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Agriculture Diploma (NRT) - Armidale Campus
Method: On Campus
Type: Diploma
Course Fee: By Request
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Agriculture Diploma (NRT) - Armidale Campus - Armidale - New South Wales

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Agriculture Diploma (NRT) - Armidale Campus - Armidale - New South Wales Agriculture Diploma (NRT) - Armidale Campus - Armidale - New South Wales
You will learn how to manage the procedures employees in the agriculture industry must carry out as well as learning technical skills that a manager on a rural enterprise should have. You will also be able to implement and monitor occupational health, safe working practices and quality assurance practices to industry standards.
Entry Requirements:
This course is for people in the agricultural industry with some expertise who want to develop advanced technical and managerial skills. It also provides the underpinning knowledge required to apply these skills in the workplace. This course is also suitable for owners of agriculture operations who want to enhance their technical and managerial knowledge and skills.
Course Description:
The Diploma of Agriculture contains 5 groups of units.
Group 1 contains units addressing the key technical, managerial and
planning functions that have been designated for the Agriculture
specialisation at AQF Diploma level. These units directly align to the
units of competency in Group B in the Training Package.  Learners must
complete at least eight but no more than ten units from this group.
Group 2 contains units addressing relevant units of competency at AQF
levels 3, 4, Diploma or Advanced Diploma levels from the Conservation and
Land Management Training Package (RTD02), the Rural Production Training
Package (RTE03), the Amenity Horticulture Training Package (RTF03) and/or
any other endorsed Training Packages. These units directly align to the
units of competency in Group C in the Training Package. Learners may
complete a maximum of two units from this group.
However learners should remember that to receive the Diploma of
Agriculture, 10 units must be completed and at least 8 of the units
presented for this qualification must relate to agriculture work
procedures, activities or contexts. In addition, at least 8 of the units
selected to make up this qualification must be aligned clearly to units of
outcomes. Elective units should be selected in accordance with local work
undertaken and local industry advice.
Groups 1 and 2 contain units that directly align with the respective units
competency.  To complete these units, learners must be able to present
evidence to prove they can achieve the unit of competency.  The course
completion requirements specify the unit modules that must be completed
for the learner to achieve the qualification.
Group 777
is an enrichment group that contains 'shell' units which allow
students to complete NSW developed chemical units.  These units do not
count towards course completion.
Group 778 is an enrichment group that contains 'shell' units which allow
students to complete NSW developed salinity units.  These units do not
count towards course completion.
Group 887
contains enrichment modules/units which do not count towards
course completion.
Learner Support
Learners requiring additional/tutorial support should be co-enrolled in the
fee-exempt Learner Support course 9999.  This course provides up to 36
actual hours of support across all AQF levels.
The nominal duration of each unit is indicative only and is based on
face-to-face delivery mode with time allocated to evaluate the evidence
presented by the learner.
Course Elective Completion:

At least 10 elective modules/units must be completed. These may be chosen from groups 1, 2

