Graduate Diploma in Psychology

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  • Objectives
    100-level psychology subjects are designed to give students an overview of the study of psychology and provide grounding in the methodology of the discipline. Mind, Brain and Behaviour 1 focuses on the workings of the individual from a psychological perspective. It includes detail of the neural components constituting the brain, the operation of the sensory systems underlying interaction with the external environment and the cognitive processes that construct the internal world experienced by the individual. Careful consideration will be given to the nature of this internal world and the importance of its relationship to the external world.

    Mind, Brain and Behaviour 2 focuses on the development of the individual and their interaction with their environment and considers what the consequences are, both when this interaction proceeds smoothly and when it does not proceed smoothly. Questions concerning human development giving attention to cognitive and to social-emotional aspects are explored. An understanding of some basic issues in human development is complemented with an examination of the nature and development of personality and human interaction in social groups and cultural settings.

    200 and 300 Level psychology subjects provide students with the opportunity to critically examine basic psychological concepts and theories in the areas of biological bases of behaviour, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, sensation and perception, and social psychology. Students also develop skills in research methodology and data analysis. In the third year, students choose two electives which allow them to study an area of interest in depth.
  • Academic title
    Graduate Diploma in Psychology
  • Course description
    Compulsory subjects
    Subject Code    Subject Title    Credit Points    Semester
    512 125     Mind, Brain and Behaviour 1  12.5    Summer
    512 128     Mind, Brain and Behaviour 2     12.5    Summer
    512 227     Developmental Psychology 2     12.5    One
    512 225     Biological Psychology     12.5    One
    512 324     Introduction to Psychological Disorders 3     12.5    One
    512 228     Personality & Social Psychology     12.5    Two
    512 226     Cognitive Psychology     12.5    Two
    512 320     Research Methods 3     12.5    Two

     **Electives - Choose TWO
    Subject Code    Subject Title    Credit Points    Semester

    512 350     Brain, Cognition and Behaviour     12.5    One
    512 380     Personal and Social Development     12.5    One
    512 330     Human Psychophysiology 3     12.5    Two
    512 322     Industrial / Organisational Psychology 3     12.5    Two
    512 360     Personality & Social Psychology 3     12.5    Two
    512 370     Cognitive & Neuropsychological Development 3     12.5    Two

    ** Electives must meet second year pre-requisite requirements

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