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JIC in Australia was established in Melbourne, Victoria in May 2002. Since its establishment, JIC in Australia has promoted many aspects of Australia, to Japanese and Chinese people interested in being active in Australian communities. It has also opened a window for Australia to know more about Japan and China. Today, there are 30 schools and institutes cooperating with us in Victoria and Queensland and 47 institutes and language schools in China. We are continuing to expand our services to other areas.

Our Aims

Our goal is to provide professional services that will increase your understanding of different cultures and communication in different languages. Our approach is to surpass your expectations in every engagement and to ensure that these services will:

- Provide you with skills that will optimise your capability.

- Assist you in growing in an increasingly competitive society.

- Be supportive of your commitment to generate effective values.

- Assist you with obtaining smoother communication mannerisms.

- Let you master a new language, which is one of the most valuable resources in the world.

- Widen your vision of different cultures.

- Distribute to you, the best and most up to date information available.

We create strong relationships with our students and clients, and pride ourselves in our dedication to providing the highest level of service. We are warm, friendly and easy to deal with, while being meticulous with our work.

Institution courses and Masters

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