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  • Objectives
    The Bachelor of Exercise Science course aims to provide a strong academic base in the discipline of Exercise Science. The course seeks to develop graduates who will be competent in the application of the principles of exercise science, ethical in their practice and independent learners. The course is designed to enable students to consider a wide variety of career options related to sports science, exercise science, and management in leisure and recreation, community and corporate fitness, and sport. Graduates may find employment in sports institutes, corporate fitness areas, health and fitness centres, as community fitness and as activity leaders as well as within the government and local government sectors. The completion of specialisations is directed towards appropriate national professional recognition.
  • Entry requirements
    New South Wales Recommended studies: English Advanced; Personal Development, Health and Physical Education; Mathematics plus one of Biology, Chemistry, Physics. Victoria Prerequisites: Units 3 and 4 – a study score of at least 25 in English (any) and in one of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics (any), Outdoor Education, Psychology, Physical Education or Physics.
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • Course description
    Elite Athletes

    The University will consider admitting a limited number of students who have been competing in sport at a high level and whose achievements have involved a high level of training demand which has impacted upon their study program. Consideration is designed to assist those who have the potential to successfully combine sporting ambitions with the pursuit of academic qualifications. Please note that previous studies and academic performance are still considered. Applicants in this category should complete an Elite Athlete Applicant form which is available on the ACU National website: or from the Student Centre.
    Cognate Sequence - Psychology (Victoria Only)

    Students on St Patrick’s Campus may wish to pursue studies that lead to registration as a psychologist. Six units can be completed as part of the Bachelor of Exercise Science course structure with the possibility of completing the other requirements as postgraduate studies. Students are advised to consult with the course coordinator within the School of Psychology.
    Industry and Professional Activities (360 hours total)

    Consistent with the university’s emphasis on practical work experience as part of a qualification for life, students are required to complete 360 hours of Industry and Professional Activities alongside their academic studies. Students from exercise science increasingly pursue a range of different professional options upon graduation. To cater for the most popular of these options, the Industry and Professional Activities experiences are tailored for the following areas of interest: - Physical Education and Coaching - Wellness, Health and Rehabilitation - Outdoor Recreation Industry and Professional Activities are structured to provide students with relevant individual field experiences and the opportunity to acquire a selection of relevant practical skills and competencies.

    Bachelor of Exercise Science (Pass and Honours)

    240 cp (Pass)

    Minimum duration: 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time.

    80 cp (Honours)

    Minimum duration: 1 year full-time or equivalent part-time.

    Course available at:
    Melbourne, Victoria
    Sydney (Strathfield), NSW

    EFTSL value of units: All 10 cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a cp value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

    1. Requirements for Completion of the Pass Degree

    To qualify for the Pass degree, a student must complete:

       1. 240 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:
             1. 100 cp from Core Units;
             2. 80 cp from a Major Specialisation, including 20 cp from Specialisation Common Units;
             3. 60 cp from one Cognate Elective Sequence;
       2. 3 Industry Experience units; and
       3. 10 Professional Activities units from one strand, including:
             1. 2 Core Units; and
             2. 8 Electives.

    2. Progression within the Course

    Students normally complete:

    1. 100-level units before undertaking related 200-level units, and 200-level units before undertaking 300-level units; and
    2. the Core Units in Exercise Science (other than EXSC300 Ethics, Law and Exercise Science Practice) before commencing specialisation sequences.

    In all aspects of progress through the course, students will be advised by the Course Co-ordinator and bound by decisions of the School Committee.

    3. Requirements for Completion of the Honours Degree

    To qualify for the Honours degree a student must, in addition to satisfying the requirements of the Pass degree, complete 80 cp from the Schedule of Honours Units.
    Schedule of Unit Offerings

    Prerequisite (Pre), co-requisite (Co) and incompatible (Inc) units are indicated in parentheses where applicable.

