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Diploma of Music (DMUS99)
Method: On Campus
Type: Diploma
Course Fee: By Request
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Diploma of Music (DMUS99) - Casuarina - Northern Territory

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Diploma of Music (DMUS99) - Casuarina - Northern Territory Diploma of Music (DMUS99) - Casuarina - Northern Territory
The Diploma of Music is an entry-level course for people with little or no formal musical training. The course aims to provide specialist training for students with an emphasis on the practice of music, particularly within the context of the role of a community musician. The course covers a range of areas including music theory (musicianship), instrumental tuition, music history and ensemble and orchestral playing. For singers there is a special stream of units on vocal studies. This course is particularly suitable for students with little formal and technical training on their chosen instrument, or prior knowledge of musicianship and history. Students can apply to transfer to the Bachelor of Music degree during the course, or at completion, if they clearly demonstrate the required skills and have successfully passed their previous study. Career Opportunities: This course provides training in the practical and theoretical skills of music performance. Opportunities exist to become community musicians or to pursue further study in the Higher Education sector.
Entry Requirements:
This course is no longer available for admission. It is only open to existing students who have already been offered a place and completed one or more units of study. Admission is by interview and audition. Some prior knowledge of music is required although special entry provisions also apply.
Diploma of Music (DMUS99)
Course Description:
The information provided for this course was valid for the final year of enrolment. Students continuing in this course in 2007, 2008 or 2009 may find there have been some changes to the unit availability. Students should, in the first instance, refer to the recommended study plan in the newest version of this course to make their unit selection for 2009.

Every re-enrolling student will be able to complete their current course of study. As a continuing student you should always consider transferring to the newest course version to enable you to take advantage of new and exciting changes to university programs.

To complete the Diploma of Music, students must complete 160 credit points, including 120 credit points of core units and 40 credit points of electives. Most units are worth 10 cps and a full time load is 40 cps per semester.

Core Units (compulsory units totalling 120 credit points)

    * Musicianship

MUS143 Musicianship 1
MUS144 Musicianship 2
MUS243 Musicianship 3
MUS244 Musicianship 4

OR for students with no formal training in music theory the following sequence is advised.

MUS102 Introductory Music 1
MUS103 Introductory Music 2
MUS143 Musicianship 1
MUS144 Musicianship 2

    * Music History

MUS166 Renaissance and Baroque Music
MUS167 Classic and Romantic Music
MUS266 Early 20th Century Music
MUS267 Music since 1945

    * Practical Studies

MUS168 Practical Studies 1
MUS169 Practical Studies 2
MUS268 Practical Studies 3
MUS269 Practical Studies 4
Voice students will select MUS174 Vocal Studies 1 and MUS175 Vocal Studies 2 instead of MUS168, MUS169.

[Practical Studies units can be undertaken on a wide range of instruments including all orchestral instruments, guitar, voice and piano.]

Electives – 40 cps
Students undertake additional elective units worth a total of 40 cps. Streams in various aspects of Music are available as listed below:

    * Accompanying

MUS160 Accompanying 1
MUS161 Accompanying 2
MUS260 Accompanying 3
MUS261 Accompanying 4

    * Arranging for Guitar

MUS158 Arranging for Guitar 1
MUS159 Arranging for Guitar 2
MUS258 Arranging for Guitar 3
MUS259 Arranging for Guitar 4

    * Ensemble

MUS154 Ensemble 1
MUS155 Ensemble 2
MUS254 Ensemble 3
MUS255 Ensemble 4

    * Orchestral Studies

MUS152 Orchestral Studies 1
MUS153 Orchestral Studies 2
MUS252 Orchestral Studies 3
MUS253 Orchestral Studies 4

In special circumstances, and depending upon the student having completed the relevant prerequisite units, Diploma of Music students may be permitted to undertake Music units at 300 level, subject to the approval of the Course Coordinator.

Unit Repository – provides general information about each unit including a brief description and the semester and mode offered.
Timetables – provide detail on the individual class times for units offered internally.  Timetables for the following academic year are available from the middle of December each year.
Bookshop – if text books have been prescribed, recommended or ordered for units in this course, details are available by unit code through the Casuarina Campus Bookshop.
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