Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Religious Education)

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  • Objectives
    The Postgraduate Certificate in Education course is designed for graduate students interested in pursuing a broad academic study of education. It provides studies in a range of academic areas, including Arts Education, Career Development, Early Childhood, Education and Training in Professional Contexts, Information and Communication Technology, Literacy Education, Mathematics Education, Pastoral Care Leadership, Religious Education, TESOL, and Wellbeing in Inclusive Schooling. Students will be encouraged to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of recent research, and/or professional developments related to their program of study. They will be offered opportunities to engage and interact with other students from diverse professional backgrounds.
  • Entry requirements
    1. Four year Bachelor degree in Education; or 2. Bachelor degree in an area other than Education and a Graduate Diploma in Education.
  • Academic title
    Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Religious Education)
  • Course description
    Special Entry

    Applicants whose educational qualifications do not satisfy the requirements for admission to the course but who have equivalent knowledge, skills and/or competencies, demonstrated by relevant documentation, may be granted admission to the course, subject to approval by the designated Admissions Officer, in consultation with the relevant Course Co-ordinator or Head of School.

    English Language Requirements

    Applicants require IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with an overall score of 6.5, including an individual score of 6.0 for all tests.

    Postgraduate Certificate in Education

    40 cp

    Minimum duration: 6 months full-time or equivalent part-time.

    Course available at:
    Nationally, online ( with selected units on campus:
    Brisbane, Queensland
    Canberra, ACT
    Melbourne, Victoria
    Sydney (Strathfield), NSW
    New Zealand (Religious Education specialisation only)

    EFTSL value of units: All 10 cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a cp value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

    1. Requirements for Completion of the Postgraduate Certificate

    1.1 To qualify for the Postgraduate Certificate, a student must complete 40 cp from across the range of units in the Schedule of Unit Offerings.

    1.2 To qualify for the Postgraduate Certificate with a named specialisation, a student must complete 40 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

       1. 20 cp from Core Unit sequences (i) or (ii); study must relate to the specialisation selected under paragraph (b);
       2. 20 cp from one Education Specialisation.

    Schedule of Unit Offerings

    Prerequisite (Pre), co-requisite (Co) and incompatible (Inc) units are indicated in parentheses where applicable.

    Core Units

    Sequence (i)
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDFD659     20     Leading Learning and Teaching

    Sequence (ii)
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDFD658     10     Interpreting and Designing Educational Research
    EDCU607    10     Project

    Education Specialisations

    Arts Education
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDAR602     10     Visual Arts Curriculum Studies: Advanced Professional Practice
    EDCU620     10     Dance Curriculum Studies: Advanced Professional Practice
    EDCU619     10     Music Curriculum Studies
    EDDR600     10     Drama Curriculum Studies: Advanced Professional Practice

    Career Development
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDSS609     10     Counselling for Career Development
    EDSS610     10     Educating for Lifelong Career Development
    EDSS611     10     Professional Practice and Development
    EDSS612     10     The Postmodern Global Workplace

    Early Childhood
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDCU619    10     Music Curriculum Studies
    EDFD648     10     Engaging Learners in the Early Years
    EDFD660     10     Understanding Childhood and Learning
    EDLA615     10     Literacy in the Early Years
    EDMA625    10     Issues for Effective Learning and Teaching in Numeracy
    EDRE641     10     Early Childhood and Religious Education

    Education and Training in Professional Contexts
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDTS604     10     Creating Collaborative Learning Communities
    EDTS607     10     Mentoring for Professional Learning and Development
    EDTS608     10     Professional Portfolios in Action

    Information and Communication Technology
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDST605     10     Information and Communication Technology in Education and Training
    EDST608     10     Online Instructional Systems
    EDST616     10     ICT and Learning: Research and Practice
    EDST617     10     Designing and Implementing ICT Learning Environments

    Literacy Education
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDLA615     10     Literacy in the Early Years
    EDLA616     10     Literature for Children and Young Adults
    EDLA617     10     Researching Curriculum Literacies
    EDLA625     10     Literacy Education in Contemporary Society
    EDLA626     10     Ways of Meaning: Language in Education

