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Off-Site Construction (Joinery-Timber/Aluminium/Glass) - Certificate III - Online - on campus
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Off-Site Construction (Joinery-Timber/Aluminium/Glass) - Certificate III - Bairnsdale - Victoria

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Off-Site Construction (Joinery-Timber/Aluminium/Glass) - Certificate III - Bairnsdale - Victoria Off-Site Construction (Joinery-Timber/Aluminium/Glass) - Certificate III - Bairnsdale - Victoria
This course is designed for joinery apprentices, to provide the knowledge and practical skills required to become a competent tradesperson in the off-site construction industry. Recognising the practical nature of the industry, the course equips students with the ability to safely operate explosive power tools, use measurements and calculations, static machines and setting out/manufacturing and assembling processes required on various projects. This qualification requires a total of 43 units, 35 Core and 8 Elective units, with a maximum of 1 elective from the 1000 series and a maximum of 2 electives from the 2000 series.
Entry Requirements:
Basic literacy and numeracy skills and possible interview.
Off-Site Construction (Joinery-Timber/Aluminium/Glass) - Certificate III
Course Description:

Career Opportunities:

Professional joiner, tradesperson in the building industry.
Eligible for recognition of prior learning or skills:

Please speak with the tutor to find out if you are eligible for credits


Other courses are listed under the following career(s):

Building & Construction

Course Structure

The course comprises of the following units of study:


BCF2001A     Use Static Machines
BCF2010A     Maintain Inventory And Control Stock
BCF2012A     Package Manufactured Products For Transport
BCF2013A     Assemble Components
BCF2014A     Manually Cut Glass To Simple Shapes
BCF2016A     Prepare For Off-site Manufacturing Process
BCF2018A     Apply And Install Sealant And Sealant Devices
BCF3000A     Maintain Static Machinery
BCF3001A     Set Up Static Machinery
BCF3008A     Identify Window And Door Construction
BCF3009A     Setting Out Of Windows And Doors
BCF3010A     Manufacture Components For Door And Window Frames, Doors And Sashes
BCF3011A     Assemble (Door/Windows)
BCF3024A     Install Internal Lining
BCF3036A     Shift Materials Manually
BCF3037A     Set Out And Level
BCF3038A     Apply And Trim Decorative Finishes
BCF3041A     Cut And Install Glass
BCF3042A     Mark Off/Out
BCF3045A     Manufacture Joinery Unit Components
BCG1000A     Carry Out Interactive Workplace Communication
BCG1001A     Carry Out OH&S Requirements
BCG1002A     Plan & Organise Work
BCG1003A     Read And Interpret Plans
BCG1004A     Carry Out Measurements And Calculations
BCG1005A     Use Hand And Power Tools
BCG1006A     Use Small Plant And Equipment
BCG1008A     Use Simple Levelling Devices
BCG1011A     Handle Construction Materials & Safe Disposal Of Waste
BCG2000A     Assemble Simple Partition Frames
BCG2001A     Prepare Surfaces
BCG2004A     Carry Out Levelling
BCG2010A     Remove/Replace Door & Window Furniture
BCG2012A     Make Set Outs
MEM2.5C11A Measure With Graduated Devices


BCF3003A     Identify Stair Construction And The Factors Governing Stair Design
BCF3004A     Set Out Stairs
BCF3005A     Manufacture Stair Components - Straight Flighted Stairs
BCF3006A     Assemble And Install Stairs
BCF3023A     Apply Finishes
BCG1007A     Erect & Dismantle Restricted Height Scaffolding
BCG2007A     Operate Elevated Work Platforms (EWP)
BCG2008A     Use Explosive Power Tools
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