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  • Objectives
    This program allows qualified applicants to undertake university-level study without enrolling in a full degree program. It may be selected for a variety of reasons, including professional and personal development.
  • Practical experience
    Work Experience & Internships Some students without practical workplace experience, or with workplace experience in a field different from their studies, choose to undertake an internship as part of their degree. This intensely practical professional development approach fosters graduates who are ready, willing and able to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact in the workplace.
  • Entry requirements
    Successful completion of Year 12 or equivalent, Bond College Certificate.
  • Academic title
    Associate Degree
  • Course description

    International Students: Students must undertake four subjects per semester (equivalent to 40 credit points) to fulfil student visa requirements.

    Domestic Students: Most Students undertake four subjects per semester (equivalent to 40 credit points). You may, however, enrol in fewer subjects (equivalent to 30 credit points) and extend your degree over a longer period.

    Bond's Teaching methodology involves a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, examinations, projects, presentations, assignments, computer labs and industry projects.

    Program Structure
    Core Subjects (1)
    Communication (1)

        * CORE11-100 Communication Skills
        * CORE11-101 Public Speaking: Presentation Skills for Leaders

    Outcomes: To communicate effectively in writing, speaking and visual; to understand the nature of communication processes and sources of difficulty in communication.
    Foundation subjects (8)

    Students must complete eight (8) subjects including one (1) major choosen from the H&SS list of undergraduate subjects.
    Electives (3)

    Three (3) other subjects of which at least 2 must come fromthe H&SS list of undergraduate subjects.

    Undergraduate / Humanities & Social Sciences / subjects

    Undergraduate Subject
    BUWI13-711    Bond University Washington Internship Program    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    BUWI13-701    Bond University Washington Internship Program    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    CORE11-100    Communication Skills    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CORE11-120    Cultural and Ethical Values    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CORE11-101    Public Speaking: Presentation Skills for Leaders    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Undergraduate Subject
    ADVT13-350    Advertising Internship    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ADVT11-100    Advertising Principles and Practice    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ADVT13-101    Advertising, Brand Image and Cultural Space    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ADVT12-242    Creativity in Marketing Communication    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ADVT12-200    Direct Response Advertising    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    ADVT13-322    Integrated Marketing Communication    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ADVT11-140    Internet Advertising    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    ADVT12-241    Media Planning and Buying    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    ADVT13-600    Special Topic (1) in Advertising    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ADVT13-308    Visuality: Understanding Visual Forms    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    Applied Linguistics
    Undergraduate Subject
    LING12-203    Course Design    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    LING11-100    Introduction to Linguistics    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    LING13-301    Language Acquisition    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    LING13-700    Language Teaching Internship    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    LING11-101    Language Teaching Methodology    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    LING13-302    Language Testing    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    LING13-305    Practical Language Teaching    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    LING12-204    Sociolinguistics    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    LING13-600    Special Project in Applied Linguistics    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Australian Studies
    Undergraduate Subject
    AUST11-105    Australia Popular Culture    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    AUST11-101    Australia: Dreamtime to Dust    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    AUST11-203    Australian Environmental Issues    Humanities & Social Sciences                   

    AUST11-202    Australian Geography and Ecology : An Introduction    Humanities & Social Sciences                   
    AUST11-103    Australian History    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    AUST11-204    Australian History and Culture    Humanities & Social Sciences                   

    AUST11-100    Major Australian Writing    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    AUST13-600    Special Topic - Australian Studies    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Behaviour Management
    Undergraduate Subject
    BVMT11-103    Abnormality and Illness    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    BVMT12-123    Assessment and Diagnosis    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    BVMT12-304    Behaviour Analysis and Interventions    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    BVMT13-153    Interventions with People Experiencing Difficulties    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    BVMT13-111    Introduction to Genetics Counselling    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    BVMT13-155    Policy, Case Management and Independent Living    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    BVMT13-700    Practicum 1 - Behaviour Management    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    BVMT13-600    Research Project in Behaviour Management    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    BVMT11-109    The Influence of Biology on Human Behaviour    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    BVMT13-101    Theory and Practice of Functional Analysis    Humanities & Social Sciences              