    Mathematics Education
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDMA622     10     Assessment of Mathematical Understanding to Inform Teaching
    EDMA623     10     Beyond Number: Measurement and Space in the Primary Years
    EDMA624     10     Chance, Data, Pattern and Algebra in Primary and Middle Years
    EDMA625     10     Issues for Effective Learning and Teaching in Numeracy
    EDMA626     10     Making Connections in Mathematics: Development of Rational Number
    EDMA627     10     Making Connections: Early and Whole Number Development

    Pastoral Care Leadership
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDAC611      10     Designing and Implementing Child Abuse Prevention Programs
    EDAC618      10     Processes for Education in Personal and Interpersonal Development
    EDFD604      10     Managing Challenging Behaviour
    EDLE605      10     Leading Educational Change
    SWTP608     10     Child Welfare Context and Policy

    Religious Education

    At least 20 cp from Religious Education units (including the Core units, if studied with a Religious Education focus) and 20 cp from other units in this specialisation:
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDRE621     10     History and Theories of Religious Education
    EDRE622     10     Cultural Contexts of Religious Education
    EDRE623     10     Coordination in Religious Education
    EDRE624     10     Curriculum in Religious Education
    EDRE625     10     Contemporary Issues in Religious Education
    EDRE626     10     Faith, Moral Development and Values Education
    EDRE627     10     Social Justice and Religious Education
    EDRE628     10     Creative Arts and Religious Education
    EDRE629     10     Spirituality and the Religious Educator
    EDRE632     10     Teaching World Religions
    EDRE637     10     Religious Education in the Middle Years
    EDRE639     10     Religious Education in the Faith Community
    EDRE641     10     Early Childhood and Religious Education
    THEL602     10     Theology Today
    THEO602     10     Biblical Narrative as Theology
    THEO615     10     New Testament Christology
    THEO629     10     Issues in Liturgical Studies
    THEO643     10     Women and the Church
    THEO648     10     History and the Development of the Church
    THEO674     10     The Corinthian Correspondence

    Any other Theology unit approved by the Course Co-ordinator.

    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDLA612     10     Assessment and Curriculum Design in TESOL
    EDLA614     10     Language, Culture and Communication
    EDLA618     10     Teaching Strategies for TESOL
    EDLA619     10     Language and Learning

    Wellbeing in Inclusive Schooling
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDFD651     10     Social Justice: A Whole School Approach
    EDFD652     10     Issues in Wellbeing in Inclusive Schooling
    EDFD653     10     Foundations in Social and Emotional Learning
    EDFD655     10     Leading Whole School Wellbeing
    EDFD656     10     Wellbeing for Educators
    EDFD661     10     Wellbeing and Inclusive Communities
    EDFD662     20     Wellbeing and Inclusive Schooling
    EDLE605     10     Leading Educational Change
    THEO658     10     Foundations of Social Justice


    Research Units
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDCU607     10     Project
    EDFD633     10     Methods of Educational Research (Pre: EDFD658)
    EDFD617     20     Research Project (Pre: EDFD658. Inc: EDFD649, EDFD650)
    EDFD649     10     Research Project Part 1 (Pre: EDFD658. Inc: EDFD617)
    EDFD650     10     Research Project Part 2 (Pre: EDFD658, EDFD649. Inc: EDFD617)

    Other Units
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EDLA609     10     Socio-Cultural Contexts of Language and Literacy Practices
    EDMA610    10     Technologies and Mathematics Learning
    EDMA613    10     Intervention: Identification and Program Structure
    EDMA614    10     Intervention: Effective Strategies
    EDST601     10     Education for the 21st Century
    EDST610     10     Creating a Sustainable World: Developing Ecoliteracy
    EDST615     10     Sustainability Science
    EDTS602     10     Teacher Growth and Change
    EDTS603     10     Contemporary Issues in Learning
    EDTS606     10     Current Issues in Inclusive Education
    EDTS618     10     Current Issues in Education and Learning
    EDTS619     10     Curriculum in Action

    Electives may be taken from other Master’s level courses, with the approval of the Course Co-ordinator.

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