Certificate III in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Processing)

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  • Objectives
    This course provides both training and the recognition of existing knowledge and skills for people who are currently working in the national mining industry.

    This course will enable you to gain advancement in the mining industry, and will assist the enterprise you work for to meet its legislation compliance obligations.
  • Entry requirements
    Certificate II in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Processing) and two years relevant industry experience. If you do not have the Certificate II qualification the equivalent units may be provided for delivery under this course or relevant existing skills may be assessed and recognised.
  • Academic title
    Certificate III in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Processing)
  • Course description
    Key Study Areas     

    In addition to the 12 units required to satisfy the Certificate II, you will be asked to nominate an additional six units chosen from topics such as:

          Using specified plant, equipment and processes
          Environmental monitoring

    Where     • Bendigo (City Campus)

    Duration Options

    2 years part time.

    Selection Process     • Individual Interview

    Employment Opportunities     

    Further Study Options    

    The Metalliferous Mining Training Package has pathways up to and including diploma level.


    You will be assessed as part of this course.

    Typical Course Content     (exact details may be obtained from the teaching centre)
    BSBCMN215A      Participate In Environmental Work Practices
    FPPSTM1A           Manage steam boiler start-up
    FPPSTM2A           Monitor and control boiler operation
    FPPSTM3A           Shutdown and store steam boiler
    FPPSTM4A          Troubleshoot and rectify boiler plant system faults
    MNMC201A         Work Safely
    MNMC202A         Communicate In The Workplace
    MNMC203A         Contribute To Quality Work Outcomes
    MNMC205A         Conduct Local Risk Assessment
    MNMG203A         Plan And Organise Individual Work
    MNMG204A         Perform Initial Response First Aid
    MNMG228A         Conduct Conveyor Operations
    MNMG237A         Work Safely At Heights
    MNMG238A         Conduct Forklift Operations
    MNMG342A         Conduct Reclaim Operations
    MNMG345A         Maintain Stockpiles
    MNMG346A         Blend Stockpile Materials
    MNMG350A         Carry Out Plant Isolation And Tagging
    MNMMSU410A     Commission/Recomission Plant
    MNMPBE302A     Conduct Calcination Activities
    MNMPBE307A     Conduct Bacterial Oxidation
    MNMPBE308A     Conduct Filtering Process
    MNMPBE309A     Condcut Flotation Processes
    MNMPBE310A     Conduct Heavy Media Separation
    MNMPBE311A     Conduct High Tension Separation
    MNMPBE312A     Conduct Leaching Process
    MNMPBE313A     Conduct Magnetic Separation
    MNMPBE314A     Conduct Pressue Oxidation
    MNMPBE315A     Conduct Thickening And Clarifying Process
    MNMPBE316A     Conduct Wet Gravity Separation
    MNMPGP204A     Conduct Pump Operations
    MNMPGP206A     Handle Reagents
    MNMPGP210A     Take Samples
    MNMPGP303A     Conduct Drying Activities
    MNMPGP309A     Perform Process Control Room Operations
    MNMPGP310A     Monitor And Operate Auxiliary Plant And Equipment
    MNMPHA302A     Conduct Crushing And Screening
    MNMPHA303A     Conduct Milling/Grinding
    MNMPHA307A     Operate And Monitor Filter Processes
    MNMPPD301A     Check And Evaluate Records And Documentation
    MNMPPD302A     Complete Import/Export Documentation
    MNMPPD304A     Maintain Container/Bulk Cargo Records
    MNMPRE301A     Conduct Electrowinning/Electrefining Operations
    MNMPRE302A     Conduct Elution Processes
    MNMPRE303A     Conduct Gold Room Operations
    MNMPRE310A     Monitor Casting Quality
    MNMPSM207A     Tap Furnaces
    MNMPSM301A     Cast A Blast Furnace
    MNMPSM302A     Cast Ignots
    MNMPSM303A     Operate A Blast Furnace
    MNMPSM304A     Operate Furnaces
    MNMPSM305A     Operate Converters
    MNMPSM306A     Supply Molten Metal And Additives To Furnaces
    MNMPSM308A     Control molten metal in holding furnace/vessel
    MNMPSM313A     Monitor And Maintain Furnace Gas Efficiency
    MNMPSM314A     Monitor And Maintain Flue Gas Efficiency
    PMAOPS208A      Operate chemical separation equipment
    PMAOPS223A      Operate and monitor valve systems
    PMAOPS307A      Transfer bulk fluids into/out of storage facility
    PMAOPS330A      Communicate, And Monitor Pipeline Activities
    PMAPER205A       Enter confined space
    PMAPER300C      Issue Work Permits
    PMASUP340A      Conduct pipeline pigging
    PMCCOR102A     Clean Plant And Equipment
    PMCSUP282A      Use computers and related programs in the workplace
    PMCSUP290A      Monitor and maintain product quality
    PMLOHS301B      Work Safely With Instruments That Emit Ionising Radiation
    PMLORG300A      Follow Established Work Plan
    PMLTEST302A     Calibrate Test Equipment And Assist With Its Maintenance
    SUGPOTB2A        Operate a turbine
    TDTD497B           Load And Unload Goods/Cargo
    UTPNEG154A      Operate Electrostatic Precipitator
    UTPNEG162A      Operate and monitor boiler steam/water cycle

    Recognition of Prior Learning    

    Recognition of your current qualifications and prior learning: BRIT has processes to give you credit for relevant units from your prior study, and to assess your prior learning against units in a course.

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