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Bachelor of Government and Public Management

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  • Objectives
    The course aims to: * produce graduates equipped with substantive academic knowledge and professional skills related to: - the values and processes of governance within modern societies - governmental and public-sector institutions - the policy, regulatory and service-delivery roles of the public sector - policy analysis - the effective management of organisations, programs, resources and people; * provide students with the opportunity to acquire specialist knowledge of the specific policy areas in which they are most interested; * articulate smoothly with recognised TAFE and VET-accredited courses in government and management through appropriate credit-recognition protocols; * provide students with opportunities to acquire and develop generic workplace-related skills and experiences. Learning outcomes Bachelor of Government and Public Management graduates should be able to: * apply their professional knowledge to the formulation of policies, the provision of policy advice, the preparation of political analyses, the undertaking of policy research, and the evaluation of programs particularly within the non-profit and public sectors; * apply their professional knowledge in relation to the regulatory role of government, and to assisting government in relation to its interactions with the business sector; * contribute to the formulation, implementation and evaluation processes within specific specialist areas of policy, which may include economic, trade, environmental, social, housing, Indigenous affairs, foreign and education policies; * apply skills relating to information processing, archival research, documentary and data interpretation, bibliographic compilation, normative evaluation and other related analytical and research techniques; * communicate in a professional manner through analytical professional reports and effective verbal presentations; * be well equipped for graduate-entry employment positions, especially within the public and non-profit sectors.
  • Entry requirements
    Domestic students Prerequisites: None You can qualify for undergraduate courses through: * year 12 qualifications * mature age entry (STAT) * TAFE/VET qualifications * higher education transfers. Flinders also offers a range of special access schemes. International Students English language requirements
  • Academic Title
    Bachelor of Government and Public Management
  • Course description
    The Bachelor of Government and Public Management is unique in South Australia and was developed after consultation with senior public sector leaders.

    The course will teach you how government works, and how to work with it. It will give you an advanced understanding of the values and processes of governance, the policy, regulatory and service-delivery roles of the public sector, policy analysis and the effective management of organisations, programs, resources and people.

    The program is comprehensive but flexible. You will complete major sequences in both Management and Public Policy and acquire both specialist knowledge in policy areas that interest you - which might include the environment, economics, Indigenous affairs, welfare, education or foreign affairs - and generic workplace skills.

    This course equips graduates for a wide variety of roles in government and to work at the expanding interface between the public, business and non-profit sectors.
    What will I study?

    Refer to the program of study.

        * Management
        * Public Policy

    Why study Government and Public Management at Flinders?

        * Our Bachelor of Government and Public Management program provides internship opportunities (in South Australia, the Australian Capital Territiory and Washington DC) and international exchange opportunities.
    * Flinders has been a recognised leader in the fields of ‘government' and ‘politics' field virtually since its creation 4 decades ago. Our academics have advised and analysed political leaders in South Australia and nationally, and their opinions and commentary are widely sought and respected.
    * Complementing the broad expertise of the School of Political and International Studies is the Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management (FIPPM), which attracts students from around Australia and many parts of Asia. FIPPM staff specialise in human resource management, non-profit management and ethical and cultural issues in organisations.
    * Our staff specialise in a range of domestic and international policy areas including the environment, housing, immigration, economics, indigenous affairs, foreign affairs, urban development, welfare and education policy.
    * Our School of Political and International Studies has strengths in comparative government and politics - the study of the political institutions, political behaviour, political sociology, and political economy in different societies, countries and regions.

    Combined degree options
    Combine with
    Duration (full-time equivalent)
    Bachelor of Business     4 years
    Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting),
    Bacelor of Commerce (Finance)     4 years

    Refer to Government and Public Management combined degrees for further information.
    Career opportunities

    What can I do with my Bachelor of Government and Public Management degree?  
    Study a language

    Flinders also offers all students the opportunity to major in a language in conjunction with any undergraduate course. The Diploma in Language is designed to provide students with competence in a chosen language that adds greater portability to their qualifications. You will complete a total of one extra year of study and graduate with both your chosen degree and the Diploma in Language. You can apply for this at time of enrolment.

    The Bachelor of Government and Public Management requires three years of full-time study (or the equivalent part-time). The course is offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

    Students complete two major sequences - Management and Public Policy - and it is possible to arrange the program of study to include a third - such as those listed under the Bachelor of Arts or the University's Globalisation program.

    The Bachelor of Government and Public Management may also be studied in a combined degrees program with a:

        * Bachelor of Business (four years full-time or equivalent)
        * Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) (four years full-time or equivalent)

    PROGRAM OF STUDY  [November, 2008]

    To qualify for the Bachelor of Government and Public Management, a student must complete 108 units with a grade of P or NGP or better in each topic, according to the program of study below.

    Electives may be selected from any offered by the University provided entry and course requirements are met. The 108 units include at least 27 units, but no more than 45 units of First Year topics.

    Not all topics are necessarily available in a given year.

    The sequences in Public Policy and Management are as specified:

        * a full 33-unit sequence in Public Policy (as stated in the course rules of the Bachelor of Arts), consisting of four mandatory core topics - POLI1003, POLI1009, POLI2015, POLI3101, the last also serving as a capstone topic for the course as a whole - and a choice structure for the two other topics designated in the Public Policy sequence;

        * a full 33-unit sequence in Management, including five mandatory core topics - BUSN1001, BUSN1005, BUSN2009, BUSN2015, BUSN3013 - and one of the following topics, BUSN2014, BUSN3017 or an additional 6-unit BUSN topic as approved by the Program Approver.

    Using the protocols of the University Policy on Credit Transfer, a smooth articulation has been arranged with recognised TAFE and VET-accredited courses in management, business or government. This may include specific status for the required major sequence in Management. Where appropriate, up to 54 units of status will be awarded.

    Except with permission of the Faculty Board the course must be completed within 10 consecutive years or, where credit has been granted for previous work, a period determined by the Board.

    The award of a grade of Fail (F) in the same topic on more than one occasion may constitute prima facie evidence of unsatisfactory progress for the purposes of the University's policy on Student Progress.

    First Year

    36 units comprising:


    Australian Politics: A Comparative Study



    Government, Business and Society



    Accounting for Managers



    Introduction to Management


    plus any two approved first level cognate topics


    and any two approved elective topics


    Second Year

    36 units comprising:


    Australian Government and Public Policy


    and any Second or Third Year Public Policy sequence topic



    Human Resource Management



    Marketing Management


    plus any two approved elective topics


    Third Year

    36 units comprising:


    Advanced Perspectives on Public Policy


    and any Second or Third Year Public Policy sequence topic



    International Human Resource Management


    and one of the following:


    Managerial Economics



    Leadership in Business and Society


    or one additional 6-unit BUSN topic as approved by the Program Approver


    plus any two approved elective topics


    Not all topics are available each year.

    Any First Year, POLI, INTR, BUSN, DVST, LEGL, and
    AMST1002, ASST1001, ASST1002, ASST1003, ASST1004, GEOG1002


    Students may use their elective topics to undertake the University's Globalisation program as part of their degree. The program is unique to Flinders. There are no prerequisites and no prior knowledge is assumed in any topics.

    GLOB3002 is available only to students taking a major sequence of 33 units in Globalisation. A minor sequence in the Globalisation program comprises 21 units, including both First Year topics (9 units) and then 2 out of 3 upper year topics (12 units).

    For program of study click here. Cannot be taken at honours level.

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