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Carpentry Certificate III (NRT) - Armidale Campus

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  • Objectives
    You will learn how to efficiently produce quality work in the building and construction industry. While the course is primarily aimed at the residential sector of the industry it can be customised to address specific skill requirements of most building and construction or allied enterprises. The course also includes skills required by the renovation and maintenance sectors of the industry.
  • Entry requirements
    This course is for apprentices in the carpentry trade.
  • Academic Title
    Carpentry Certificate III (NRT) - Armidale Campus
  • Course description
    Group 1 consists of core competency units and Group 2 contains elective
    competency units from the General Construction Training Package which
    provide training for the Certificate III in Carpentry. This group includes
    unit BCGCM2006B, "Apply basic levelling procedures" as this is a
    prerequisite for BCGCA3023B, "Carry out levelling operations".  As
    compeency unit BCGCM2006B is at AQFII it does not impact or alter in any
    way the training package Qualification Customisation requirements.
    Group 3  Is an ernichment group and does not count towards completion. The
    RTC2704A Provide Basic First Aid is added at the request of the Board of
    Studies for delivery to students enrolled under School Based

    Group 4 is an enrichment group and contains a work experience module. It
    allows learners to apply general construction skills and knowledge to
    onsite/off site carpentry project(s).Which provide industry or simulated
    industrial experiences and assists in the achievement of the units of
    competence. This group is not a requirement of the award.
    Group 5
    is an enrichment group and contains a project module which enables
    student to practice the application of carpentry skills and knowledge
    whilst undertaking housing projects. The unit should only be used after due
    consideration to the supervision and safety of students. This group
    is not a requirement of the award.
    Note: AQF level 3 competency units from other qualifications within the
    General Construction Training Package or from any other endorsed training
    package may be substituted for 2 electives in this qualification.
    When substituting units from other endorsed training packages or other
    qualifications from within the training package, colleges should notify the
    Program Manager, so that these units may be added to the electives in the
    course structure.
    Core competency units cannot have other units substituted.
    Semester 1

    BCGCM1001B  Follow OH&S Policies and Procedures
    BCGCM1002B  Work Effectively in the Construction Industry
    BCGCM1003B  Plan and Organise Work
    BCGCM1004B  Conduct Workplace Communication
    BCGCM1005B  Carry Out Measurements and Calculations
    BCGCM2001B  Read and Interpret Plans and Specifications
    BCGCA2001B  Handle Carpentry Materials
    BCGCA2002B  Use Carpentry Tools and Equipment
    Note: BCGCM2006B is a prerequisite unit for BCGCA3023B.
    Semester 2

    BCGCM2002B  Carry Out Excavation
    BCGCM2006B  Apply basic levelling procedures
    BCGCO2003B  Carry Out Concreting to Simple Forms
    BCGCA3002B  Carry Out Setting Out
    BCGCA3023B  Carry Out Levelling Operations
    BCGCA2003B  Erect and Dismantle Formwork for Footings and Slabs on Ground
    BCGCA3003B  Install Flooring Systems
    Semesters 3 and 4
    BCGCA3004B  Construct Wall Frames
    BCGCA3012B  Frame and Fit wet Area Fixtures
    BCGCA3005B  Construct ceiling Frames
    BCGCA3017B  Install exterior Cladding
    BCGCM2008B  Erect and Dismantle Restricted height Scaffolding
    BCGCA3007B  Construct Pitched Roof
    BCGCA3008B  Construct Eaves
    BCGCA3001B  Carry Out General demolition to Minor Building Structures
    Semesters 5 and 6
    BCGCA3010B  Install and Replace Windows and Doors
    BCGCM2007B  Use Explosive Powered Tools (assessment for WorkCover licence
    not included)
    BCGCA3006B  Erect Roof Trusses
    BCGCA3013B  Install Lining, Panelling and Moulding
    BCGCA3016B  Construct Timber External Stairs
    BCGCA3009B  Construct Advanced Roofs
    BCF3006A    Assemble and Install Stairs
    BCF3009A    Setting Out of Windows and Doors
    BCF3010A    Manufacture Components for Door and window Frames  and sashes.

