Master's Degree in Latinamerican Studies

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  • Course description
    Master's Degree in Latin American Studies

    The Master's Degree in Latin American Studies was created in 1999, being one of the oldest programs in this area in the country. Because it is linked to a school of Political Science and International Relations, the main goal of the program is to provide students with the knowledge and ability manage the growth of Political Science and International Relations, which allows them to analyze the process that goes on inside Latin American states, and at the same time, it permits them to understand the past procedures of the region, it's relationship with structure, the actors, the dynamics and the international systems' process.  

    Since the recognition of Latin American Studies are distinguished by their interdisciplinary approach to regional problems., the Master's Degree also offers students a flexible curriculum with the possibility to choose four equivalent areas of training like in: rural development, international relations, history, and literature. The assignments of the equivalent areas are offered by the Master's Degree in Rural Development, International Relations, History, and Literature from the University of Javeriana.  


    The Master's Degree program in Latin American Studies searches to:  

    - Contribute to the development of the multidisciplinary knowledge on the conflicts of Latin America.  

    - Build graduates with the highest level academically, with the ability to respond to the regional problems from ambitions like education in universities and professional practice in public and private sectors.  

    - Promote the student's interest to research by giving them the basic tools to take charge and participate in investigative tasks about the region.
    - To build analysts with critical knowledge in front of the used subject so they can interpret the Latin American reality and are able to propose new visions of interpretations.


    Granted Degree: Master's Degree in Latin American Studies


    The  Master's Degree in Latin American Studies is dedicated to professionals in different areas interested in the foundation of Latin American and in particular countries, especially in the policy areas and international relations, and for those who wish to contribute with the production of alternatives for the solution and analysis of regional problems.


    Common Body 
    Total Credits: 27

    Political Science

    Teoría del Estado y Estado en América latina (3)
    Política comparada (3)

    International Relations

    Procesos sociopolíticos en América Latina (3)
    América Latina en el Nuevo Orden Mundial (3)

    Element of an Investigation

    Seminario de investigación (3)
    Tutoría de tesis I (4)
    Tutoría de tesis II (8)

    Conclusive Body
    Total Credits: 15 (9 in the same area)

    Rural Development


    Problemas rurales colombianos (3)
    Teorías del desarrollo (3)
    Sociedades y economías campesinas (3)
    Género y desarrollo (2)
    Movimientos rurales en América latina (2)

    International Relations

    Teorías de las relaciones internacionales I (3)
    Teorías de la relaciones internacionales II (2)
    Sistema interamericano (2)
    Políticas exteriores comparadas (2)
    Política exterior norteamericana (2)



    Seminario I: Literaturas Transatlánticas (5)
    Seminario IV: Poesía del Caribe Hispánico (5)
    Cátedra: novela colombiana y latinoamericana (3)
    Cátedra Manuel Puig (3)
    Literatura y género (3)
    Literatura y Sociocrítica (3)



    Seminario Teórico en Historia I (modernidad y postmodernidad)(3)
    Seminario Historiográfico I (corrientes historiográficas) (3)
    Seminario Historiográfico II (historiografía colonial América Latina) (3)
    Seminario Historiográfico II (historiografía siglo XX América Latina) (3)
    Electivas (2)


    La Maestría apoya al Grupo de Relaciones Internacionales América Latina e Integración (GRIALI) con 13 años de trayectoria y escalafonado en A por Colciencias. Sus líneas de investigación son:

    El Estado nación y las nuevas arquitecturas de la gobernanza global.

    Fortalecimiento de la Democracia en América Latina.

    Integración regional y subregional y movilidad socioespacial en el sistema internacional.

    Problemática de fronteras en la región andina.

    Salud Internacional en América Latina.

    Conclusive Basic Faculty

    Martha Lucía Márquez. MA. Estudios Políticos. MA. PUJ Desarrollo económico en América Latina Universidad Internacional de Andalucía.

    Consuelo Ahumada Beltrán. Ph.D. Ciencia política Universidad de Nueva York.

    Armando Blanco. Doctorado en Ciencias Sociales. Colegio de México.

    Aída Quiñones. MA. Estudios Políticos PUJ.

    Martha Ardila. Ph.D. Ciencia Política. UNAM.

    Complementary Core Faculty

    Rural Development

    Flor Edilma Osorio. Doctorada en Estudios sobre América Latina. Université Toulouse.

    Juan Guillermo Ferro. Doctor en Estudios Latinoamericanos. UNAM.

    Olga Lucía Castillo. Doctora en Desarrollo Económico. Universidad de Cardiff.

    Pierre Raymond. Doctor en Sociología. Escuela Práctica de Altos Estudios Paris.

    Diana Lucía Maya Vélez. MA. en Desarrollo Rural PUJ.

    María Adelaida Fara. Ph.D. Development Studies University of East Anglia.


    Abel Lopéz. Master of Arts. SUNY Stony Brook.

    Rigoberto Rueda Santos. MA. en Historia UPTC.

    Paula Ronderos. MA. en Historia PUJ.

    César Torres del Río. Doctor en Historia Universidad de Brasilia.

    Alvaro Oviedo. Doctor en Historia Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar.

    Aristides Ramos. MA. en Historia Universidad Nacional de Colombia.


    Graciela Maglia Vercesi. Ph.D. en Literatura Universidad Paris IV Sorbona.

    Cristo Rafael Figueroa. Ph.D. en Literatura PUJ.

    Constanza Morales. Ph.D. en Literatutra Comparada.

    Erna Von del Walde. Ph.D. in Romance Languajes and Literatures. University of Frankfurt.

    Rosario Casas. Filósofia y Literata.

    Paula Andrea Marín. Magister en Litaratura Hispanoamericana. Instituto Caro y Cuervo.

    International Relations

    Silvia Trujillo. MA. Relaciones Internacionales PUJ.

    Benjamín Herrera Cháves. MA en Análisis de Problemas Políticos, Económicos e Internacionales. Universidad Externado de Colombia.

    Carolina Albornoz. MA. Estudios Latinoamericanos PUJ.

    Eduardo Velosa - MA. en Relaciones Internacionales. Griffith University.

    Juan Carlos Eastman. MA. en Historia.

    Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

    The Faculty of Political Science and International Relations at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana was created in 1994, although several of its graduate programs date back to the 70s.

    Currently the Faculty offers an undergraduate program leading to the degree of political scientist focusing on one of the following areas: participation, governance and international relations.

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