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During the last 23 years, EEN has become one of the best educational institutions for training postgraduates and executives in Spain.   Over this time, EEN has graduated over 16,000 students and has held over 500 executive on-site training courses.   Many of our students have used the knowledge and confidence gained at EEN to form their own successful enterprises.
Escuela Europea de Negocios gives our students opportunities to use the knowledge learned in class by practicing it in real world scenarios through our relationships within the business community. Businesses value the education at EEN because of its determination to provide relevant classes   and opportunities for students to gain first hand experiences.    EEN goes further than others in providing classes that touch all segments of the organization.   From Human Resource Management to Harnessing the Cloud to International Trade, EEN makes an effort to ensure that our students knowledge and experiences are relevant in the markets of today and the future.

Escuela Europea de Negocios prides itself on the diversity of the students who come together in our classrooms.   From recent graduates to professionals with several years of experience; from graduates of law to graduates in business to graduates in engineering; from Spanish natives to international students; EEN has them all.   This diverse group of students bring varying points of view to the classroom which provides for more developed debates on how to best overcome challenges.   These multi-faceted discussions among students give them experiences needed to be successful in the global economy of today and the future.

History of courses from EEN Escuela Europea de Negocios:

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