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Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Specialisation)/Bachelor of Business - Online - on campus
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Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Specialisation)/Bachelor of Business - Rockhampton - Queensland

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Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Specialisation)/Bachelor of Business - Rockhampton - Queensland Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Specialisation)/Bachelor of Business - Rockhampton - Queensland
On successful completion of a CQUniversity Bachelor of Engineering Technology/Bachelor of Business program graduates should demonstrate an: 1. ability to apply knowledge of basic science, engineering and business fundamentals; 2. ability to communicate effectively, not only with others in engineering and business practice but also with the community at large; 3. in-depth technical and business competencies in one engineering discipline and business specialisation respectively; 4. ability to undertake problem identification, formulation and to identify, apply and adapt appropriate procedures, techniques and resources in their resolution; 5. in-depth knowledge and understanding of appropriate technology and business practice and its applications and evolution in technology and business system design and operation; 6. ability to function effectively as an individual and in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, with the capacity to be a leader or manager as well as an effective team member; 7. understanding of the social, cultural, global and environmental responsibilities of the engineering; technologist/business manager, and the need for sustainable development; 8. understanding of the principles of sustainable design, practice and development; 9. understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and commitment to them; and 10. expectation of the need to undertake lifelong learning and the capacity to do so. These are the defined graduate attributes of this program. This program develops skills and knowledge to work at an engineering technologist/business manager level. The double degree program equips you to apply knowledge and skills in analysis, scientific, technological and business administration principles and to exhibit management skills and social responsibility to existing and new technology and business areas.
Practical experience:
Six weeks of Faculty approved industry work experience and report relivent to engineering technology component
Entry Requirements:
Domestic students - Prerequisites: English (4, SA), Maths B (4, SA); Recommended study - physics
Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Specialisation)/Bachelor of Business
Course Description:

About Engineering Technology and Business

As a Bachelor of Engineering Technology/Bachelor of Business (Specialisation) student you will acquire, develop and demonstrate technical engineering and business knowledge and skills in specialised areas of engineering and business, integrating problem-solving, team learning and communication skills.

The program consists of a common first year after which students select their study discipline in specialisations in engineering and business. The first year of the program is available internally on the Rockhampton, Mackay and Gladstone campuses and is also available externally. Years two and three may be studied externally with some courses also available internally (students should check individual course availability).

Students focus on engineering and business applications and interactions within systems. They combine engineering and business knowledge and skills in understanding the interaction between modern technology and business. They learn to be innovative by applying, modifying and adapting engineering and business practices in meeting the world’s challenges and problems for people, communities and society.

Career Opportunities

Professionals with a double degree in engineering technology and business have access to other career possibilities outside their primary discipline and are highly attractive to potential employers. Career options for graduates of the Bachelor of Engineering Technology/Bachelor of Business (Specialisation) are for engineering technologists/business managers with a specialised technology/business orientation working in private business, government or non-profit organisations in the industry of their choice.

Graduates, having studied in one of a number of specialisations in the broader engineering disciplines of: civil engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, coupled with study in business, find employment in a vast array of industry areas. These encompass national and international public and private industry sectors, including the energy, transportation, manufacturing, process, construction, mining, education, finance, commerce, administration, economics, service and supply industries.

Program Structure

This program is aimed at the education of engineering technologists/business managers in 1 of 8 engineering specialisations in 1 of 3 disciplines:

    * Civil
    * Electrical
          o Control and Instrumentation
          o Electronics and Communication
          o Power and Machines
    * Mechanical

Combined with a Bachelor of Business degree. The Business program requires students to complete the 6 core courses in the Bachelor of Business and 6 general business electives. Students are able to use the 6 business electives to gain greater depth in a business discipline, or to gain breadth by including courses across the business disciplines.

Course requirements

Students must complete 192 units of credit. In Business courses, students will complete 36 units of credit in core courses and 36 units of credit in electives. In Engineering they will complete 84 units of credit in core engineering courses and 36 units of credit in their engineering specialisation.

Business courses

Students must complete:

    * 6 core courses (4 compulsory Level 1 courses and 2 compulsory Advanced Level courses);and
    * 6 elective courses to be selected from those available from the Faculty of Business and Informatics, providing prerequisites have been met.

Course Code     Course Name

Level 1
ACCT11059     Using Accounting for Decision Making
ACCT11057     Principles of Accounting
COIS11011     Foundations of Business Computing
HRMT11010     Organisational Behaviour
MRKT11029     Marketing

Advanced Level courses
MGMT19114     Strategic Management
MGMT19128     Business Integration Topics 1
Engineering courses


* There is a compulsory 5 day residential school for ENEE11001 Engineering Skills 1 held during Week One Term 1. Non attendence may result in forced withdrawl from the course
Course Code     Course Name
Core courses
ENEG11001     Engineering Skills 1 *
ENEG11002     Engineering Skills 2
ENEG12001     Materials & Processes
ENEG12002     Engineering Design
ENTG13001     Technology Project Implementation
ENTG13002     Technology Project Planning
MATH11218     Engineering Foundation Mathematics
MATH11219     Engineering Mathematics
PHYS11184     Engineering Physics A
PHYS11185     Engineering Physics B

Civil specialisation courses
ENEC12007     Analysis of Structures
ENEC12008     Geotechnical Engineering
ENEC13009     Hydraulics
ENEC14015     Traffic Engineering
ENTC12004     Civil Construction
ENTC13016     Surveying

Electrical - Control and Instrumentation specialisation courses
ENEE12014     Electrical Circuit Analysis
ENEE13017     Signal Processing Systems
ENEE14001     Control Systems
ENEE14003     Embedded Microcontrollers
ENTE12007     Instrumentation and Transducers

Electrical - Electronics and Communications specialisation courses
ENEE12014     Electrical Circuit Analysis
ENEE13017     Signal Processing Systems
ENEE14002     Data Communication Networks
ENEE14003     Embedded Microcontrollers
ENEE14004     Electronic Communications

Electrical - Power and Machines specialisation courses
ENEE12014     Electrical Circuit Analysis
ENEE12015     Electrical Power Engineering
ENEE13014     Machines, Drives & Control
ENEE13015     Power System Analysis

Mechanical specialisation courses
ENAM12002     Mechanical Analysis
ENEM12006     Fluid Mechanics
ENEM12007     Statics & Dynamics
ENEM13012     Maintenance Engineering
ENEM13014     Thermodynamics
ENTM12007     Electrical Technology

See More details  for infomation on enrolling into your Project courses ENTG13002  Technology Project Planning and ENTG13001  Technology Project Implementation.

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