Indonesian Language 1
INI102 Indonesian Language 2
INI201 Indonesian Language 3
INI202 Indonesian Language 4
INI301 Indonesian Language 5
INI302 Indonesian Language 6
CAH301 Independent Studies A (equivalent to Indonesian language 7)
CAH302 Independent Studies B (equivalent to Indonesian language 8)
LLI251 Indonesian in Context*

Greek Language Units
GRK101 Greek 1
GRK102 Greek 2
GRK201 Greek 3
GRK202 Greek 4
GRK301 Greek 5
GRK302 Greek 6
CAH301 Independent Studies A (Greek in-country study)
CAH302 Independent Studies B (Greek in-country study)

Chinese Language Units
Note: Chinese Language units follow from level to level
CHN101 Chinese Language 1 (offered in Semester 2 2008)
CHN102 Chinese Language 2 (offered in Semester 2 2008)
CHN201 Chinese Language 3
CHN202 Chinese Language 4
CHN301 Chinese Language 5 (offered as of Semester 1 2010)
CHN302 Chinese Language 6 (offered as of Semester 2 2010)

Non-language specific units

HIS149 Foundations of Western Civilisation 1
HIS150 Foundations of Western Civilisation 2 (last offered in 2008)
CAH301 Independent Studies A
CAH302 Independent Studies B

*The following advanced language units may be taken upon completion of INI101, INI102, INI201 and INI202:
a) LLI251 Indonesian in Context
b) by Cross-Institutional Studies from the University of New England and/or the
University of Tasmania
INDN330/430 A History of Indonesian and its Place in Society (UNE)
INDN331/431 Reading Indonesian Islamic Texts (UNE)
HMN304 Indonesian Literature and its Social Context (UTAS)
HMN211 Media and Society in Indonesia (UTAS)
HMN309 Popular Culture and Resistance in Indonesia (UTAS)

Cross-Institutional Studies allows you to study units at other universities and credit these towards your Charles Darwin University degree. Students will be required to apply directly to UNE or UTAS by including a letter of approval from Charles Darwin University. Further detail on how to apply to UNE as a cross institutional student is available as follows: http://study.une.edu.au/pages.php3?p=MAPPLY
Or the University of Tasmania as follows: http://www.utas.edu.au/students/forms/de/Cross-Institutional.pdf
Total Credit PointsTotal Credit Points

Unit Repository – provides general information about each unit including a brief description and the semester and mode offered.
Timetables – provide detail on the individual class times for units offered internally.  Timetables for the following academic year are available from the middle of December each year.
Bookshop – if text books have been prescribed, recommended or ordered for units in this course, details are available by unit code through the Casuarina Campus Bookshop.
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