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Australian Catholic University Strathfield Campus New South Wales Institution
Australian Catholic University Strathfield Campus New South Wales Institution
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Master of Religious Education - Strathfield - New South Wales Master of Religious Education - Strathfield - New South Wales
This course offers a relevant, flexible and challenging Masters degree directed to the needs of candidates who will assume positions of responsibility in an increasingly diverse field of religious education. Candidates will have a specialist interest in the subject at school, parish, or diocesan level. The program will enable religious educators to become thinkers, researchers, evaluators and leaders in their field.
Entry Requirements:
1. Four year Bachelor degree in Education; or 2. Bachelor degree in an area other than Education and a Graduate Diploma in Education; and 3. substantive studies in Religious Education and/or Theology to fourth year level.
Master of Religious Education
Course Description:
At the completion of the course, candidates will be able to:

   1. access and communicate Christian and other religious traditions  effectively;
   2. explore and critique issues in the literature of religious education;
   3. contribute to the professional discussion and writing in the field  of religious education;
   4. demonstrate familiarity with creative approaches to religious education;
   5. assess the influence of cultural and historical factors in the  development of religious                      education;
   6. reflect critically on the integration of the personal, spiritual and  professional dimensions of            religious education.

Master of Religious Education

80 cp

Minimum duration: 1 year full-time or equivalent part-time.

Course available at:
Ballarat, Victoria
Brisbane, Queensland
Canberra, ACT
Melbourne, Victoria
Sydney (Strathfield), NSW
New Zealand

EFTSL value of units: All 10 cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a cp value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

1. Requirements for Completion of the Degree

To qualify for the degree, a student must complete 80 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

   1. at least 40 cp from Religious Education units;
   2. at least 20 cp from Theological Studies units;
   3. up to 20 cp from Religious Education or Theological Studies units or units from other Master’s level courses approved by the Course Co-ordinator.

2. Exit Point

A student who has completed the requirements prescribed for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Religious Education) may exit from the course with that award.

Schedule of Unit Offerings

Prerequisite (Pre), co-requisite (Co) and incompatible (Inc) units are indicated in parentheses where applicable.

Religious Education Units
Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
EDRE621     10     History and Theories in Religious Education
EDRE622     10     Cultural Contexts of Religious Education
EDRE623     10     Coordination in Religious Education
EDRE624     10     Curriculum in Religious Education
EDRE625     10     Contemporary Issues in Religious Education
EDRE626     10     Faith, Moral Development and Values Education
EDRE627     10     Social Justice and Religious Education
EDRE628     10     Creative Arts and Religious Education
EDRE629     10     Spirituality and the Religious Educator
EDRE632     10     Teaching World Religions
EDRE636     10     Religious Education Seminar
EDRE637     10     Religious Education in the Middle Years
EDRE639     10     Religious Education in the Faith Community
EDRE641     10     Early Childhood and Religious Education

Theological Studies Units

Biblical Studies
Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
THEO602     10     Biblical Narrative as Theology
THEO615     10     New Testament Christology
THEO636     10     Prophetic and Wisdom Literature
THEO650     10     Theological Perspectives of the Bible
THEO674     10     The Corinthian Correspondence
THEO694     10     Biblical Studies

Systematic Theology
Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
THEL602     10     Theology Today
THEO625     10     Issues in Ecumenism
THEO631     10     Issues in Systematic Theology
THEO647     10     Issues in Christian Ethics
THEO649     10     Revelation and Tradition

Historical and Religion Studies
Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
THEO618     10     The Phenomenology of Religion
THEO621     10     Church Literature to Gregory the Great
THEO632     10     Jews and Judaism
THEO648     10     History and Development of the Church
THEO655     10     History of the Church in Australia

Practical Theology
Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
THEO629     10     Issues in Liturgical Studies
THEO643     10     Women and the Church

Theological Research
Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
THEO628     10     Introduction to Theological Research

Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
THEO626     10     Bible Lands Study Tour
THEO633     10     Special Study

61 Other electives may be taken from other Master’s level courses with the approval of the Course Co-ordinator.

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