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As an Adult Education Institution, CAE exists to provide learning to the Victorian community through a wide range of programs and services. CAE receives government funding through the Adult Community and Further Education Division (ACFE). This funding supports CAE to deliver accredited courses designed to help adults complete their secondary education and begin or change their career direction. CAE has been in operation for over 60 years and has adapted to meet the continually changing needs of adult learners in Melbourne.


Transforming lives through the power of learning

Learning / Inclusion / Integrity / Innovation / Commitment


    * We are supportive and accessible, providing an excellent learning environment for the personal and professional development of each learner
    * We deliver flexible, relevant, dynamic and authentic learning experiences
    * We foster the learner relationship to facilitate individualised pathways and outcomes throughout employment, career and life
    * We provide a working environment that encourages lifelong learning and development, both formal and informal, for our staff


    * We understand and meet the needs of culturally, linguistically and demographically diverse learners
    * We provide responsive programs, services and facilities to create and ensure learning opportunities for the entire community


    * We are accountable, honest, ethical and transparent in all that we do
    * We ensure accountability and compliance through a sound governance framework
    * We build and sustain high levels of trust and respect within CAE and the wider community


    * We continually drive positive change to respond to the needs of our dynamic learning and organisational environment
    * We share our knowledge and ideas to foster a learning culture
    * We develop our leadership in education and act upon it
    * We take all actions within a framework of continuous improvement, challenging the status quo, encouraging and seeking improvement and excellence in everything we do


    * We ensure a high level customer service experience to every learner, business and community member who interacts with us
    * We work as a team with passion to achieve a shared common purpose that supports learners, business clients, staff and all stakeholders of the CAE community

Organisational Structure 2009

Freedom of Information

CAE complies with government regulations about freedom of information, as outlined under the Freedom of Information Act 1982. Requests for information must be put in writing and should be addressed to:

Manager, Freedom of Information
253 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
Commitment to Quality

CAE has a reputation for delivering quality educational programs and services. CAE teaching staff are recognised for expertise in their area and excellence in delivery techniques.
CAE staff embrace the principle of continuous improvement in all aspects of the organisation's work. Continuous improvement of educational programs is achieved using a variety of means and with a high value on a learner-centered approach. Many of our improvement strategies have their origins in information gained from student feedback about their learning experience at CAE. Additionally, we involve industry and community stakeholders in the development of course delivery and assessment strategies that meet the needs of learners. CAE is a Registered Training Organisation that delivers Nationally Recognised Training that leads to the issue of qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework.
History of CAE

Opening in 1947, the Council of Adult Education was established under Victorian Government legislation with a broad charter to provide adult education.
CAE’s founding director was Colin Badger and the founding chairman, who remained in that role until 1974, was Frank Crean.

On 1st March 2001, Victorian Parliament passed an amendment to the Adult Community and Further Education (AFCE) Act 1991 which effectively meant the Council of Adult Education came under the ACFE Act. At this time, the name of the organisation was changed to the Centre for Adult Education.

In 2003, the relevance of the names ‘Council’ and ‘Adult’ were seen as not a true reflection of the organisation. The existing name denoted institutional and formal connotations and was not inclusive of all students, both young people and adults. On 5th July 2003 the organisation officially became known as CAE.

Activities offered by CAE have changed over the years. In 1947, activities included travelling theatre, drama, dance, music, art exhibits, book groups and a range of other courses and classes. Today, CAE offers a range of programs and services with a strong focus in arts, languages and adult secondary education. Other options include business, computers, human services, languages, wellbeing, fitness and literacy.

Institution courses and Masters

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