    Group 1 CORE UNITS

    All module/units must be completed

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
    BCGCA2001B     Handle carpentry materials     40     
    BCGCA2002B     Use carpentry tools and equipment     36     
    BCGCA3001B     Carry out general demolition to minor building structures     32     
    BCGCA3002B     Carry out setting out     30     
    BCGCA3004B     Construct wall frames     32     
    BCGCA3005B     Construct ceiling frames     24     
    BCGCA3007B     Construct a pitched roof     72     
    BCGCA3010B     Install and replace windows and external doors     24     
    BCGCA3023B     Carry out levelling operations     36     
    BCGCM1001B     Follow OH&S policies and procedures     16     
    BCGCM1002B     Work effectively in the General Construction industry     12     
    BCGCM1003B     Plan and organise work     12     
    BCGCM1004B     Conduct workplace communication     8     
    BCGCM1005B     Carry out measurements and calculations     36     
    BCGCM2001B     Read and interpret plans and specifications     16     
    BCGCM2002B     Carry out excavation     16     
    BCGCM2006B     Apply basic levelling procedures     36     
    BCGCM2007B     Use explosive powered tools     8     
    BCGCM2008B     Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding     24     
    BCGCO2003B     Carry out concreting to simple forms     20     


    At least 11 module/units must be completed

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
    BCF3006A     Assemble and install stairs     24     
    BCF3009A     Setting out of windows and doors     18     
    BCF3010A     Manufacture components for door and window frames,doors and sashes     48     
    BCF3011A     Assemble doors and windows     30     
    BCGCA2003B     Erect and dismantle formwork for footings and slabs on ground     36     
    BCGCA3003B     Install flooring systems     32     
    BCGCA3006B     Erect roof trusses     36     
    BCGCA3008B     Construct eaves     36     
    BCGCA3009B     Construct advanced roofs     64     
    BCGCA3011B     Refurbish timber sashes to window frames     32     
    BCGCA3012B     Frame and fit wet area fixtures     32     
    BCGCA3013B     Install lining, panelling and moulding     40     
    BCGCA3014B     Construct bulkheads     28     
    BCGCA3015B     Assemble partitions     24     
    BCGCA3016B     Construct timber external stairs     48     
    BCGCA3017B     Install exterior cladding     36     
    BCGCA3018B     Construct, erect and dismantle formwork for stairs and ramps     56     
    BCGCA3019B     Erect and dismantle formwork to suspended slabs, columns, beams and walls     120     
    BCGCA3020B     Erect and dismantle jump form formwork     40     
    BCGCA3021B     Erect and dismantle slip form formwork     40     
    BCGCA3022B     Install curtain walling     24     
    BCGCM3001B     Operate elevated work platforms     8     
    BCGPD3009B     Remove graffiti and apply protective coatings     24     
    BCGSF2003B     Cut and bend materials using Oxy/LPG equipment     18     
    BCGSF2004B     Place and fix reinforcement materials     24     
    BCPCM2013A     Weld using arc welding equipment     40     
    BSBSBM301A     Research business opportunities     30     
    LMFFM3006A     Install furnishing products     50     
    LMFGG2008A     Glaze/reglaze residential windows and doors     100     

    Group 3 ENRICHMENT

    You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards course completion

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
    RTC2704A     Provide basic first aid     10     

    Group 4 ENRICHMENT

    You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards course completion

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
    7798A     Work experience     144     

    Group 5 ENRICHMENT

    You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards course completion

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs

    4814A     Build a carpentry project     692     

    Group 998 TUTORIAL

    Your teacher will tell you if you need to do any modules/units from this group

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs

    8999A     Tutorial support     36     

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