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Horticulture Certificate III (NRT) - Armidale Campus

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  • Objectives
    In conjunction with relevant practical experience, the course enables you to develop sound underpinning knowledge and a broad range of practical skills that will provide a good foundation for employment in the industry or for further study. You can learn to determine basic properties of soils and growing media, sample soils and analyse results; recognise plants; propagate and establish plants; plant trees and shrubs; provide information on plants and their culture; plan and establish plant displays; pot-on plants; maintain nursery plants; develop plant nutrition programs and promote plant health; prepare, handle, apply, transport and store chemicals; treat and control weeds, plant pests, diseases and disorders; operate and maintain machinery and equipment; operate and maintain pressurised irrigation systems, or you may be able to select other elective units. You will also learn how to observe, maintain and monitor environmental work practices; follow and carry out occupational health and safety procedures; communicate effectively in the workplace; and work effectively in the industry.
  • Entry requirements
    This course in general horticulture is suitable for people wanting to develop a broad range of skills and knowledge needed to work in the horticulture industry. It is also suitable for people who want to progress to higher level paraprofessional qualifications in horticulture.
  • Academic Title
    Horticulture Certificate III (NRT) - Armidale Campus
  • Course description
    Group 1

    All module/units must be completed

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs    National Module(s)
    RTE3713A     Carry out workplace OHS procedures     30     


    At least 12 and no more than 15 module/units must be completed

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs    National Module(s)
    BCG3115A     Lay segmental/unit paving     40     
    BSBEBUS302A     Use and maintain electronic mail system     15     
    BSBEBUS303A     Participate in a virtual community     15     
    BSBEBUS304A     Buy online     20     
    BSBEBUS305A     Sell online     40     
    RTC3016A     Provide information on plants and their culture     50     
    RTC3201A     Conduct operational inspection of park facilities     30     
    RTC3206A     Erect timber structures and features     40     
    RTC3211A     Implement a maintenance program for an aquatic environment     50     
    RTC3218A     Undertake a site assessment     40     
    RTC3310A     Operate specialised machinery and equipment     40     
    RTC3401A     Control weeds     40     
    RTC3404A     Control plant pests, diseases and disorders     40     
    RTC3701A     Respond to emergencies     30     
    RTC3704A     Prepare and apply chemicals     15     
    RTC3705A     Transport, handle and store chemicals     15     
    RTC3805A     Coordinate work site activities     40     
    RTD3034A     Implement revegetation works     40     
    RTE3002A     Co-ordinate a crop regulation program     30     
    RTE3003A     Coordinate horticultural crop harvesting     30     
    RTE3013A     Implement a postharvest program     30     
    RTE3030A     Harvest horticultural crops mechanically     30     
    RTE3305A     Install and terminate extra low voltage wiring systems     30     
    RTE3307A     Coordinate machinery and equipment maintenance and repair     30     
    RTE3506A     Monitor weather conditions     30     
    RTE3601A     Install irrigation systems     30     
    RTE3603A     Install drainage systems     30     
    RTE3604A     Troubleshoot drainage systems     30     
    RTE3605A     Troubleshoot irrigation systems     30     
    RTE3611A     Operate pressurised irrigation systems     30     
    RTE3612A     Implement a maintenance program for an irrigation system     30     
    RTE3714A     Maintain and monitor environmental work practices     30     
    RTE3801A     Provide on-job training support     30     
    RTE3819A     Process customer complaints     30     
    RTE3904A     Keep records for a primary production business     40     
    RTE3907A     Use hand-held e-business tools     40     
    RTF3001A     Construct turf playing surfaces     40     
    RTF3004A     Implement a grassed area maintenance program     30     
    RTF3005A     Deliver and promote sales of plants     30     
    RTF3007A     Fell large trees     40     
    RTF3010A     Establish turf     40     
    RTF3011A     Implement a plant establishment program     40     
    RTF3012A     Implement a plant nutrition program     30     
    RTF3014A     Implement a propagation plan     50     
    RTF3015A     Implement a tree maintenance program     30     
    RTF3017A     Implement a tree pruning program     40     
    RTF3018A     Implement a tree transplanting program     30     
    RTF3019A     Remove trees in confined spaces     40     
    RTF3020A     Install and maintain interior plant displays     40     
    RTF3021A     Maintain nursery plants     40     
    RTF3023A     Monitor turf health     30     
    RTF3025A     Prepare specialised plants     40     
    RTF3026A     Receive and dispatch plants and other nursery products     20     
    RTF3027A     Renovate sports turf     30     
    RTF3028A     Perform specialist amenity pruning     30     
    RTF3031A     Undertake complex tree climbing     40     
    RTF3032A     Install cable and bracing     20     
    RTF3033A     Implement a maintenance program for hydroponic systems     40     
    RTF3035A     Implement a tree protection program     30     
    RTF3036A     Plan and establish plant displays     40     
    RTF3203A     Construct brick and/or block structures and features     40     
    RTF3204A     Construct concrete structures and features     40     
    RTF3207A     Implement a landscape maintenance program     30     
    RTF3208A     Install metal structures and features     30     
    RTF3215A     Install hydroponic systems     40     
    RTF3216A     Install water features     30     
    RTF3217A     Set out site for construction works     40     
    RTF3219A     Construct stone structures and features     40     
    RTF3220A     Implement a paving project     30     
    RTF3221A     Implement a retaining wall project     40     
    RTF3503A     Sample soils and analyse results     40     
    RTF3510A     Design and prepare growing media     30     
    RTF3702A     Undertake aerial rescue     60     
    WRRCS3B     Interact with customers     36     
    WRRM3B     Co-ordinate merchandise presentation     36     
    WRRS2B     Advise on products and services     27     


