Graduate Certificate in Arts (Australian Indigenous Studies)

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  • Objectives
    * Demonstrate an independent approach to knowledge that uses rigorous methods of inquiry and appropriate theories and methodologies that are applied with intellectual honesty and a respect for ethical values. * Apply critical and analytical skills and methods to the identification and resolution of problems within complex changing social contexts. * Act as informed and critically discriminating participants within the community of scholars, as citizens and in the work force. * Communicate effectively. * Commit to continuous learning. * Be proficient in the use of appropriate modern technologies, such as the computer and other information technology systems, for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of data.
  • Academic title
    Graduate Certificate in Arts (Australian Indigenous Studies)
  • Course description
    Specialisation Requirement

    * at least 50 points of Core Subjects with no more than 12.5 points at first-year level

    Core subjects

    First year subjects

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    100-181  Australian Indigenous Studies
    This subject will provide students with an introduction to the complexity, challenges and richness of Australian Indigenous life and cultures. Social and political issues will be considered through engagement with specific issues both local and natio...     Semester 2     12.50

    175-108  Intercultural Communication
    This subject involves the main components of communicative events across cultures, the main linguistic approaches to analysing them, how they vary in a range of cultures from around the world, and the difficulties and misunderstandings these differen...     Semester 2     12.50

    191-110  Law in Society
    Law in Society introduces students to theories and concepts of law and practices of law in contemporary Australian society. It will also provide a foundation both for socio-legal studies subjects in later years and for later subjects in disciplines s...     Semester 2     12.50

    Second/third year subjects

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    102-005  Exploring Central Australia
    Exploring Central Australia is an interdisciplinary subject designed to guide students towards a 'shaping' experience of Central Australia. It is a subject designed to prompt academic inquiry in the context of a first-hand encounter - an in...     Semester 2     12.50

    106-045  Aboriginal Writing
    This subject studies Aboriginal fiction, poetry and drama, as well as life stories and criticism, focusing on questions of reading positions (particularly for non-Aboriginal students) and representation. It pays particular attention to the diversity ...     Semester 2     12.50

    106-063  Aboriginal Cultural Studies
    This subject studies Aboriginal dance, theatre and popular music, cultural and sporting festivals and governmental arts funding agencies and Aboriginal arts organisations. It focuses on theoretical and political issues which arise from Aboriginal cul...     Semester 1     12.50

    106-204  Indigenous Histories in Sports
    This subject investigates the identity of Australia as a sporting nation and how this identity has been informed by Indigenous sports people. Through the context of sport, this subject seeks to critique cultural, social and political themes that have...     Semester 1     12.50

    106-205  Indigenous Histories in Film
    This subject will explore the historical constructions in documentary and feature films of the inter-relations between Indigenous and non- Indigenous Australians since 1788 until the present. A major focus of this subject will be to examine the way I...     Semester 2     12.50

    107-030  Contemporary Aboriginal Art     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    131-051  Aboriginal & Pacific Islander Histories     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    175-018  Language in Aboriginal Australia
    This subject develops an appreciation of the role of language in Aboriginal Australia, traditionally and today. On completion of the subject, students should have a general knowledge of the linguistic features which characterise Australian Aboriginal...     Semester 1     12.50

    191-314  Crimes of the Powerful
    This subject analyses the crimes and harms of the powerful. It explores the types of harm: financial, physical and environmental that are perpetrated by government corporations and individual white-collar offenders. Various case studies of government...     Semester 2     12.50

    131-300  Colonising Australia
    At a time when Australian history is as contested as ever, this subject looks back at some of the key historical moments and themes that shaped late eighteenth and nineteenth century Australia. From debates over its ‘discovery’...     Semester 1     12.50

    166-392  On Country Learning: Indigenous Studies
    This subject provides an in depth study of the historic Indigenous political struggle for racial equality, land justice, heritage control, and for self determination, by focusing on the Yorta Yorta as a case study. It embraces a number of relevant In...     Semester 1     12.50

    106-242  Aboriginal Land, Law and Philosophy
    Aboriginal Land, Law and Philosophy will provide students who have completed the first year introductory Australian Indigenous Studies 100-181 subject with a more detailed and complex understanding of some of the key themes in this study area. It wil...     Semester 2     12.50

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