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  • Objectives
    Broadens students' understanding of themselves, their community and the larger world. A challenging educational program, providing students with lifelong transferable skills. Graduates are equipped for employment in a wide range of professions, and for further study in a variety of disciplines. Disciplines available include: English, Introductory French, Post TEE French, Geography, History, Introductory Japanese, Post TEE Japanese, Politics & Government, Social Sciences and Writing.
  • Entry requirements
    Minimum admission requirements apply to enter this course. Special admission requirements There are special conditions for entry into the Japanese discipline area: * Native speakers of Japanese who have completed their compulsory education in Japan and/or in a Japanese educational institution overseas (i.e., six years at primary and three years at junior high school) are not eligible to enrol in a Japanese Major or Minor. * Other background speakers of Japanese may be requested to complete LST1121 and LST2150 instead of JLS1165 and JLS1275 as part of their Major or Minor.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Arts
  • Course description
    Related careers
    Community Service Professional, Diplomat, International Business Consultant, Interpreter, Overseas Aid Worker, Public Servant, Teacher, Tour Guide, International Business Consultant, Government Advisor, Environmental Consultant, Planning Officer, Social Researcher, Biographer, Historian, Journalist, Politician,Heritage Consultant, Negotiator, Policy Analyst, Press Secretary, Marketing Manager, Author, Biographer, Publicist, Publisher,

    This course is available for on-campus study by students with an International student visa.
    Bachelor of Arts students can study unitsets in the following disciplines as part of this course:

        * English
        * French
        * French
        * Geography
        * Global Studies
        * History
        * Japanese
        * Japanese
        * Politics and Government
        * Social Sciences
        * Writing

          Bachelor of Arts Minors

    A Bachelor of Arts Minor comprises 90 credit points (six (6) units) from a specified area, with no more than 30 credit points (two (2) units) at Level One and at least 30 credit points (two (2) units) at Level Three unless otherwise specified. Minors are available in all the areas listed as Majors above, or may be selected from the additional Minors below.

    Students enrolled in the double degree LLB/BA, who do not undertake PHR1102 Critical Thinking as a core unit in the BA component of their double degree are required to include this unit in their minor in International and Cultural Studies or Social Sciences. This option is not available to other students except in the International and Cultural Studies minor. Students enrolled in the double degree LLB/BA are required to include two or three law electives in their minor as defined in the double degree course structure. This option is not available to other students and applies only to the minors in International and Cultural Studies and Social Sciences.
    * Children's Literature
        * Editing
        * English
        * French
        * French
        * Geography
        * Global Studies
        * History
        * International and Cultural Studies
        * Japanese
        * Japanese
        * Politics and Government
        * Sociology/Anthropology
        * Social Sciences
        * Writing


    Bachelor of Arts students can select up to 120 credit points (8 units) worth of Electives as part of a Supplementary Program. Electives can include:
              -Units from any area of study available across the University, subject to availability and normal University requirements such as prerequisites;
              -Any units from the Bachelor of Arts Majors or Minors listed above, provided prerequisites are met; and
             - Any of the following units that are available as Electives:
                    + ENG1110 - The Power of Practical Writing (15cp)
                    + ICS3100 - Arts Practicum (15cp)
                    + PHR1102 - Critical Thinking (15cp)
                    + Chinese
                          # CHI1101 - Chinese (Introductory) (15cp)
                          # CHI1102 - Chinese (Introductory) (15cp)
                    + English as a Second Language - ESL units may not be credited as part of any major in the Bachelor of Arts
                          # ESL1007 - University English: Society (15cp)
                          # ESL1010 - University English: The Arts (15cp)
                          # ESL1011 - University English (15cp)
                          # ESL1012 - University English 2 (15cp)
                    + Italian
                          # ITA1101 - Italian (15cp)
                          # ITA1102 - Italian (15cp)
                    + Linguistics
                          # LST1121 - Introduction to Language (15cp)
                          # LST2150 - Cross-cultural Communication and Discourse (15cp)
                    + Spanish - Introductory level electives only available
                          # SPA1101 - Spanish (Introductory 1) (15cp)
                          # SPA1102 - Spanish (Introductory 2) (15cp)

    This course structure contains information about the units which comprise the course as well as the credit points required to successfully complete it.

    The Bachelor of Arts consists of 360 credit points (twenty-four (24) units). Each unit is valued at fifteen (15) credit points. Students may only complete a maximum of 150 credit points worth of Level One units. The course has three components: a Major; a Minor; and a Supplementary Program. Students must complete the requirements of all three components:

    The Bachelor of Arts has been designed with great flexibility, to provide students with an excellent range of choices whist still maintaining a coherent program. The selection of units within the program is subject to availability and normal University and Faculty Rules. This flexible approach does mean that students need to take great care in selecting an individual program of study which fulfils the course requirements. Additional notes and requirements relevant to choices are given below, but students are advised to consult with a School Student Support Officer or the relevant Major Coordinator in planning their course.

    Additional notes and requirements

        * Course requirements - To complete the degree over three years (or part-time equivalent) students are required to pass a Major comprising 120 credit points (8 units), and a Minor of 90 credit points (6 units) plus two additional elective units from the BA, which may be used to convert the Minor to a second major. The remaining eight (8) units may consist of one of the alternatives outlined above in the Supplementary Program. No more than four (4) of these units, however, may normally be at Level One.
        * Credit Points Requirements - Students may have no more than 150 credit points at Level One in their award, and must include at least five (5) Level Three units including at least three (3) in each Major and two (2) in each Minor.
        * Double-listed units - When a unit is found in two (2) different Major or Minor lists and a student wishes to complete both Majors/Minors, the double-listed unit may be credited in only one (1) Major or Minor. An alternative unit must be completed to meet the requirement of the other Major/Minor, with the approval of the Major/Minor Coordinator.
        * Level One units - Level One units should normally be drawn from a minimum of three (3) different Majors or Minors as listed below.
        * Second Bachelor of Arts - A student already holding a Bachelor of Arts degree and seeking to complete a second Bachelor of Arts degree will be required to complete at least a full new Major (120 credit points) from within the Bachelor of Arts program.
        * Second Major - Two (2) units from the Supplementary Program may be used to extend the required Minor into a second Major from the Bachelor of Arts list.
        * Unit frequency of offering - Not all units are offered each year and, where applicable, choice must be made from those timetabled in a given semester. Most Level Two and Level Three units are offered in a two-year rotation but some individual units may be offered less frequently at the discretion of the School.
        * Level Two and Level Three units - The BA includes few units coded at Level Two since it is intended that units with a Level Three code be open to students in both the second and the third year of their course, subject only to specific unit prerequisite requirements. The number of units available in rotation ensures that students will have sufficient units at this level available to complete the requirements of their major or minor.

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