Group 1

At least 8 and no more than 10 module/units must be completed

Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
BSBADM504A     Plan or review administration systems     50     
BSBADM506A     Manage business document design and development     40     
BSBFLM507A     Manage quality customer service     40     
BSBFLM509A     Promote continuous improvement     40     
BSBFLM511A     Develop a workplace learning environment     40     
BSBMGT507A     Manage environmental performance     40     
BSBSBM405A     Monitor and manage business operations     40     
RTC5701A     Establish and maintain the enterprise OHS program     50     
RTC5702A     Develop and manage a chemical use strategy     50     
RTC5801A     Provide specialist advice to clients     150     
RTC5908A     Prepare estimates, quotes and tenders     80     
RTC5913A     Collect and manage data     50     
RTC5914A     Prepare reports     40     
RTD5402A     Develop a strategy for the management of target pests     120     
RTE4104A     Develop livestock feeding plans     40     
RTE5002A     Manage integrated crop and pasture production     100     
RTE5006A     Plan and manage long-term weed, pest and/or disease control in crops     100     
RTE5007A     Plan and manage stored grain program     100     
RTE5014A     Manage agricultural crop production     100     
RTE5015A     Manage the harvest of agricultural and horticultural crops     100     
RTE5016A     Develop production plans for crops     100     
RTE5101A     Develop and implement a breeding strategy     100     
RTE5103A     Manage livestock production     100     
RTE5104A     Develop livestock health and welfare strategies     100     
RTE5106A     Develop production plans for livestock     100     
RTE5107A     Select animals for breeding     100     
RTE5205A     Plan and manage infrastructure requirements     100     
RTE5301A     Design livestock effluent systems     100     
RTE5304A     Implement a machinery management system     100     
RTE5515A     Manage natural areas on a rural property     100     
RTE5516A     Develop a whole farm plan     100     
RTE5523A     Develop climatic risk management strategies     100     
RTE5524A     Develop and implement sustainable land use strategies     100     
RTE5525A     Manage trial and/or research material     100     
RTE5601A     Audit irrigation systems     100     
RTE5602A     Design irrigation system maintenance and monitoring programs     100     
RTE5603A     Design irrigation, drainage and water treatment systems     100     
RTE5604A     Develop an irrigation and drainage management plan     100     
RTE5605A     Establish and maintain an irrigation-related environmental protection programs     100     
RTE5606A     Manage water systems     100     
RTE5607A     Design drainage systems     100     
RTE5608A     Design water treatment systems     100     
RTE5807A     Manage staff     100     
RTE5901A     Develop a marketing plan     100     
RTE5902A     Develop and review a business plan     100     
RTE5903A     Plan, implement and review a quality assurance program     100     
RTE5906A     Monitor and review business performance     100     
RTE5909A     Develop a sales strategy for rural products     100     
RTE5912A     Plan and monitor production processes     100     
RTE5916A     Prepare and monitor budgets and financial reports     100     
RTE5917A     Arrange livestock purchases     100     
RTE5918A     Arrange marketing of livestock     100     
RTE5920A     Negotiate and monitor contracts/commercial agreements     100     
RTE5921A     Market products and services     100     
RTE5922A     Plan production for the whole farm/land based business     100     
RTE6905A     Manage price risk through trading strategy     140     
RTF5005A     Manage plant health     160     
RTF5521A     Monitor and manage soils     140     
WRRO1B     Manage merchandise and store presentation     30     

