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Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Arts

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  • Objectives
    Students who complete the postgraduate diploma should:

    * demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of a selected field of study in the creative arts;
    * be able to access and appreciate national and international debates in their selected area of study;
    * understand the interface between theory and practice in their selected field of study;
    * demonstrate an independent approach to knowledge acquisition that employs differing methods of inquiry including a variety of theoretical models and practical application through studio/workshop research;
    * apply critical and analytical skills to the solution of theoretical and practical problems within the chosen area of study in the creative arts.
  • Academic Title
    Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Arts
  • Course description
        * 3 compulsory subjects
        * 2 elective subjects

    Total 100 points - subjects are 12.5 points each, unless indicated otherwise.

    Compulsory subjects

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    760-491  Research Methodology
    In this subject students will be introduced to various research methodologies appropriate to research in the creative arts. These will include processes and techniques associated with selecting and refining a research problem; the means of identifyin...     Semester 1     12.50

    760-411  Critical Studies Culture & Creative Arts
    This subject introduces students to a variety of critical methodologies suitable for the engagement in, and analysis of, creative arts. Students will consider the theoretical grounding for an arts culture nexus and consider this relationship from the...     Semester 1     12.50

    760-490  Research Project
    This subject involves original research on an approved research project selected in consultation with their supervisor. The research project may be in the fields of creative writing, media arts and new media, theatre studies, visual arts or in cross-...     Semester 1, Semester 2     50

    Elective subjects

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    760-405  Directed Reading
    Students of this subject will undertake a course of directed reading and essay work of an approved topic. Areas of study include creative writing, media arts and new media, theatre studies, visual arts, and cross-disciplinary studies. Students will b...     Semester 1, Semester 2     12.50

    760-412  Practical Project
    Students will undertake a practical project, which is either cross-disciplinary in nature or focused on a specific discipline in creative writing, visual media or theatre studies. The project may be undertaken by an individual student or a group of s...     Semester 1, Semester 2     12.50
    *The Practical Project must be different and entirely separate from any practical component of the compulsory Research Project.

    Creative writing

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    106-406  Contested Sites
    This subject offers a space for reflection and debate in areas often neglected in postmodern perspectives; that is, in the politics and ethics of writing. Drawing upon a wide range of imaginative, critical and theoretical texts, the subject focuses o...     Semester 1     12.50

    106-421  Scripts Wanted: Any Medium
    In this subject each student will write and craft either a theatre playscript, a live performance script, a radio play, libretto or film/TV script. The student will decide on the particular medium early in the semester during the workshopping process...     Semester 2     12.50

    106-427  Writing: Before and Beyond the Image     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    106-478  Theory For Writing
    A survey of critical, philosophical and theoretical writing relating to issues of creativity, creative writing and the publishing industry. Texts from, for instance, Derrida, Lacan, Freud, Foucault, Kristeva, Cixous, Barthes, Althusser, Tompkins, Wit...     Semester 1     12.50

    106-479  Extreme Poetry
    This subject will be presented through a series of seminars. Since the emergence of free verse at the beginning of the twentieth century, many poets have been interested in uncovering the limits of poetic conventions. At the same time poetry has been...     Semester 2     12.50

    106-472  Genealogies of Place
    In this subject students will engage with creative and intellectual concepts that deal with an understanding of place (and places) and its relationship to individuals, communities and cultural formations. These places may be physical, social or psych...     Semester 2     12.50

    Visual Media

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    760-403  Installation and Superfiction
    The subject introduces visual media students to installation art and the idea of the Superfiction. This includes broad introduction through theoretical lectures to: site specific art; process art; art in public spaces; earth works; deconstructive ten...     Semester 1     12.50

    760-425  Film and Philosophy
    This subject looks at how a number of influential philosophical concepts have permeated (and been exemplified) in recent cinema. The subject begins by examining the ideas of Plato, and through an examination of mimesis and memory explores how his phi...     Semester 1     12.50

    760-457  IT and Creative Practice
    This subject focuses on the contemporary points of intersection between information technology and the creative arts. Students are introduced to historical and contemporary developments in this area, both in Australia and internationally, through a s...     Semester 1     12.50

    760-424  Sexuality and Gender in Media Arts
    This subject involves a study of the different ways in which sexuality and gender have been depicted in cinema (and other related visual practices). It places a strong emphasis on the study of 'masculinity' as an evolving form of cultural r...     Semester 2     12.50

    760-462  Visual Media: Experimental Projects
    The subject aims to further develop students' ability to undertake independent research within a structured lecture program that addresses theoretical, philosophical and professional practice issues in contemporary visual media. Experimental Pro...     Semester 2     12.50

    107-436  Postcolonial Visual Art
    This subject focuses on contemporary cross-cultural visual art in relation to its colonial heritage. Responses to the colonial archive are a significant current in late 20th and early 21st century postcolonial culture. In many different contexts and ...     Semester 2     12.50

    107-437  The Artist's Body     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    107-463  Dream Screen: Film and Psychoanalysis     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    Theatre studies

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    760-418  Postmodern Theatre     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    760-420  Performance Project
    This subject explores the theory/practice interface in the context of a performance project. The project will be research-based and culminate in a public performance followed by a piece of written documentation. There may be one large project/perform...     Semester 2     12.50

    106-400  Theatres of Migration and Exile     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    106-416  Theatre, Politics, Ideology     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    Arts management

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    760-402  Arts Industry in Context
    Students of this subject will explore ways in which the arts industry is organised and the many different activities that intersect in bringing artist and audience together. The approach to the material will be topic-based and will include lectures o...     Semester 1     12.50

    760-401  Preparing, Promoting and Presenting
    This subject surveys modes of communication in which arts managers must engage from normal business messages to preparing collateral for purposes of promotion. Students will be encouraged to develop a critical and analytical perspective on the effect...     Semester 2     12.50

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