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VCAL - Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Intermediate)

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  • Objectives
    The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a new option for Year 11 and 12. The course provides practical work related experience and vocational training with literacy and numeracy skills and personal development. Students will study each subject in practical ways, learning skills they need and using them in problems that are related to real life situations. VCAL has been designed to extend the opportunities for young people, typically 15-19 years old.
  • Entry requirements
    Year 10
  • Academic Title
    VCAL - Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (Intermediate)
  • Course description
    Course Outline
    This course is an alternative to the VCE and is designed to provide general work skills, job-specific training and personal development for those interested in going on to further studies in TAFE, doing an apprenticeship or going straight into the workplace after completing VCAL. VCAL includes maths, communications, personal development and employment skills. The choice of vocational areas of study are automotive, hairdressing, hospitality, building and construction, plumbing, horticulture and other vocational areas depending on demand.

    This course may incorporate all modules of the pre-apprenticeship depending on the individual vocational elective.

    Dandenong where students enrol in Certificate II in Automotive or Hospitality as their vocational
    Frankston where students enrol in Certificate II in Building & Construction as their vocational
    Berwick where students enrol in Certificate I in Electrotechnology
    where students enrol in Certificate III in Children’s Services
    where students enrol in modules from Certificate III and IV Nursing, and allied Health Services
    Where students enrol in a multi-trade option (Electrical, Auto, Engineering, Carpentry)
    Where students enrol in Hair and Make-Up, Plumbing or Horticulture as their vocational stream.

    Study Mode
    Full time: 1 year
    Day only 25 hours per week x 38 weeks

    When does the course start?
    End of January

    Entrance Requirements
    Year 10, or equivalent

    Application Procedure
    Apply directly to Chisholm Institute
    An interview is required for this course. A trade related assessment may also be required.

    Study Areas
    Numeracy and Mathematics, Reading and Writing, Personal Development Skills, Certificate II Vocational Stream modules, Work Related Skills.

    NUM021 Numeracy Skills Module
    This module aims to enable learners to explore mathematics beyond its familiar and everyday use to its application in wider, less personal contexts such as newspapers and other media reports, workplace documents and procedures, and specific projects at home or in the community. The mathematics covered includes measurement, graphs and simple statistics, use of maps and directions and an introductory understanding of the use of formulas and problem solving strategies. Learners are expected to have the capacity to interpret and analyse how mathematics is represented and used, and to recognise and use some of the conventions and symbolism of formal mathematics.

    LIT022 Oral Communication Module
    The oral communication stream reflects on the theory that language use varies depending on the social context and purpose of the interaction, and uses this as its main organising principle. It identifies three primary purposes for oral communication which encompasses a range of contexts for spoken interaction.
    These are
    • Knowledge
    • Practical Purposes
    • Problem Solving and Exploring Issues.
    The learning outcomes for the oral communication stream are based on typical spoken interactions used to fulfil these broad social purposes.

    LIT021 Literacy Skills Module
    The purpose of this module is to enable learners to develop the skills and knowledge to read and write a range of tests on everyday subject matters which include some unfamiliar aspects or material. At this level, once they have identified the audience and purpose of the text, learners use the writing process to produce texts that link several ideas of pieces of information. In reading, learners identify how, and if, the writer has achieved their purpose and express an opinion on the text, taking into account its effectiveness.
    At the end of the module learners will be able to read, comprehend and write a range of texts within a variety of contexts.

    PDS021 Personal Development Skills Module
    The purpose of the Personal Development Skills Module is to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes that lead towards
    • Social responsibility
    • Building community
    • Civic responsibility
    • Improved self confidence and esteem
    • Valuing civic participation in a democratic society

    WRS022 Work Related Skills Module
    The module is designed to
    • Integrate learning about work skills with prior knowledge and experiences
    • Enhance the development of employability skills through work experience
    • Develop critical thinking skills that apply to problem solving in work contexts
    • Develop planning and work related organisational skills
    • Develop and apply transferable skills for work related context.
    Plus relevant Certificate I, II or III trade modules.

    Continuous assessment through participation in course work and projects.

    Support Services
    Support is available to students in a range of areas including Study Skills, Personal Counselling, Careers Advice and Disability Support. Contract Student Advisory Services for more details

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