Group 2

No more than 2 module/units may be completed

Modules/Units    Name    Hrs

BSBCMN404A     Develop teams and individuals     40     
BSBEBUS506A     Plan and develop a business website     40     
BSBFLM403B     Implement effective workplace relationships     40     
BSBFLM412A     Promote team effectiveness     40     
BSBMGT609A     Manage risk     40     
BSBSBM402A     Undertake financial planning     40     
BSBSBM406A     Manage finances     40     
HLTFA301B     Apply first aid     15     
RTC3209A     Plan and construct conventional fencing     30     
RTC3213A     Implement property improvement, construction and repair     40     
RTC4701A     Implement and monitor the enterprise OHS program     15     
RTC4702A     Minimise risks in the use of chemicals     25     
RTC4703A     Plan and implement a chemical use program     25     
RTC4905A     Cost a project     40     
RTC4911A     Operate within a budget framework     40     
RTD4507A     Produce maps for land management purposes     120     
RTE3003A     Coordinate horticultural crop harvesting     30     
RTE3006A     Establish pastures and crops for livestock production     30     
RTE3008A     Handle bulk materials in storage area     30     
RTE3009A     Undertake agricultural crop harvesting activities     30     
RTE3013A     Implement a postharvest program     30     
RTE3022A     Undertake agricultural crop maintenance activities     30     
RTE3024A     Undertake preparation of land for agricultural crop production     30     
RTE3029A     Establish agricultural crops     30     
RTE3030A     Harvest horticultural crops mechanically     30     
RTE3037A     Save, prepare and store agricultural seed     30     
RTE3101A     Artificially inseminate livestock     30     
RTE3102A     Educate, ride and care for horses     30     
RTE3103A     Apply quality assurance procedures in wool preparation     30     
RTE3104A     Carry out basic dentition care procedures on horses     30     
RTE3105A     Carry out feedlot operations     30     
RTE3106A     Carry out mare mating procedures     30     
RTE3107A     Carry out post-shearing procedures     30     
RTE3108A     Class wool     60     
RTE3109A     Class goat fibre     30     
RTE3110A     Coordinate and monitor intensive production performance     30     
RTE3111A     Appraise wool using industry descriptions     30     
RTE3112A     Handle and care for stallions     30     
RTE3113A     Identify and draft livestock     30     
RTE3114A     Implement feeding plans for livestock     30     
RTE3115B     Implement livestock husbandry practices     30     
RTE3116A     Mate and monitor animals     30     
RTE3117A     Coordinate milking operations     30     
RTE3118A     Implement feeding plans for intensive production     30     
RTE3119A     Euthanase animals     30     
RTE3120A     Prepare facilities for shearing and crutching     30     
RTE3121B     Prepare animals for parturition     30     
RTE3122A     Prepare livestock for shearing     30     
RTE3123A     Pregnancy test pigs     30     
RTE3124B     Rear newborn and young livestock     30     
RTE3126A     Remove and facilitate reuse of effluent and manure from an intensive productions system     30     
RTE3127A     Treat rectal prolapse in pigs     30     
RTE3128A     Collect, store and administer colostrum     30     
RTE3129A     Shear sheep to professional level     100     
RTE3130A     Supervise clip preparation     30     
RTE3131A     Transport livestock     30     
RTE3133B     Prepare livestock for competition     30     
RTE3134A     Slaughter livestock     30     
RTE3135A     Artificially inseminate birds     30     
RTE3136A     Comply with industry animal welfare requirements     30     
RTE3137A     Carry out basic hoof care procedures     30     
RTE3138B     Determine wool characteristics     30     
RTE3139A     Maintain consistent shearing performance     40     
RTE3140A     Carry out post-mortem examination of livestock     30     
RTE3141A     Prepare fleece wool for classing     30     
RTE3142A     Prepare skirtings and oddments     40     
RTE3143A     Monitor intensive livestock production growing environments     30     
RTE3144A     Prevent and treat equine injury and disease     30     
RTE3145A     Press wool     30     
RTE3146A     Process and store semen     30     
RTE3147A     Prepare for and implement natural mating of livestock     30     
RTE3148A     Assess conformation of horses     30     
RTE3149A     Supervise free-range poultry operations     30     
RTE3210A     Plan and construct an electric fence     30     
RTE3301A     Operate a cane harvester     30     
RTE3302A     Carry out minor service of milking equipment     30     
RTE3304A     Maintain and service shearing handpieces     30     
RTE3305A     Install and terminate extra low voltage wiring systems     30     
RTE3307A     Coordinate machinery and equipment maintenance and repair     30     
RTE3308A     Operate a dairy recycling system     30     
RTE3309A     Operate machinery in adverse conditions     30     
RTE3312A     Service and repair bores and windmills     30     
RTE3313A     Monitor and provide advice on cleaning milking machines     30     
RTE3314A     Transport farm produce or bulk materials     30     
RTE3316A     Disconnect/ reconnect fixed wired equipment     30     
RTE3317A     Carry out minor service of milking equipment     30     
RTE3318A     Prepare combs and cutters for machine shearing     30     
RTE3402A     Implement animal health control programs     30     
RTE3406A     Implement vertebrate pest control program     30     
RTE3504B     Collect samples for rural production or horticulture monitoring program     30     
RTE3506A     Monitor weather conditions     30     
RTE3601A     Install irrigation systems     30     
RTE3603A     Install drainage systems     30     
RTE3604A     Troubleshoot drainage systems     30     
RTE3605A     Troubleshoot irrigation systems     30     
RTE3606A     Measure drainage system performance     30     
RTE3607A     Measure irrigation delivery system performance     30     
RTE3608A     Monitor and operate water treatment processes     30     
RTE3609A     Operate fertigation equipment     30     
RTE3610A     Operate gravity fed irrigation systems     30     
