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  • Objectives
    TEP is the ideal program to prepare you to successfully complete an undergraduate or postgraduate program. TEP aims to: * affirm identity and culture in a learning context; * develop skills and confidence; * encourage independent learning. Throughout the program students participate in learning experiences which are personally and culturally affirming. We value the skills and knowledge you bring when you come to study. These skills and experiences are an important aspect of learning. Nulloo Yumbah staff members are friendly and helpful; they are here to assist students with all aspects of their studies.
  • Entry requirements
    Applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or hold permanent resident or humanitarian visas
  • Academic title
    Tertiary Entry Program
  • Course description

    About the Tertiary Entry Program (TEP)

    TEP is the Tertiary Entry Program offered by Nulloo Yumbah, CQUniversity's Indigenous Learning, Spirituality and Research Centre. Although the program is designed for people of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent who want to study at university - in the spirit of reconciliation, the program welcomes all Australians to enrol.  TEP provides a way into university study for people who did not complete secondary studies or did not achieve a sufficient Tertiary Entry Rank (TER) to study the degree of their choice. TEP is also suitable for those who left school some time ago and want to refresh their learning, or who do not feel confident about beginning tertiary studies.  TEP prepares people for successful participation in tertiary education.

    Career Opportunities

    The Tertiary Entry Program (TEP) embraces an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander focus to prepare students for successful participation in undergraduate and postgraduate university degree programs.  Students who successfully complete the full program gain a Tertiary Entry Ranking (TER) which gives them access to Australian universities.

    Program Structure

    Students have the choice of studying full-time or part-time, The full program requires completion of 8 courses.  Recognition of prior learning provides the opportunity to exit the program early through negotiation with the TEP coordinator.  

    Culture and Learning
    Course Code     Course Name
    EDED40351     Culture And Learning

    This course explores the theme Establishing an Indigenous Australian University (IAU) and  focuses on learning in the university culture.  It refers to other cultures people live and work in and investigates beliefs, values and ways of learning. It draws on previous knowledge and experiences to enhance understanding of how identity and learning patterns are formed. The connections between leadership, power, knowledge and identity are examined.

    Independent Learning
    Course Code     Course Name
    EDHE40005     Independent Learning
    In this course a variety of independent learning strategies for tertiary study are explored. Students investigate the strategies which assist in the collection and organisation of information obtained from lectures, tutorials, reading and research. Students also learn some of the strategies involved in preparing essays, reports and tutorial presentations, as well as preparing for examinations and other forms of assessment.

    Introductory Computing Skills
    Course Code     Course Name
    SKIL40005     Introductory Computing Skills

    This course aims to introduce students to computers and their use within a university system.  Computing skills gained in this program will create a valuable foundation for all future study and career aspirations. Students learn how to email, edit and format text, access the Internet and reference websites, design cover pages, create power point presentations and prepare documents that require Excel formulas. Students are encouraged to progress at their own pace and apply these skills to the presentation of all assessment work.

    Science and Culture
    Course Code     Course Name
    EDCU40031     Science And Culture Contexts

    This course explores the dynamic interaction between science and culture and the place both play in the life of a university. Students will understand the history and traditions that have shaped the university experience in Australia. Discussion examines the interaction and interdependence of creaturely existence and the role of the university in enabling responsible custodianship.

    Communication and thought
    Course Code     Course Name
    COMM40054     Communication And Thought
    This course encourages students to think and write clearly. Students read published writing and then practise creative writing. Students are encouraged to publish completed work on the Tertiary Entry Program (TEP) discussion list, in a newspaper or a magazine or through a selected publisher.

    Numeracy Concepts and Applications
    Course Code     Course Name
    EDCU40029     Numeracy Concepts And Applications

    This course introduces students to mathematical concepts and problem solving in a relevant context. It encourages them to explore, experiment and reflect on how mathematics can contribute to real-life problems. It addresses mathematics in daily life.

    Academic Communication
    Course Code     Course Name
    EDHE40006     Academic Communication
    This course reinforces and builds upon the exploration of culture and learning and the development of academic communication skills. Students will be provided with the opportunity to further refine their research, academic writing and referencing skills through their engagement with first year university level materials. To further develop responsible custodianship, students are encouraged to exercise critical thinking skills through evaluation of evidence and argument. By examination of a diverse range of concepts, issues and theories, students will be prepared for the rigours of university.

    Information Literacy and Computer Technology
    Course Code     Course Name
    SKIL40006     Information Literacy And Computing Skills
    This course is designed to further develop the skills and knowledge of students preparing to undertake postgraduate studies.  Focus areas include research skills and software applications, academic writing and information literacy.  Skills gained from this program will enable students to enter their chosen field of study, confident in the advanced use of computer and information literacy technologies.

    Introductory Applied Sciences
    Course Code     Course Name
    SCIE40006     Introductory Applied Sciences

    This course aims to provide a broad understanding of the part science plays in our lives and to equip custodians to be responsible caretakers of the earth. It addresses health and environmental management by covering areas of basic physiology, environmental ecology, population ecology, and interactions between communities and the environment.

    Advanced Numeracy Concepts and Applications
    Course Code     Course Name
    EDCU40030     Advanced Numeracy Concepts And Applications

    This course aims to introduce some of the fundamentals of advanced mathematics. Students learn algebra and statistics. The tutorials provide instruction and practice in mathematical techniques, and application of knowledge to practical situations.

    Introductory Biology
    Course Code     Course Name
    BIOL40107     Introductory Biology

    Introductory Biology prepares students to study biology at the undergraduate level. Students intending to enrol in health sciences, science or human movement should do this course.

    Introductory Chemistry
    Course Code     Course Name
    CHEM40078     Introductory Chemistry

    Introductory Chemistry prepares students to study chemistry at the undergraduate level. Students intending to enrol in health sciences, science or human movement should do this course.

    Introductory Physics
    Course Code     Course Name
    PHYS40192     Introductory Physics

    Introductory Physics prepares students to study physics at the undergraduate level. Students intending to enrol in science or engineering should do this course.

    Indigenous Australians and Politics
    Course Code     Course Name
    INDG40007     Indigenous Australians And Politics
    This course introduces students to Australian politics. Beginning with colonial politics, it explores the parallel development of mainstream and Indigenous politics. Federation, rituals of government, political parties, the three levels of government and the parliamentary process are examined. At the same time, the course explores the progress of Indigenous Australians from protection, through segregation and assimilation to self-determination, and the present day political issues of ATSIC, reconciliation, treaty and an Australian Republic.

    Introduction to Law in Australia
    Course Code     Course Name
    LAWS40047     Introduction To Law In Australia

    This course gives an introduction to law in Australia at the present time. It discusses how law affects us every day in our lives. It examines the British and colonial foundations of Australian law and examines a variety of aspects of present day law. Students may choose a particular area of interest to research.

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