Graduate Diploma in Arts (Development Studies)

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  • Objectives
    Students who complete the graduate diploma should: * Demonstrate an independent approach to knowledge that uses rigorous methods of inquiry and appropriate theories and methodologies that are applied with intellectual honesty and a respect for ethical values; * Apply critical and analytical skills and methods to the identification and resolution of problems within complex changing social contexts; * Act as informed and critically discriminating participants within the community of scholars, as citizens and in the work force; * Communicate effectively; * Commit to continuous learning; * Be proficient in the use of appropriate modern technologies, such as the computer and other information technology systems, for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of data.
  • Academic title
    Graduate Diploma in Arts (Development Studies)
  • Course description
    Specialisation Requirements:

        * one core subject
        * minimum of three elective subjects from List A
        * List B subjects to total 100 points

    Core subject

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    121-015  Development and the Third World
    This subject is an introduction to a range of issues about development in the 'third world'. It will explore the basic concepts used in development literature in addition to the many ways that development is understood and applied. Concepts...     Semester 2     12.50

    List A Elective subjects

    121-023  China in Transition
    This subject is about the changing geography of 'Red Capitalist' China. The focus of the subject is the ongoing social, economic and political transformation and the impacts of the reforms on China's people and environment. The subject...     Semester 1     12.50

    121-026  Mobile Worlds
    This subject takes as its starting point the recognition that contemporary forms of human mobility are reshaping lives, cultures and economies across the globe. The subject explores the ways in which these mobile flows are creating new places and typ...     Semester 1     12.50

    121-028  Sustainable Development
    The term "sustainable development" is widely recognised but little understood, with over 50 definitions reflecting the different understandings of environmental theorists and practitioners. This subject discusses and interprets these key cu...     Semester 1     12.50

    121-060  Power, Ideology and Inequality
    This subject offers a comparative perspective on the distribution of inequalities in human societies over time and in contemporary cultures. The aim of the subject is to investigate the varied manifestations of interactions between power, ideologies ...     Semester 1     12.50

    121-063  Culture Change and Protest Movements
    This subject addresses problems of culture change and the ways that people respond to the experience of change, including cultural protest. While a major focus will be on the ways that non-Western societies have responded to encounters with the Weste...     Semester 2     12.50

    121-065  Working with Value
    This subject examines the diverse ways people have gone about 'making a living', and the ways anthropologists have sought to explain them. The focus is on the social relations involved in production and reproduction of material life, and on...     Semester 1     12.50

    121-209  Inside the City of Diversity
    This subject examines how the spaces inside cities, the qualities and resources of their built environments, and the features of their neighbourhoods and communities, enhance or limit the opportunities of different groups of city dwellers. Starting f...     Semester 2     12.50

    121-210  Ethnic Nationalism and the Modern World
    Ethnicity and nationalism are of special concern to anthropologists, especially in instances where anthropology becomes part of nationalist discourse. This subject considers ethnicity and nationalism through the in-depth analysis of a case study from...     Semester 1     12.50

    121-317  Africa: Environment, Development, People
    This subject introduces students to the physical environment, history, and development challenges facing contemporary sub-Saharan Africa. Students will examine in detail intellectual and ethical debates surrounding the strategies undertaken by postco...     Semester 2     12.50

    List B Elective subjects

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    121-017  Society and Environments
    This subject aims to think critically and rigorously about the relationship between social and natural worlds. Its primary purpose is to question the idea that the environment exists outside of, and independent from, the realms of science, culture, p...     Semester 1     12.50

    121-021  Environmental Politics and Management
    This subject explores a range of contemporary environmental issues in Australia and other postcolonial states and the ways in which people in these places engage with and manage these issues. Examining the history of the emergence and management of ...     Semester 2     12.50

    121-055  Keeping the Body in Mind
    This subject introduces a wide range of anthropological interests in the human body from a comparative ethnographic perspective. It considers topics such as body image and eating disorders, body arts and practices, body modifications and decorations,...     Semester 2     12.50

    121-066  Sexing the Self
    This subject explores the construction of gender and sex in a variety of the world's societies. On completion of the subject students should have gained a knowledge of gender-based systems of social classification in non-Western societies; have ...     Semester 2     12.50

    121-068  Redefining Nature     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    166-212  Global Environmental Politics     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    316-302  Economic Development
    This subject will address economy-wide issues in economic development. The main objectives of the subject are to examine the key determinants of economic growth and the actual development experience of selected countries. Special emphasis will be pla...     Semester 1     12.50

    110-231  Women in Arabic and Islamic Literature     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

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