    No more than 3 module/units may be completed

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs    National Module(s)

    FPICOR2205A     Follow OHS policies and procedures     20     
    FPICOT2204A     Maintain chainsaws     16     
    FPICOT2206A     Cross cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw     30     
    FPICOT2221A     Trim and cross cut felled trees     40     
    FPIFGM2208A     Fall trees manually (basic)     40     
    FPIFGM3204A     Fall trees manually (intermediate)     40     
    HLTFA301B     Apply first aid     15     
    MNQ.OP/21.A     Conduct front end loader operations     40     
    RTC2304A     Operate and maintain chainsaws     30     
    RTC2309A     Operate tractors     30     
    RTC2704A     Provide basic first aid     10     
    RTC3310A     Operate specialised machinery and equipment     40     
    RTC4024A     Recommend plants and cultural practices     70     
    RTC4905A     Cost a project     40     
    RTD2004A     Collect, prepare and preserve plant specimens     20     
    RTE2607A     Install micro-irrigation systems     20     
    RTF2211A     Prepare a grave site     10     
    RTF4007A     Prepare a garden design     100     


    BRIDGING   Your teacher will tell you if you need to do this group.  If you have

    been told to do this group you must follow the completion instructions below:-

    No more than 17 module/units may be completed

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs    National Module(s)

    RTC1701A     Follow basic chemical safety rules     5     
    RTC2005A     Fell small trees     20     
    RTC2012A     Plant trees and shrubs     20     
    RTC2016A     Recognise plants     20     
    RTC2026A     Undertake propagation activities     20     
    RTC2203A     Conduct visual inspection of park facilities     20     
    RTC2209A     Install, maintain and repair fencing     20     
    RTC2210A     Maintain properties and structures     20     
    RTC2301A     Undertake operational maintenance of machinery     30     
    RTC2306A     Operate vehicles     30     
    RTC2307A     Operate machinery and equipment     30     
    RTC2401A     Treat weeds     30     
    RTC2404A     Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders     20     
    RTC2701A     Follow OHS procedures     15     
    RTC2702A     Observe environmental work practices     15     
    RTC2705A     Work effectively in the industry     10     
    RTC2706A     Apply chemicals under supervision     15     
    RTC2801A     Participate in workplace communications     10     
    RTD2022A     Carry out natural area restoration works     30     
    RTD2206A     Install aggregate paths     20     
    RTE2003A     Carry out postharvest operations     20     
    RTE2010A     Establish horticultural crops     20     
    RTE2018A     Regulate crops     20     
    RTE2021A     Support horticultural crop harvesting     20     
    RTE2028A     Undertake field budding and grafting     20     
    RTE2308A     Operate ride-on vehicles     20     
    RTE2503B     Observe and report on weather     20     
    RTE2601A     Assist with the operation of gravity fed irrigation     20     
    RTE2602A     Assist with the operation of pressurised irrigation systems     20     
    RTE2603A     Lay irrigation and/or drainage pipes     20     
    RTE2604A     Maintain drainage systems     20     
    RTE2605A     Maintain gravity fed irrigation systems     20     
    RTE2606A     Maintain pressurised irrigation systems     20     
    RTE2707B     Follow site quarantine procedures     20     
    RTE2902B     Collect and record production data     20     
    RTF2001A     Apply a range of treatments to trees     30     
    RTF2008A     Maintain indoor plants     20     
    RTF2009A     Perform above ground pruning     20     
    RTF2013A     Pot-on plants     20     
    RTF2014A     Prepare and maintain plant displays     20     
    RTF2015A     Prepare turf surfaces for play     30     
    RTF2017A     Prune shrubs and small trees     30     
    RTF2019A     Renovate grassed areas     20     
    RTF2020A     Assist with turf construction     20     
    RTF2023A     Support turf establishment     30     
    RTF2024A     Tend nursery plants     20     
    RTF2025A     Transplant small trees     15     
    RTF2027A     Undertake standard climbing techniques     20     
    RTF2204A     Construct low-profile timber or modular retaining walls     30     
    RTF2207A     Protect trees during construction work     20     
    RTF2208A     Lay paving     30     
    RTF2215A     Assist with landscape construction work     30     
    RTF2311A     Undertake stump removal     10     
    RTF2504A     Determine basic properties of soil/growing media     25     

    Group 777 ENRICHMENT

    You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards course completion

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs    National Module(s)

    NSWTHAZ201A     Use hazardous substances safely     15     
    NSWTHAZ301A     Manage residues in product     20     

    Group 887 ENRICHMENT

    You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards course completion

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs    National Module(s)
    2186F     Architectural CAD 1     36     ABC009
    5599GB     Workplace applications 1     40     
    8971D     Work placement     240     ABD313
    8971E     Work placement     60     
    8971F     Work placement     60     
    8971G     Work placement     40     
    8971H     Work placement     20     
    FPICOR2205A     Follow OHS policies and procedures     20     
    FPICOT2221A     Trim and cross cut felled trees     40     
    NSWTSFM202A     Participate in work placement or work experience     30     

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