    Communication & Media
    Undergraduate Subject
    COMN13-325    Attitudes, Persuasion, Leadership and Conformity    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    COMN12-270    Communication and Shared Leadership in Groups and Teams    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COMN12-213    Communication Research    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COMN13-600    Communication: Special Topic    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COMN13-311    Computer Game Industry and Policy    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    COMN13-310    Corporate & Community Conflict Resolution    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    COMN12-302    Digital Media and Society    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COMN11-190    Gender Communication    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    COMN11-101    Human Communication    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COMN13-315    Interactive Experience    Humanities & Social Sciences   
    COMN12-204    Intercultural Communication    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COMN13-700    Internship    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COMN12-205    Interpersonal Communication    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    COMN12-203    Mass Media    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COMN13-306    Organisational Communication and Leadership    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COMN12-273    Workplace Relations, Career Planning & Portfolio Development    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Computer Games
    Undergraduate Subject
    GAME12-200    Computer Game Culture and Audience    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    GAME12-300    Computer Game Form, Narrative and Style    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    GAME13-400    Computer Game Industry Internship    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    GAME11-110    Design Logic    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    GAME13-600    Special Topic in Computer Games    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Undergraduate Subject
    COUN13-103    Counselling Interventions for Specific Groups and Populations    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    COUN13-108    Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Counselling    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COUN13-301    Foundations of Counselling    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COUN13-106    Functional Analysis & Treatment in Counselling    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    COUN13-700    Practicum 1 - Counselling    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COUN13-600    Research Project in Counselling    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    COUN13-101    Theory and Practice in Counselling    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    COUN13-102    Understanding and Changing Human Behaviour    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Undergraduate Subject
    CRIM12-205    Alcohol, Drugs and Crime    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    CRIM13-311    Applied Behavioural Evidence Analysis    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    CRIM13-350    Case Studies in Forensic Science    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CRIM11-100    Crime and Deviance in Australia    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CRIM12-208    Crime Prevention    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    CRIM12-207    Criminal Motivations    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CRIM13-306    Criminal Profiling    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CRIM11-110    Criminological Research Methods    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    CRIM13-700    Criminology Internship    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CRIM12-210    Forensic Victimology    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    CRIM12-213    Global Criminology    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    CRIM11-114    Media and Crime    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CRIM13-315    Miscarriages of Justice    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    CRIM13-600    Special Study in Criminology 1    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CRIM12-204    The Australian Criminal Justice System    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CRIM12-209    Theories of Crime    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Undergraduate Subject
    EDUC12-128    Australian Schools and Education Systems    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Film & Television
    Undergraduate Subject
    FITV12-202    Cinematography and Lighting    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV13-205    Cinematography and Lighting 2    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    FITV12-207    Digital Screen Audio    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV12-201    Directing 1: Actors    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    FITV13-212    Directing 2: Camera and Coverage    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    FITV12-252    Documentary Production    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    FITV12-203    Editing 1    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV13-702    Film & Television Internship 3    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    FITV11-130    Film Analysis 1: Style and Genre    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    FITV12-230    Film Analysis 2: Australian Cinema    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV13-700    Film and Television Internship (1)    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV13-701    Film and Television Internship (2)    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV11-120    Image and Photography    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV12-208    Music Video Production    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    FITV11-150    Producing 1: Film Industry    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV12-250    Producing 2: Project Development    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    FITV12-253    Producing 3 : Finance and Marketing    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    FITV11-100    Screen Production 1    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    FITV12-220    Screen Production 2    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV13-300    Screen Production 3    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV13-304    Screen Studies Adaptation    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    FITV11-110    Screenwriting 1    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV12-210    Screenwriting 2    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    FITV12-211    Sex, Society and the Movies    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV11-107    Sound Production 1    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    FITV13-600    Special Topic in Film and Television    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV13-601    Special Topic in Film and Television    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV11-140    Television 1: Studio    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV12-242    Television 2: Mobile Screen Media    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV12-241    Television 3: News Production    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FITV12-204    Television Commercial Production    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    International Relations
    Undergraduate Subject
    INTR13-310    Alternative Globalisations    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    INTR13-305    Australia & the Asia-Pacific    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    INTR12-200    Australian Identity in the International Perspective    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    INTR13-303    Chinese Defence Policy    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    INTR12-210    East-West International Diplomacy    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    INTR13-304    Eurasia    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    INTR12-212    European Political Economy    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    INTR12-213    International Development (Theory and Practice)    Humanities & Social Sciences        
    INTR12-214    International Political Economy    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    INTR13-700    International Relations Practicum    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    INTR13-309    Introduction to Diplomacy    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    INTR11-100    Introduction to International Relations    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    INTR12-221    Latin America in the International System    Humanities & Social Sciences                   