    Core Units
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC100     10     Introduction to Research Methods in Exercise Science
    EXSC110     10     Anatomical Bases of Exercise Science
    EXSC120     10     Mechanical Bases of Exercise Science
    EXSC130     10     Foundations of Motor Development and Behaviour
    EXSC140     10     Physiological Bases of Exercise Science
    EXSC210     10     Functional Anatomy (Pre: EXSC110)
    EXSC220     10     Biomechanics (Pre: EXSC120)
    EXSC230     10     Motor Control and Learning (Pre: EXSC130)
    EXSC240     10     Exercise Physiology (Pre: EXSC140)
    EXSC300     10     Ethics, Law and Exercise Science Practice

    Major Specialisations

    Specialisation Common Units
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC345     10     Exercise Programming
    EXSC347     10     Nutrition and Exercise

    Exercise Science
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC235     10     Sport Psychology4
    EXSC236     10     Exercise Psychology
    EXSC305     10     Directed Research Study in Exercise Science5
    EXSC306     10     Independent Study in Exercise Science6
    EXSC320     10     Advanced Biomechanics (Pre: EXSC220)
    EXSC330     10     Advanced Motor Control and Learning (Pre: EXSC230)
    EXSC335     10     Advanced Exercise and Sport Psychology (Pre: EXSC235 or EXSC236)
    EXSC340     10     Advanced Exercise Physiology (Pre: EXSC240)
    EXSC346     10     Exercise Rehabilitation
    EXSC348     10     Exercise, Sport Safety and Injury Management

    Sports Management
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC260     10     Introduction to Sport Management
    EXSC261     10     Sport Policy Making and Planning (Pre: EXSC260)
    EXSC305     10     Directed Research Study in Exercise Science3
    EXSC306     10     Independent Study in Exercise Science4
    EXSC360     10     Event Management (Pre: EXSC260 and EXSC261)
    EXSC361     10     Human Resources in Sport and Physical Activity Management (Pre: EXSC260 and                             EXSC261)
    EXSC362     10     Financial Management of Sport and Physical Activity (Pre: EXSC260 and EXSC261)
    EXSC363     10     Creative Problem Solving for Sports Managers (Pre: EXSC260 and EXSC261)
    EXSC364     10     Marketing and Promoting Sport, Leisure and Physical Activity (Pre: EXSC260 and                             EXSC261)
    EXSC365     10     Management Information Systems for Sport and Leisure (Pre: EXSC260 and                                     EXSC261)

    Cognate Elective Sequences

    Health Promotion for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education7
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC150     10     HPE 1 – Aquatics and Athletics
    EXSC250     10     HPE 2 – Gymnastics and Dance
    EXSC350     10     HPE 3 – Games and Sport Skills
    EXSC185     10     Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Young People
    EXSC285     10     Healthy Relationships for Young People
    EXSC385     10     Challenges and Opportunities in the Health of Young People

    Health Promotion
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC180     10     Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles
    EXSC181     10     Health Promotion and the Prevention of Human Disease
    EXSC182     10     Promotion of Mental Health
    EXSC280     10     Drugs and Society: From a Health Promotion Perspective (Pre: EXSC180 and                                     EXSC181)
    EXSC281     10     Interpersonal Health (Pre: EXSC280)
    EXSC380     10     Foundations of Health Promotion Policy (Pre: EXSC281)
    EXSC381     10     Programs and Practices for Health Promotion (Pre: EXSC380)

    Outdoor Recreation
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC190     10     Foundations of Outdoor Experience
    EXSC191     10     Journeying in the Natural World
    EXSC290     10     The Marine Environment and the Outdoor Experience (Pre: EXSC190 and                                         EXSC191)
    EXSC291     10     Alpine Ecology and the Outdoor Experience (Pre: EXSC290)
    EXSC390     10     Leadership Practices and the Outdoor Experience (Pre: EXSC290 and EXSC291)
    EXSC391     10     Evaluation of Outdoor Experience (Pre: EXSC390)

    Coaching and Strength and Conditioning
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC131     10     Coaching Principles
    EXSC141     10     Training and Conditioning Principles
    EXSC231     10     Issues in Coaching
    EXSC241     10     Programming Resistance Training

    20 cp from Exercise Science units or from other disciplines selected in consultation with the Course Co-ordinator.

    Psychology (Victoria only)

    60 cp from Psychology units selected in consultation with the Course Co-ordinator.

