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  • Objectives
    The Bachelor of Commerce is an exciting program for those interested in the financial side of business. It is specifically designed to prepare graduates for professional careers in finance, accounting, business economics, real estate and property development. Students are encouraged to take a second major.
  • Practical experience
    Work Experience & Internships Some students without practical workplace experience, or with workplace experience in a field different from their studies, choose to undertake an internship as part of their degree. This intensely practical professional development approach fosters graduates who are ready, willing and able to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact in the workplace.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Commerce
  • Course description

    Students must complete one of the approved majors from the following areas:

        * Accounting
        * Economics
        * Finance
        * Property Development


    International Students: To fulfil your student visa requirements, you’ll need to enrol in 40cp per semester. Domestic Students: You have the option of undertaking either 30 or 40cp per semester.

    Bond’s teaching methodology involves a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, examinations, projects, presentations, assignments, computer labs and industry projects.

    Professional Outcomes

    Commercial sector and in private practice, including accounting, merchant banking, stock broking, investment institutions, brokerage houses and government.


        * Certified Practicing Accountant
        * Merchant Banker
        * Stock Broker
        * Accounts Manager

    Professional Recognition

        * Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
        * CPA Australia (for Accounting major)
        * Financial Services Institute of Australia (for Finance major)

    Combined Degrees

    Students can combine this degree with any other undergraduate degree at Bond (except Medicine) to suit their professional and personal interests. Bond's three-semester academic year allows students to complete two degrees in the same time it would take to complete just one degree at other universities (dependant upon degree combination).

    Course Structure

    Core Subjects (4)
    Every Bachelor degree student at Bond is required to complete at least (1) subject from each of the following four discipline subjects:

    CORE11-100       Communication Skills or
    CORE11-101       Public Speaking
    Outcomes: To communicate effectively in writing, speaking and visual; to understand the nature of communication processes and sources of difficulty in communication.

    Information Technology
    CORE11-110       Information Technology 1 or
    CORE11-111       Business Applications of IT
    Outcomes: To work effectively with contemporary information technology; to evaluate critically the current and future role of computing technology in the storage, retrieval and processing of information.

    CORE11-120       Cultural and Ethical Values or
    CORE11-120       Contemporary Issues in Law and Society
    Outcomes: To appreciate the foundation of moral, ethical and social theories and their relevance to issues of public concern and debate; to use theoretical ideas in formulating arguments about how particular issues should be resolved.

    CORE11-130       Strategic Management
    Outcomes: To appreciate the natural, dynamic and strategic positioning of organisations within their environments; to appreciate the nature of effective work in groups

    Foundation Subjects (8)
    Students must complete the following 8 subjects:
    LAWS10-100        Business Law
    STAT11-100         Business Maths
    ACCT12-200        Cost Management Systems  or FINC12-201 Quantitative Techniques in Finance
    ECON12-200       Econometrics
    FINC12-200         Fundamentals of Finance**
    ACCT11-100        Introduction to Accounting
    MKTG11-100        Marketing
    ECON11-100       Principles of Economics

    Major Subjects (6)
    6 subjects from one of the following majors:

        * Accounting*
        * Finance
        * Economics     
        * Property and Development

    Students must complete:
    ACCT13-301  Financial Acct & Company Reporting
    ACCT13-303  Accounting Theory
    ACCT13-304  Managerial Planning & Control
    ACCT13-305  Auditing

    Plus two subjects from:
    LAWS10-101  Law of Commercial Entities or LAWS11-316 Corporations Law
    LAWS13-415  Taxation Law
    ACCT13-311  Financial Analysis and Evaluation
    *Students who wish accreditation with any of the Australian Professional Accounting bodies must complete ACCT12-200 in the foundation and all 7 subjects listed above.

    Students must complete:
    ECON12-201   Markets & Corporate Behaviour
    ECON12-202   Contemporary Macro Issues
    ECON13-301   Game Theory & Strategic Decision Making    
    ECON13-302   Business Conditions Analysis
    ECON13-305   Money & Monetary Policy
    IBUS13-351     International Trade

    Students must complete:
    FINC13-303    Portfolio Invest. & Analysis
    FINC13-304    Financial Markets & Institutions

    Plus 4 subjects from:
    FINC13-301   Corporate Finance
    FINC13-307   International Finance
    FINC13-308   Personal Finance
    FINC13-309   Bank Financial Management
    FINC13-305   Options and Futures
    **Students must also complete FINC12-201 in the foundation subjects to do the finance major.

    Property Development
    Students must complete:
    SSUD11-100 Principles of Sustainable Property
    SSUD12-103 Managing Projects
    SSUD12-304 Assets and Facilities Management
    SSUD11-101 Understanding Buildings
    SSUD11-200 Principles of Property Valuation
    SSUD11-300 Planning Process

    Electives (6)
    Six subjects may be selected from any Faculty within the University.  Students are encouraged to undertake a second major by completing a minimum of four additional subjects from the majors offered in the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Business.

    Students wanting to do International Business or Marketing major from the Bachelor of Business as a 2nd major must complete the pre-requisite subject IBUS12-250 or MKTG13-303 respectively.

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