RTE3611A     Operate pressurised irrigation systems     30     
RTE3612A     Implement a maintenance program for an irrigation system     30     
RTE3708A     Clean and fumigate intensive production sheds     30     
RTE3712A     Administer medication to animals     30     
RTE3713A     Carry out workplace OHS procedures     30     
RTE3714A     Maintain and monitor environmental work practices     30     
RTE3801A     Provide on-job training support     30     
RTE3806A     Provide advice and sell farm chemicals     30     
RTE3807A     Provide advice and sell machinery     30     
RTE3808A     Provide advice on agronomic products     30     
RTE3809A     Provide advice on hardware products     30     
RTE3810A     Provide advice on livestock products     30     
RTE3819A     Process customer complaints     30     
RTE3901A     Comply with industry quality assurance requirements     30     
RTE3902A     Document a wool clip     30     
RTE3904A     Keep records for a primary production business     40     
RTE3905A     Sell products and services     30     
RTE3907A     Use hand-held e-business tools     40     
RTE3908A     Maintain and monitor feed stocks     30     
RTE4002A     Develop a crop regulation program     40     
RTE4008A     Maintain grain quality in storage     40     
RTE4009A     Plan a pasture establishment program     40     
RTE4010A     Supervise agricultural crop maintenance     40     
RTE4011A     Manage pastures for livestock production     40     
RTE4012A     Supervise horticultural crop harvesting     40     
RTE4018A     Supervise agricultural crop establishment     40     
RTE4026A     Supervise agricultural crop harvesting     40     
RTE4101A     Carry out stud stable management duties     60     
RTE4102A     Supervise feedlot operations     40     
RTE4103A     Determine wool classing strategies     40     
RTE4105A     Escort animals during export     40     
RTE4106A     Supervise raising young horses     60     
RTE4107A     Supervise artificial breeding and/or embryo transfer programs     40     
RTE4108A     Manage horses for stockwork     40     
RTE4109A     Oversee animal marking operations     40     
RTE4110A     Supervise natural mating of livestock     40     
RTE4111A     Manage shearing and crutching operations     30     
RTE4112A     Manage milking shed routines     40     
RTE4114A     Plan and monitor intensive production systems     40     
RTE4115A     Plan to exhibit livestock or fleece     40     
RTE4116A     Implement a feeding strategy for pig production     40     
RTE4117A     Implement intensive production systems     40     
RTE4118A     Develop feeding plans for an intensive production system     40     
RTE4119A     Supervise animal health programs     40     
RTE4120A     Implement and monitor animal welfare programs     40     
RTE4123A     Use individual fleece measurements to prepare wool for sale     30     
RTE4124A     Pregnancy test animals     40     
RTE4125A     Supervise nutrition and feeding in an intensive production system     40     
RTE4127A     Class wool for special markets     30     
RTE4129A     Apply advanced shearing techniques     80     
RTE4202A     Design livestock handling/accommodation facilities     40     
RTE4203A     Implement and monitor a property improvement plan     60     
RTE4301A     Conduct major repair and overhaul of machinery and equipment     40     
RTE4302A     Design and fabricate milking equipment installations     40     
RTE4304A     Install milking equipment     40     
RTE4305A     Performance test milking machines     40     
RTE4307A     Carry out cleaning-time tests of milking machines     40     
RTE4309A     Design and install on-farm milk cooling and storage     40     
RTE4310A     Conduct equipment experting for machine shearing     40     
RTE4401A     Control weeds, pests and/or diseases in crops     40     
RTE4511A     Develop a soil use map for a property     40     
RTE4601A     Acquire resources for irrigation installation and construction     40     
RTE4602A     Determine hydraulic parameters for an irrigation system     40     
RTE4603A     Implement an irrigation-related environmental protection program     40     
RTE4604A     Determine seasonal irrigation scheduling tasks     40     
RTE4605A     Schedule irrigations     40     
RTE4606A     Supervise on-site irrigation and construction work     40     
RTE4607A     Plan on site irrigation system installation and construction work     40     
RTE4608A     Plan and co ordinate gravity-fed irrigation systems     40     
RTE4609A     Implement, monitor and adjust irrigation schedules     40     
RTE4801A     Provide advice on marketing the clip     30     
RTE4812A     Coordinate customer service and network activities     40     
RTE4813A     Provide information and advice on wool preparation     30     
RTE4901A     Administer finance, insurance and legal requirements     60     
RTE4902A     Support and review business structures and relationships     50     
RTE4903A     Arrange transport for grain or livestock     40     
RTE4904A     Arrange employment for shearing operations     20     
RTE4913A     Analyse and interpret production data     40     
RTE4914A     Participate in an e-business supply chain     40     
RTE4915A     Implement and monitor quality assurance procedures     30     
RTE4917A     Account for shearing shed supplies     20     
RTE5106A     Develop production plans for livestock     100     
RTE6301A     Analyse machinery options     120     
RTE6501A     Manage the production system     120     
RTE6503A     Design and conduct a field-based research trial     120     
RTE6802A     Lead and manage industry based organizations     140     
RTE6803A     Manage human resources     140     
RTE6901A     Analyse business performance     140     
RTE6903A     Develop and review a strategic plan     140     
RTE6904A     Manage business capital     140     
RTE6906A     Develop export markets for produce     140     
RTE6907A     Manage capital works     140     
RTE6908A     Design and manage the enterprise quality management system     140     
RTE6909A     Manage estate planning     140     
RTF4004A     Develop a plant nutrition program     40     
WRRS4B     Build relationships with customers     20     