    Second teaching area8 (Victoria only)

    60 cp from units in a teaching curriculum area selected in consultation with the Course Co-ordinator.

    Industry Experience
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    FXIX159     0     Industry Experience 1
    FXIX259     0     Industry Experience 2
    FXIX359     0     Industry Experience 3

    Professional Activities

    Physical Education and Coaching9

    Core Units
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    FXPA350     0     Personal Challenge 1
    FXPA351     0     Personal Challenge 2

    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    FXPE150     0     Swimming11
    FXPE151     0     Personal Fitness
    FXPE152     0     Gymnastics12
    FXPE154     0     Australian Rules Football
    FXPE155     0     Weight Training
    FXPE156     0     Hockey
    FXPE157     0     Track and Field11
    FXPE158     0     Rugby League
    FXPE250     0     Softball
    FXPE252     0     Volleyball
    FXPE253     0     Basketball
    FXPE254     0     Cricket
    FXPE255     0     Badminton
    FXPE256     0     Squash
    FXPE257     0     Soccer
    FXPE258     0     Touch
    FXPE352     0     Dance11
    FXPE353     0     Triathlon
    FXPE354     0     Rugby Union
    FXPE355     0     Netball
    FXPE356     0     Water Polo

    Wellness, Health and Rehabilitation

    Core Units
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    FXPA350     0     Personal Challenge 1
    FXPA351     0     Personal Challenge 2

    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    FXWR100     0     Relaxation Massage
    FXWR101     0     Injury Strapping and Prevention
    FXWR103     0     Level 2 First Aid
    FXWR200     0     Personal Trainer
    FXWR202     0     Wellness Assessment Competencies
    FXWR203     0     Human Performance Batteries
    FXWR210     0     Sports Massage
    FXWR300     0     Ergonomics
    FXWR301     0     Equipment Calibration, Maintenance and Safety
    FXWR302     0     Therapeutic Massage

    Outdoor Recreation13

    Core Units
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    FXOR306     0     Expedition 1
    FXOR307     0     Expedition 2

    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    FXOR100     0     Advanced Bushwalking
    FXOR101     0     Base Camping
    FXOR102     0     Advanced Navigation
    FXOR200     0     Advanced Sailing
    FXOR201     0     Snorkel Instructor
    FXOR202     0     Alpine Pursuits
    FXOR300     0     Kayaking Flat Water Guide
    FXOR301     0     Canoeing Flat Water Guide
    FXOR302     0     Rafting Guide Instructor
    FXOR303     0     Rock Climbing Assistant Instructor
    FXOR304     0     River Rescue 3
    FXOR305     0     Wilderness First Aid

    Schedule of Honours Units
    Unit Code     Credit Points     Unit Name
    EXSC402     10     Research Methods for Exercise Science
    EXSC403     10     Experimental Design and Statistics for Exercise Science
    EXSC404     20     Honours Thesis (Part A)
    EXSC405     20     Honours Thesis (Part B)
    EXSC406     20     Honours Thesis (Part C)

    4 Victoria only.
    5 EXSC305 is available to potential honours students who have achieved a grade of Distinction or better in at least half the graded units undertaken. Enrolment is subject to approval of the Head of School, on the recommendation of the Lecturer-in-Charge.
    6 Enrolment in EXSC306 is subject to Head of School approval.
    7 Students wishing to gain registration as a teacher of PDHPE in NSW must undertake this cognate sequence.
    8 Students wishing to gain teacher registration in Victoria must have completed major studies in two school subjects, ie a second teaching discipline (eg Science, English etc) as well as Exercise Science.
    9 Students wishing to pursue Physical Education teaching in Victoria are required to choose activities from the Physical Education and Coaching Strand in consultation with the Course Co-ordinator.
    10 Electives are subject to enrolment demand of at least 15 students.
    11 Not available for NSW students enrolled in the PDHPE Cognate Sequence.
    12 Electives are subject to enrolment demand of at least 15 students.
    13 Students enrolled in the Outdoor Recreation cognate sequence are strongly advised to enrol in Professional Activities from this strand.

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