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Anger Management Course
Method: On Campus
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Anger Management Course - Sydney - New South Wales

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Anger Management Course - Sydney - New South Wales Anger Management Course - Sydney - New South Wales
This one-day workshop will help teach participants how to:

* Recognize how anger affects your body, your mind, and your behavior
* Use the five-step method to break old patterns and replace them with a model for assertive anger
* Control their emotions when faced with other peoples’ anger
* Identify ways to help other people safely manage some of their repressed or expressed anger
Course Description:
Duration: One Day: 9am - 4:30pm

Anger is a universal experience. Dogs get angry, bees get angry, and so do humans. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that managing anger productively is something few individuals, organizations, and societies do well. Yet research tells us that those who do manage their anger at work are much more successful than those who don’t.

The co-worker who can productively confront his teammate about his negative attitude increases his team’s chance of success as well as minimizes destructive conflicts.
The customer service agent who can defuse the angry customer not only keeps her customers loyal but makes her own day less troublesome. This course is to help give you
and your organization that edge.

Introduction and Course Overview

You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what
will take place during the course. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their
personal learning objectives.

What is Anger?
What exactly is anger? How does it affect us, our family, and our friends? What are the
five dimensions of anger? We will provide a framework for you to discuss these
questions with participants.

Managing Your Anger
Whether we realize it or not, people often rationalize our anger by identifying the
benefits. During this session, we will look at those “benefits” and identify the myths
behind them.

The Anger Process
There are two events which lead to anger, and there are specific coping strategies that we can use to mitigate the impact of those events. You will help participants identify
those events and strategies through personal anger logs and a case study.

How Does Anger Affect Thinking?
There are four specific ways in which anger can affect your thinking: magnifying, destructive labeling, imperative thinking, and making assumptions about what other
people are thinking.

Managing Anger

When a person begins to get angry, there are some specific verbal, physical, and mental
strategies they can use to cope. During this session, you will discuss these strategies and help participants customize them.

Communicating Better
Often people who are most angry are people who haven’t developed their
communication skills to the level they would like, and as a result they feel frustrated and
misunderstood. During this session, we will discuss the four-step message, listening
skills, questioning skills, and three keys participants can use to unlock the best in people.

Behavior Types

During this session, participants will work in small groups to discuss passive,
manipulative, assertive, and aggressive behaviors.

Taking Control
To wrap up the day, we will look at some ways to help participants take control of
themselves and a situation to prevent becoming angry.

Course Wrap-Up
At the end of the day, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an
action plan.

How you will benefit:
-Able to recognize how anger affects our bodies, our minds, and our behavior.
-Able to use the six-step method to break old patterns and replace them with a
model for assertive anger.
-Able to control your own emotions when faced with other peoples’ anger.

About the courses

The workshops are a fun & entertaining learning experience. We highlight skills throughout the course and provide practical information on solving current issues and situations. By applying the information personally to each of the participants we help provide real solutions for each individual.

The way we deliver

We discuss with participants what they would like to obtain from each course. This way the facilitator knows exactly what information will be useful to each individual. It also means each course is custom made to suit the individuals at the course and our participants can learn more at a quicker pace without covering material that may not be required. By learning from each other within the course the participants can take real skills back to the workplace.

This helps everyone make the most of the training. Here are some additional details on why many people choose a Paramount course.

Why Paramount courses are better courses
     -Motivational and professional trainers
     -Lunch and refreshments provided
     -We combine entertainment with training
     -Every course is custom designed to suit the participants
     -We provide professional and useful manuals to keep as a reference

What can you expect?
     -A fun and entertaining session
    -Useful skills you can use straight away
    -A friendly trainer with personal attention
    -A certificate for each participant that attends
    -Experienced help and assistance in the specialised training areas
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