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Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Cinema Studies)

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  • Objectives
    Students who complete the postgraduate diploma should:

    * acquire the ability to prepare an original piece of research;
    * gain an in-depth knowledge of theories and methodologies about cinema;
    * develop an ability to analyse the critical reception of films.
  • Academic Title
    Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (Cinema Studies)
  • Course description
       * Thesis 12,000 words (37.5 points)
        * Elective subjects totalling 62.5 points

    Total 100 points - subjects are 12.5 points each, unless indicated otherwise.

    Thesis subject

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    107-523  Cinema Studies Thesis
    A topic selected in consultation with the coordinator.     Semester 1, Semester 2     37.50

    Elective subjects

    Subject     Semester     Credit Points

    106-409  Celebrity Cultures     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    106-448  Theorising the Spectator     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    107-405  Spectacles: Museums to Theme Parks     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     25

    107-409  Indigenous Photography, New Media, Film     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    107-421  Contemporary Film Theory
    This subject will examine the development of contemporary film theory of the post-1968 period. Students will be expected to critically evaluate the significance and applicability of some of the following theoretical approaches: formalism and structur...     Semester 1     12.50

    107-432  Melodrama, Class and the Cinema
    This subject involves a study of the role the melodrama has played in the representation of class and ideological conflict in the cinema. Students are asked to examine melodramas from periods such as the silent period, the 1930s, the 1950s and contem...     Semester 2     12.50

    107-429  Ethnographic and Documentary Cinema     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    107-440  Hitchcock, Film and Art
    Alfred Hitchcock is one of the greatest directors of the 20th century. Recently a number of international exhibitions have documented the receptiveness of Hitchcock's films to the literary and visual arts of his time - from Pre-Raphaelite and Sy...     Semester 1     12.50

    107-458  Screen Affect: Culture, Bodies, Emotion
    This subject will explore visual representations of culture: aesthetic, affective, and political to explore the various levels of affect. Affect is a core concept in interpretive visual methodologies, involving the analysis of bodies within contextua...     Semester 2     12.50

    107-459  Screen Media and Mediated Experiences
    We live in a world mediated by screen technologies, and our times are marked by radical transitions and advances in media that have altered out perception and experience of reality. This subject analyses the nature of current screen media, including ...     Semester 2     12.50

    107-463  Dream Screen: Film and Psychoanalysis     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    107-470  The Carnivalesque and the Cinema     
    This subject will not be available in 2009     12.50

    102-511  Imaging Australian Spaces
    This subject allows students to examine the ways in which Australian space has been represented in a variety of cultural forms. The subject explores how these spaces - conceived in a visual, literary and physical sense - have developed, and how these...     Semester 2     12.50

    760-425  Film and Philosophy
    This subject looks at how a number of influential philosophical concepts have permeated (and been exemplified) in recent cinema. The subject begins by examining the ideas of Plato, and through an examination of mimesis and memory explores how his phi...     Semester 1     12.50

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