Bachelor of Environmental Health

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  • Objectives
    The purpose of this program is to produce graduates who are competent environmental health professionals ready to be employed as workplace leaders in decision making and management. Graduates will be able to facilitate, educate, problem solve, and promote environmental health in relation to individuals, families, the community and environment. Throughout this program students participate in field visits with practical opportunities to apply their learning to given situations. In their second year, students are placed in industry to work in conjunction with an environmental health practitioner, for 240 hours. This presents students with valuable learning and application opportunities before the completion of their studies. During this time, students continue to work through course material externally and assessment is linked to the placement.
  • Practical experience
    240 hours of workplace placement
  • Entry requirements
    Domestic students - Prerequisites: nil; Recommended study - English and either Biology, Chemistry or Physics at Senior level
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Environmental Health
  • Course description

    About Environmental Health

    Environmental Health is the study of recognising, evaluating and controlling environmental factors affecting public health. Examples of topics in this complex field include:

        * environmental effects on human health;
        * communicable disease management systems;
        * food-borne disease prevention techniques;
        * vector-borne disease control;
        * indoor air quality;
        * waste management;
        * potable and recreational water quality;
        * public hygiene;
        * disaster management

    Career Opportunities

    Professionals working in this field have traditionally gone by many titles, including health inspector, health surveyor and environmental health officer (EHO). The profession is a longstanding one, with most workers being employed by local and state governments. Environmental Health Officers develop, regulate, enforce and monitor laws and regulations governing public health, building and environmental management, in order to promote good health, hygiene and environmental practices. Environmental health professionals are also employed in private industry, the military, academia, research & development and as consultants.

    Program Structure

    Students must complete 24 courses/144 units of credit, which include:

        * 20 core courses; and
        * a second plan (co-plan) consisting of 4 courses (click here for plans).

    Those who complete an appropriate co-plan will have specialist knowledge in the following:

        * Building Surveying;
        * Engineering Technology Management;
        * Environmental Studies:
        * Health Promotion;
        * Human Movement Studies;
        * Management;
        * Occupational Health and Safety; or
        * Professional Communication (Public Relations).

    Year 1
    Course Code     Course Name
    Term 1
    ENVH11001     Health and the Environment
    HMSC11034     Study Skills for Health and Human Performance *
    OCHS11025     Introductory Health and Safety Risk Management
    SCIE11019     Introductory Bioscience *

    Term 2
    BIOH11004     Human Physiology *
    HMSC11004     Measurement and Evaluation in Health and Human Performance
    HMSC11005     Human Anatomy *
    PSYC11009     Social Foundations of Psychology

    Year 2
    Course Code     Course Name
    Term 1
    ENVH12002     Environmental Health Law
    ENVR11011     Fundamentals of Environmental Science
    MBIO19003     Introductory Microbiology *

    Term 2
    ENVH12001     Food Safety *
    ENVR11012     Applications of Environmental Science
    MBIO19004     Humans, Microbes and Disease *

    Year 3
    Course Code     Course Name
    Term 1
    HLTH13031     Population Health Epidemiology
    HMSC12026     Teaching, Learning and Health Promotion
    OCHS13016     Occupational Health, Hygiene and Toxicology

    Term 2
    ENVH13001     Environmental Health Practicum
    ENVH13002     Environmental Health Risk Management *
    EVST12013     Water Quality Management
    Note: (*) indicates a compusory residential school in Rockhampton for FLEX students.

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