Welcome to United World College (UWC)

United World College (UWC) is a Registered Training Organisation (NTIS: 32405) that delivers nationally accredited qualifications.

United World College offers a vast range of courses that specialise in the Training & Assessment, Children's Services, Aged Care, Disability, Business Administration, Management sector. Not only do we offer Certificate or Diploma level training; we also have on offer a number of Specialised Short Courses to meet specific criteria (such as accreditation) or individual service needs.

As a training organisation, United World College is dedicated to the excellence in training solutions and in the expansion of the skills base, education and professional qualifications of those operating within the education & management industry, community services sector.

We do this primarily by working creatively and on a one-to-one basis with our students and organisations to provide training and training advice to meet their specific needs. The mechanisms that we work through to achieve this goal are conceptualised within our training systems, products and models.

UWC has a strong background in the development of work-based competencies and assessment tools. At UWC we have contextualised all our training products in-house. We have, over time, developed a library of training resources and tools that we access to meet the varied needs of our students, clients and organisations.
Important aspects of our service are:

    * We are highly mobile
    * Flexible by design.
    * Provide made-to-measure training products and models.
    * Committed to ensure that our staff has relevant and expert knowledge of the specialist nature of the relevant industry sector.

All of our staff and contractors are able to call on expertise from a variety of disciplines. At UWC we recognise that the viability of our business is entirely dependent on the outcomes achieved. For this reason, effective communication is a cornerstone to our performance. At the forefront of all of our staff members thinking are the values of positive attitude, ensuring we are always taking quality approaches to work, providing timely responses, providing consistency of service, ensuring and articulating mutual respect and developing trust.

Training offer

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