You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards course completion

Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
NSWTHAZ406A     Manage persistent chemicals     15     


You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards course completion

Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
NSWTSAL201A     Report on incidences of salinity     15     
NSWTSAL301A     Seek salinity advice     25     
NSWTSAL302A     Implement practices for managing salinity     25     
NSWTSAL401A     Determine modifications to agricultural production systems     25     
NSWTSAL402A     Assess salinity impacts and investigate management options     25     
NSWTSAL501A     Develop strategies for managing salinity in a catchment     25     
NSWTSAL502A     Facilitate salinity extension programs     25     


You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards course completion

Modules/Units    Name    Hrs

FPIC2007A     Maintain chainsaws     10     
FPIC2011A     Cross-cut materials with a hand held chainsaw     20     
FPICOT2204A     Maintain chainsaws     16     
FPICOT2206A     Cross cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw     30     
FPICOT2221A     Trim and cross cut felled trees     40     
FPIFGM069A     Trim and cross-cut felled trees (non-commercial / non-production)     20     
ICAU1128A     Operate a personal computer     15     
ICAU1211A     Operate accounting applications     30     
ICAU2231A     Use computer operating system     20     
MEM5.12C     Perform routine manual metal arc welding     18     
MEM5.50B     Perform routine gas metal arc welding     18     
MEM5.7C     Perform manual heating and thermal cutting     18     
NSWTHAZ301A     Manage residues in product     20     
RTC2005A     Fell small trees     20     
RTC2304A     Operate and maintain chainsaws     30     
RTC2309A     Operate tractors     30     
RTC2701A     Follow OHS procedures     15     
RTC3704A     Prepare and apply chemicals     15     
RTC3705A     Transport, handle and store chemicals     15     
RTE2106A     Care for and train working dogs     20     
RTE2308A     Operate ride-on vehicles     20     
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