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  • Objectives
    At the completion of the Master of Nursing Science graduates are expected to: * meet the competencies identified by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council as necessary for practice as a registered nurse; * demonstrate a well developed understanding of health from global, population, community, family and individual perspectives; * integrate knowledge from a range of disciplines that contribute to health and disease management in the provision of nursing to people experiencing alterations in their health; * perform nursing assessment and intervention within legal and ethical parameters and demonstrating accountability for their own practice; * work effectively as a member of the multidisciplinary team; * demonstrate the ability to critically appraise research evidence relevant to common health problems and to translate this evidence into development of nursing interventions to improve patient outcomes; * demonstrate an understanding of the Australian health care system in terms of policy and the organizational context of health service delivery; * practice effectively in health promotion and health education roles; * demonstrate the ability to identify knowledge gaps in the delivery of nursing care and to utilize research skills to address current gaps in practice in collaboration with researchers in nursing and allied disciplines.
  • Academic title
    Master of Nursing Science
  • Course description
    This is a 2-year, 225-credit-point masters degree and is offered at the Parkville campus of The University of Melbourne. The 2-year course is five semesters of study including a seven week summer semester.

    First Year

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    514-751  Nursing and the Health Care System 1
    This subject enables students to explore international, national and local political and economic factors that impact on the healthcare system and the provision of health services. Students will examine, using epidemiological data, the impact of envi...     Semester 1     6.25

    514-752  Illness Experience and Nursing Care
    This subject encourages students to explore and reflect upon their own personal and professional values, past experiences and the social, cultural and political context of collaborative practice. Students will explore the impact that diagnosis, treat...     Semester 1     6.25

    514-753  Nursing Science 1
    This subject examines the normal physiological function of body systems and students are introduced to pathophysiology through discussion of the processes of degeneration, disease and injury across the lifespan. The characteristics and behaviour of m...     Semester 1     12.50

    514-754  Nursing Assessment & Care
    In this subject students will be introduced to health assessment across the lifespan using a comprehensive culturally sensitive nursing framework. Students will develop skills in data collection and documentation that focuses on the principles of eff...     Semester 1     25

    514-755  Clinical Inquiry & Nursing Research
    This subject is designed to meet the needs of nurses to retrieve, critically appraise and utilise nursing and other related research as an evidential base for practice. This subject provides an overview of research methodologies that will equip stude...     Semester 2     12.50

    514-756  Nursing Science 2
    This subject builds on the knowledge gained in Nursing Science 1. Students will expand their knowledge of pathophysiology of common disorders across the life-span. Cancer and other conditions that alter skin, the nervous system including special sens...     Semester 2     12.50

    514-757  Clients with Acute and Chronic Illness
    This subject builds on the knowledge and skills gained in Nursing Science 1 and Nursing Assessment and Care by introducing students to the dimensions of medical/surgical nursing of individuals across the life-span. In particular the subject focuses o...     Semester 2     25


    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    514-758  Mental Health and Illness
    This subject introduces students to an understanding of the dimensions of the nursing role in mental health and illness of individuals across the life-span. Students will examine the principles and practices of psychiatric, mental health nursing for ...     Summer     25

    Second Year

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    514-764  Nursing Research
    This subject builds directly from the subject Clinical Inquiry and Nursing Research. Students will, in a group context (6 students maximum), develop beginning skills in developing and implementing research projects. Each project will be supported by ...     Semester 1     12.50

    514-760  Koori Health for Nurses
    This subject provides students with an introduction to Koori Health. Upon completion of this subject, students will be expected to be able to situate themselves, and their profession, in terms of both the historical response to colonisation, and thei...     Semester 2     6.25

    514-761  Nursing Science 3
    This subject will assist students to expand and deepen their knowledge in the area of pathophysiology related to skin, the nervous system, including special senses, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, endocrine, musculo-skeletal, genitouri...     Semester 1     12.50

    514-762  Clients with Complex Health States
    This subject integrates the knowledge and skills gained in Nursing Science 1 & 2, Nursing Assessment and Care, Clients with Acute and Chronic Illness, to care for patients experiencing complex health problems. The role of nurses in collaborating ...     Semester 1     25

    514-763  Nursing and the Health Care System 2
    This subject enables students to examine the health care system from the perspective of factors affecting patient outcomes. Using safety and quality as a framework students will examine trends in critical incidents in healthcare that result in advers...     Semester 2     6.25

    514-759  Health Education and Nursing
    This subject builds on the knowledge developed in Illness Experience & Nursing Care and Nursing and the Healthcare System 1. The subject will examine the principles of health promotion, particularly in relation to the recommendations arising from...     Semester 1     6.25

    514-765  Nursing as Practice
    This is a capstone subject in which students will further consolidate and apply the knowledge they have acquired from Nursing Science 1, 2 & 3, Nursing Assessment and Care, Clients With Acute and Chronic Illness, Clients with Complex Health State...     Semester 2     25

    514-766  Mental Health Nursing
    This subject provides the opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge in the specialty practice area of mental health nursing. The subject will expand on the theoretical principles underpinning the practice of mental health nursing including:...     Semester 2     6.25

    514-767  Acute Care Nursing
    This subject provides the opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge in the specialty practice area of acute and critical care nursing. Students will learn about scientific principles and research evidence relating to conducting an admission...     Semester 2     6.25

    514-768  Cancer and Palliative Care Nursing
    This subject provides the opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge in the specialty practice area of cancer or requiring palliative care. Key content relates to understanding the pathophysiology of cancer and carcinogenesis, and the princi...     Semester 2     6.25

    514-769  Paediatric Nursing
    This subject provides the opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge in the specialty practice area of paediatric nursing Students will explore the impact of hospitalisation on children; understand beginning assessment of the paediatric pati...     Semester 2     6.25

    514-770  Nursing the Older Person
    In this subject students will gain an understanding of the complex needs of older people in various health care contexts. Through an understanding of ageism and the reality of normal ageing students will be able to identify the features of normal age...     Semester 2     6.25

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