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  • Objectives
    The primary purpose of this program is to prepare graduates for conditional registration as psychologists in Queensland and for coursework and research higher degree studies in psychology. However, the degree serves also as a first degree for students wishing to seek employment in a variety of people-oriented vocations. By the completion of Level 3 of study, students will have broad knowledge of the discipline of psychology and its applications, including plan theoretical perspectives within the discipline. In addition, they will have a demonstrated knowledge of the range of core research areas that make up the scientific discipline of psychology and of the research methodologies and statistical techniques commonly used by researchers for information gathering and analysis. Students will be able to apply this knowledge when undertaking research activities in the core areas of scientific study. In the fourth level students will undertake advanced research training, and will be introduced to applied and professional uses of psychology. As a part of their studies in Levels 3 and 4, students will acquire knowledge of research and professional ethics in psychology, and an appreciation of the social and cultural contexts of psychological research and professional practice.
  • Entry requirements
    Domestic students - Prerequisites: English (4, SA);
  • Academic title
    Bachelor of Psychology
  • Course description

    About Psychology

    Social sciences is the scientific study of human society, of both individuals and their relationships within society. Social science studies at CQUniversity include psychology, sociology, social work and welfare studies.

    Learn about human development, including memory and thought, personality, abnormal behaviour, and social and cultural influences on behaviour; methods of social research, community analysis, power and politics, health and medical sociology, and rural sociology; and counselling and community work.

    Career Opportunities

    Career prospects in psychology are excellent, particularly in rural areas and regional centres. Psychologists are employed in a wide range of fields, such as career counselling, clinical neuropsychology, clinical, child counselling, educational, forensic, health, organisational and sports psychology, as well as in teaching and research. The majority of psychologists work in the private sector, although significant numbers are also employed by government departments and agencies

    Program Structure

    To satisfy the requirements of the award, students must complete 32 courses/192 units of credit in accordance with the following:

    * a minimum of 132 units of credit (22 courses) in psychology, including:
              o 12 units of credit (2 courses) at first level;
              o a minimum of 30 units of credit (5 courses) at second level including PSYC12047 and PSYC12048;
              o a minimum of 36 units of credit (6 courses) at third level including PSYC13015;
              o a total of 72 units of credit at Level 2 and 3 psychology combined; and
              o 48 units of credit at fourth level.
    * 2 courses (12 units of credit) in sociology;
    * a minimum of 6 courses (36 units of credit) in a discipline other than psychology, of which 4 courses (24 units of credit) must be in Advanced courses.  Students who choose sociology as their other discipline shall count the units of credit obtained under (b) toward this requirement; and
    * 2 courses (12 units of credit) elective. For students with an interest in sport psychology, the following 2 courses can be used as electives or psychology courses HMSC12017 Sport and Exercise Psychology and HMSC13024 Advanced Sport and Exercise Psychology.

    * Except with the approval of the Head of School (HOS), all students must satisfy all course prerequisites shown in the Table of Course Availability.
    * After completing three year full-time studies or equivalent within the program, students whose average Grade Point Average (GPA) for all Level 2 and Level 3 psychology courses is less than 5 will exit the BPsych program with BSc (Psych) degree, provided all the requirements for BSc (Psych) are met. Please refer to the program details for BSc (Psych) for the requirements. Students who have a GPA of 5 and above for all Level 2 and Level 3 psychology courses must proceed to the fourth year studies of BPsych unless prevented by exceptional circumstances from the progression. The application may be made through the HOS for approval of a BSc (Psych) exit award. Failure to satisfy these requirements will result in non-eligibility to graduate with either degree.

    Psychology courses
    Level 1
    Course Code     Course Name

    Term 1
    PSYC11008     Biological Foundations of Psychology
    SOCL11055     Introduction to Sociology
    Other discipline course or elective     

    Term 2
    PSYC11009     Social Foundations of Psychology
    Other discipline course or elective     
    SOCL11056     Australian Society
    SOCL11058     Science Technology and Society

    Level 2
    Course Code     Course Name
    Term 1
    PSYC12010     Introduction to Human Development
    PSYC12013     Personality
    PSYC12047     Research Methods in Psychology A
    Other Discipline course     

    Term 2
    PSYC12012     Physiological Psychology
    PSYC12014     Social Psychology
    PSYC12048     Research Methods In Psychology B
    Other Discipline course     

    Students must complete a minimum of 30 units of credit at level 2.

    PSYC12047 and PSYC12048 are compulsory courses.
    Level 3
    Course Code     Course Name

    Term 1
    PSYC13015     Advanced Methods in Psychology
    2 of the following psychology courses     
    PSYC13016     Cognitive Psychology
    PSYC13017     Abnormal Psychology
    PSYC13018     Cross-Cultural Psychology
    Other Discipline course     

    Term 2
    3 of the following psychology courses     
    PSYC13019     Developmental Psychology
    PSYC13020     Individual Differences and Assessment
    PSYC13021     Special Topic in Psychology
    PSYC13022     Learning
    Other Discipline course     

    Student must complete a minimum of 36 units of credit at level 3.

    PSYC13015 is a compulsory course.
    Level 4
    Course Code     Course Name

    PSYC14048     Advanced Psychological Assessment
    PSYC14051     Psychology Research Project A
    PSYC14050     Ethics & Professional Issues in Psychology

    PSYC14049     Professional Practice of Cognitive Therapies
    PSYC14052     Psychology Research Project B
    PSYC14047     Advanced Data Analysis


        * Students who withdraw from PSYC14051 will be withdrawn from PSYC14052.
        * Students who withdraw from PSYC14052 will be withdrawn from PSYC14051 without academic penalty.

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