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Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Science and Management

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  • Objectives
    The objectives of this course are to: * enable students to explore the interdisciplinary nature of animal science at an advanced level * provide students with a sound foundation in the scientific principles and analytical skills behind improved animal systems (farm and companion animals) and their sustainability * introduce the student to advanced research topics and practical applications within the disciplines of animal science * develop competence in the design, conduct and analysis of experimental work * introduce students to industrial applications of animal science and the commercial outcomes * develop a critical understanding of environmental, economic, social and ethical factors related to animal-derived food and fibre production in Australia and globally.
  • Academic Title
    Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Science and Management
  • Course description
    The course consists of up to eight coursework subjects (12.5 points each), four core subjects and four other subjects. The core subjects include three non-cognate subjects in semester 1 and one cognate subject in semester 2. Students may undertake either two or four elective subjects, dependent on whether they choose to complete Research Project A (25 points).

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points
    208-503  Research Philosophies & Statistics
    This subject should give students knowledge of a range of research methodologies and underlying philosophies, and sophisticated statistical tools to design laboratory and field experiments and field surveys, and effectively and appropriately analyse ...     Semester 1     12.50

    207-512  Social Research Methods
    Understanding of social process and action is critical to effective land management and social research skills are therefore valued by resource management agencies. The subject aims to equip students with knowledge and skills to design social researc...     Semester 1     12.50


    208-408  Special Studies in Animal Science
    The objective of this subject is to provide the student, under supervision, to investigate a selected topic and gain further special knowledge in a discipline field of animal science, for example physiology, nutrition, behaviour, molecular biology.Av...     Year Long     12.50

    208-405  Advanced Animal Management Systems
    The aim of the subject is to develop student skills in critically analysing scientific information on particular animal science issues, and in applying that information to practical problems or issues related to the care and management of domestic li...     Semester 1     12.50

    202-502  Project A
    The subject allows students to conduct an original research topic, under supervision approved by a Subject Coordinator. The work will be equivalent to lecture and practical based subjects worth 25 points. The content and extent of the project will be...     Semester 2     25

    202-603  Project B
    The subject allows students to conduct an original research project, under supervision to be approved by a subject Coordinator. The work will be equivalent to lecture and practical based subjects worth 50 points. The content and extent of the project...     Year Long     50

    Elective subjects

    202-503  Animal Feed Science
    The subject examines the applications of new technologies in processing and analysis of feeds for a range of animal species. The subject will introduce empirical, mechanistic and telemetric models to evaluate animal performance under different dietar...     Semester 2     12.50

    208-612  Animal Metabolism & Nutrition
    The subject will examine the interrelationships between nutrient supply, release, absorption and post-absorptive effects. The major areas of interest will focus on energy and protein partitioning at a cellular, tissue, organ and whole body level. The...     Semester 1     12.50

    202-504  Stress Physiology
    The aim of this subject is to enable students to undertake advanced study in the area of stress physiology in domestic and companion animals. The major focus will be on the interaction between physiological state and the environment and the consequen...     Semester 1     12.50

    208-407  Genetics and Animal Breeding
    This subject covers the application of genetics to the breeding of animals. On completion of the course students should understand the application of quantitative and molecular genetics, have a sound knowledge of "practical breeding progr...     Semester 1     12.50

    Students may apply to take appropriate postgraduate diploma level subjects as electives from other programs in the Melbourne School of Land and Environment subject to approval from the Course Coordinator, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning). Electives may also be take from other faculties with approval from the home faculty of the elective.

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