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Bachelor of Business
Institution: Bond University
Method: On Campus
Type: Bachelor
Course Fee: By Request
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Bachelor of Business - Robina - Queensland

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  • Bachelor of business entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Business - Robina - Queensland Bachelor of Business - Robina - Queensland
This course prepares students for professional and managerial roles in business. Students complete a major from a wide range of business related disciplines and are encouraged to include a second major to enhance their skills and employability. Graduates complete a program of advance multidisciplinary studies in managing people, markets and finance to prepare them for leadership roles in modern global businesses.
Bachelor of Business
Course Description:

Students must complete one of the approved majors from the following areas:

          * Business Information Systems
          * Business Law
          * Electronic Commerce
          * Entrepreneurship
          * International Business
          * Management
          * Marketing
          * Marketing Communication
          * Real Estate
          * Service & Supply Chain Management

International Students: To fulfil your student visa requirements, you’ll need to enrol in 40cp per semester. Domestic Students: You have the option of undertaking either 30 or 40cp per semester.

Bond’s teaching methodology involves a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, examinations, projects, presentations, assignments, computer labs and industry projects.
Professional Outcomes
          * Human Resource Management
          * Business Management
          * Advertising
          * Brand and Product Management
          * Market Research
          * Electronic Commerce
          * Strategic Planning
          * Communications and Information Management
          * Real Estate
Professional Recognition
          * Australian Institute of Management (for Management major)
          * Australian Marketing Institute (for Marketing major)
Work Experience & Internships

      Some students without practical workplace experience, or with workplace experience in a field different from their studies, choose to undertake an internship as part of their degree.

      This intensely practical professional development approach fosters graduates who are ready, willing and able to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact in the workplace.
Combined Degrees

      Students can combine this degree with any other undergraduate degree at Bond (except Medicine) to suit their professional and personal interests. Bond's three-semester academic year allows students to complete two degrees in the same time it would take to complete just one degree at other universities (dependant upon degree combination).

Course Structure

Core Subjects (4)
Every Bachelor degree student at Bond is required to complete at least (1) subject from each of the following four discipline subjects:

CORE11-100       Communication Skills or
CORE11-101       Public Speaking

Outcomes: To communicate effectively in writing, speaking and visual; to understand the nature of communication processes and sources of difficulty in communication.

Information Technology
CORE11-110       Information Technology 1 or
CORE11-111       Business Applications of IT

Outcomes: To work effectively with contemporary information technology; to evaluate critically the current and future role of computing technology in the storage, retrieval and processing of information.

CORE11-120       Cultural and Ethical Values or
CORE11-120       Contemporary Issues in Law and Society

Outcomes: To appreciate the foundation of moral, ethical and social theories and their relevance to issues of public concern and debate; to use theoretical ideas in formulating arguments about how particular issues should be resolved.

CORE11-130       Strategic Management or
CORE11-131       Entrepreneurship

Outcomes: To appreciate the natural, dynamic and strategic positioning of organisations within their environments; to appreciate the nature of effective work in groups.

Foundation Subjects (7)
Students must complete the following 7 subjects:
LAWS10-100     Business Law
STAT11-111       Business Statistics
INFT11-120       Information Systems Development
ACCT11-100      Introduction to Accounting
MKTG11-100      Marketing
MGMT11-101     Organisational Behaviour
ECON11-100      Principles of Economics

Advanced Discipline Subjects (4)
Students must complete 4 of the following 6 subjects:
ACCT12-200      Cost Management Systems
MGMT13-305      Human Resource Management
FINC11-100       Introduction to Finance
IBUS12-250       Introduction to International Business
MKTG13-303      Market Research & Analysis
INFT13-308        Operations Management


Major Subjects (5)
5 subjects from one of the following majors:

    * Management
    * Marketing
    * Marketing Communication
    * International Business
    * Entrepreneurship
    * Real Estate
    * Service and Supply Chain Management
    * Business Information Systems
    * Electronic Commerce
    * Business Law

Students must complete 5 of the following subjects:

    * ENFB13-304    Business Plan Development
    * MGMT13-321   Negotiation
    * IBUS13-354     Intro to Cross Cultural Management
    * MGMT13-307   Concepts of Strategy
    * MGMT13-311   Strategic Change
    * MGMT13-320   Leadership
    * IBUS13-356     Global Business Strategy
    * MGMT11-201   Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility


    * MKTG12-301    Consumer Buyer Behaviour
    * MKTG13-320    Strategic Marketing

Plus 3 subjects from:

    * MKTG13-302    Promotional Design and Planning
    * MKTG13-305    Brand and Category Management
    * MKTG13-306    Services Marketing
    * MKTG13-310    Sales Management
    * MKTG13-312    Internet Marketing
    * IBUS13-353      International Marketing
    * MKTG13-600    Special Topic in Marketing

Marketing Communication

    * COMN11-101    Human Communication
    * ADVT11-100      Advertising Principles and Practice OR
    * PUBR11-100     Public Relations Practice and Event Mgmt

Plus 3 subjects from:

    * MKTG13-302     Promotional Design & Planning
    * PUBR13-312     Public Relations Campaigns & Strategies
    * UBR12-250       Public Relations Writing
    * PUBR12-235     Media Relations
    * ADVT12-200      Direct Response Advertising
    * ADVT12-241      Media Planning & Buying
    * ADVT13-101      Advertising, Brand Image & Cultural Space

International Business

    * IBUS13-354      Intro to Cross Cultural Management
    * IBUS13-351      International Trade

Plus 3 subjects from:                                              

    * IBUS13-353      International Marketing
    * FINC13-307      International Finance
    * IBUS13-361      Doing Business in Australia
    * IBUS13-356      Global Business Strategy
    * INTR11-100      International Relations
    * LAWS10-105    Introduction to Cross-Border Business Law
    * IBUS13-612      Int’l Business Study Tour
    * IBUS13-313      Europe Study Tour


    * ENFB13-300     Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurial Ventures
    * ENFB13-304     Business Plan Development
    * ENFB13-305     Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures

Plus 2 subjects from:

    * ENFB13-301     Professionalising the Family Business
    * MGMT13-321    Negotiation
    * ENFB13-603     Creativity and Innovation
    * MGMT11-201    Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Real Estate
Students must complete the following 5 subjects:

    * SSUD11-100      Principles of Sustainable Property
    * SSUD12-103      Managing Projects
    * SSUD12-304      Assets and Facilities Management
    * SSUD11-101      Understanding Buildings
    * SSUD11-200      Principles of Property Valuation

Business Information Systems

    * INFT13-322       Strategic IS Management
    * INFT13-363       Business Processes/IT in Operations

Plus 3 subjects from:

    * INFT11-125       Database Management 1
    * INFT12-221       E-Business
    * INFT13-323       Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
    * LAWS13-421     Info Technology and the Law

Electronic Commerce

    * INFT12-221       E-Business
    * INFT13-321       Business Systems & Processes
    * MKTG13-312     The Internet and Marketing

Plus 2 subjects from:

    * INFT11-132       Web Applications
    * INFT12-230       Networks & Applications
    * ADVT11-140      Advertising and Promo on the Internet
    * LAWS13-429     Electronic Commerce and the Law

Business Law
Choose 5 subjects from the following:

    * LAWS11-315      Business Associations
    * LAWS11-316      Corporations Law
    * LAWS13-405      Takeovers and Securities
    * LAWS13-408      Competition Law
    * LAWS13-415      Principles of Tax Law
    * LAWS13-416      Taxation of Business Entities
    * LAWS13-417      Taxation of International Bus
    * LAWS13-435      Banking and Finance Law
    * LAWS13-446      International Trade & Business Law

Service and Supply Chain Management
Students must complete the following 5 subjects:

    * SSUD12-103     Managing Projects
    * INFT13-321       Business Systems & Processes
    * INFT13-363       Business Processes/IT in Operations
    * INFT13-364       Technology Management
    * INFT13-366       Service and Supply Chain Management

Electives (4)
Four subjects may be selected from any faculty within the University. Students are encouraged to undertake a second major by completing a minimum of four additional subjects from the majors offered in the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Business, with at least two of these subjects at the 300 level.
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