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  • Objectives
    The Associate Degree of Learning Design provides students with a knowledge, understanding and acquisition of: * the functional underpinnings of one or more disciplines, including understanding and interpretation of key concepts and theories and how they are evolving within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector; * teaching and learning work in a range of operational and management positions within VET; * the academic skills and attributes necessary to access, comprehend and evaluate information from a range of sources; * generic employment-related skills relevant to a range of employment contexts; and * a capacity for self-directed and lifelong learning.
  • Practical experience
    35 days in an appropriate setting
  • Entry requirements
    Portfolio of previous study/experience
  • Academic title
    Associate Degree of Learning Design
  • Course description

    About Learning Design

    CQUniversity's Learning Design programs were developed for professionals who seek teaching qualifications, but not teacher registration. These programs are most suited to those who are responsible for instructing or training others, and who want to increase their knowledge of educational practices.

    Students are supported by industry-experienced educators - trained to mentor students. These programs are dedicated to the graduation of industry-ready and futures oriented educators.

    The Associate Degree in Learning Design is an undergraduate program that can be completed in 2 years full-time study or equivalent. 
    The introduction of the Diploma and Associate Diploma degree pathways are aimed at enabling students to undertake an alternative approach towards the completion of a bachelors degree. Students with certificate level qualifications and workplace experience will be encouraged to consider entry into a Diploma for the commencement of their studies.

    Career Opportunities

    Australia is an ageing population and it has been forecast that there will be a large skills shortage in the next five years. Education and training have been highlighted as one of the key criteria to assist in this potential skills shortfall. Currently in Queensland there are approximately 1500 training organisations and CQUniversity's Learning Design programs are aimed at up-skilling and providing paraprofessionals for the training sector. The other target market for the Learning Design programs is the TAFE sector. Currently TAFE teachers are required to have a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training as a minimal qualification to undertake teaching. There are significant professional and financial benefits for teachers to upgrade their skills.

    Graduates are able to work in adult community education and the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. This includes TAFE, industry and private training providers and post-compulsory schooling or in a human resource development role in the private or public sector. The Associate Degree in Learning Design is beneficial for professionals who are involved in the facilitation of learning such as nurse educators, defence force instructors, ambulance, police, human resource specialists and other VET professionals.

    Program Structure

    The program consists of the 16 courses/96 units of credit.

    Applicants who possess a base trade qualification/paraprofessional training/qualification to AQF Level 3 and can demonstrate substantial experience that demonstrates the facility of the learning of others may be eligible to obtain advanced standing towards this program.

    Credit is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

    Program structure
    Course Code     Course Name
    Year 1 term 1
    EDED11353     Learning Management 1
    EDED11449     Principles of University Learning
    EDVT11004     Adolescent & Adult Education
    EDVT12008     VET Pedagogy

    Year 1 term 2
    EDFE11036     Embedded Professional Learning 1 (Secondary)
    EDVT10020     Assessment & Reporting in Sec/VET
    EDVT11019     Design in VET 1
    EDVT13019     Design of VET 2

    Year 2 term 1
    EDED11356     Learning Management 3
    EDED11400     Managing Diversity
    Discipline 1     
    Discipline 2     

    Year 2 term 2
    EDED11398     Learning Management 2
    EDFE12041     Embedded Professional Learning 2 (VET)
    FAHE13004     The Global Future *
    Discipline 3     
    *  Students who have completed EDED11355 should not enrol in FAHE13004

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