    INTR12-202    Oil, Islam and The Middle East    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    INTR13-306    Prospects for Global Politics    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    INTR13-600    Special Topic in International Relations    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    INTR13-601    Special Topic in International Relations    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    INTR13-301    Strategic China    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    INTR12-201    Strategic India    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    INTR12-230    Terrorism    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    INTR12-204    The European Union    Humanities & Social Sciences                   
    INTR12-203    The United Nations    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Undergraduate Subject
    JOUR13-320    Broadcast Journalism Practice    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JOUR12-230    Ethical and Legal Strategies for the Media    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    JOUR12-250    Foreign Correspondence    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    JOUR13-315    Foundations of Broadcast Journalism    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JOUR13-300    Freelance Writing: Magazine and Creative Non-Fiction    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    JOUR13-700    Journalism Internship    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JOUR12-180    Journalism Research Methods    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    JOUR12-240    Newspaper Reporting    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JOUR13-305    Photojournalism, Editing and Publishing    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JOUR13-318    Reporting Specialities: Sports, Travel, Fashion    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JOUR13-600    Special Topic in Journalism    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JOUR13-601    Special Topic in Journalism    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JOUR11-101    The Australian Media    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JOUR11-100    Writing for News Media    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Undergraduate Subject
    ENIL11-112    Academic Reading Skills    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ENIL11-114    Academic Speaking and Listening 1    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ENIL12-116    Academic Speaking and Listening 2    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ENIL11-113    Academic Writing Skills    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CHNL11-100    Chinese Language 1    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CHNL11-110    Chinese Language 2    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CHNL12-209    Chinese Language 3    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CHNL12-210    Chinese Language 4    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CHNL12-211    Chinese Language 5    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    CHNL13-310    Chinese Language 6    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PNS13-311    Discover Japan: A Study Trip to Kyoto    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    ENIL11-110    English as an International Language 1A    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ENIL11-111    English as an International Language 1B    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ENIL12-115    English as an International Language 2    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FRNL11-100    French Language 1    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FRNL11-110    French Language 2    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FRNL12-111    French Language 3    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FRNL12-210    French Language 4    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    CHNS13-313    Introduction to Chinese Culture    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    FRNS11-120    Introduction to French Culture    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JPNL11-100    Japanese 1    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JPNL11-110    Japanese 2    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JPNL12-200    Japanese 3    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JPNL12-210    Japanese 4    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JPNL13-300    Japanese 5    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JPNL13-310    Japanese 6    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PNS13-103    Japanese Proficiency    Humanities & Social Sciences                   

    ENIL12-118    Language and Drama    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    SPNL11-100    Spanish Language 1    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    SPNL11-110    Spanish Language 2    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    SPNL11-111    Spanish Language 3    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    SPNL12-210    Spanish Language 4    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    ENIL13-600    Special Topic in English    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    FRNL13-600    Special Topic in French Language    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JPNL13-600    Special Topic in Japanese    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    SPNL13-600    Special Topic in Spanish Language    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    JPNS11-120    Working Across Cultures: Australia and Japan    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    Literature In English
    Undergraduate Subject
    ENGL12-106    Great Narrative Literature    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Multimedia Design
    Undergraduate Subject
    MMDE12-250    2D Animation and Simple Games    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    MMDE13-340    3D Modelling, Animation and Video Combining    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    MMDE12-220    Designing Sound Environments    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    MMDE11-140    Digital Media Design    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    MMDE13-373    Interactive Media Project and Presentation    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    MMDE13-600    Special Topic in Multimedia Design    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    MMDE11-150    Website Design    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Undergraduate Subject
    PHIL12-203    Buddhist Philosophy    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PHIL11-101    Introduction to Philosophy    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PHIL12-210    Minds, Bodies and Machines    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PHIL11-130    Philosophy and Film    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PHIL12-260    Philosophy of Religion    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PHIL12-205    Political Philosophy: Freedom, Justice and the State    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PHIL12-220    Science and Religion    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PHIL13-600    Special Topic in Philosophy    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Undergraduate Subject
    PSYC12-214    Biological Psychology    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PSYC13-301    Cognitive Psychology    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    PSYC12-225    Cross-Cultural Psychology    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    PSYC12-315    Developmental Psychology    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    PSYC13-308    Drugs and Behaviour    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PSYC13-306    Introduction to Counselling Psychology    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    PSYC13-339    Introduction to Forensic Psychology    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PSYC11-100    Introduction to Psychology: Biology and Personality    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PSYC11-101    Introduction to Psychology: Learning & Social    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PSYC12-250    Learning and Behaviour    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PSYC11-116    Love, Sex and Relationships    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PSYC13-316    Motivation and Emotion    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PSYC13-302    Personality and Individual Differences    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PSYC12-211    Psychology at Work    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PSYC13-312    Psychopathology    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PSYC13-305    Research Methods in Psychology    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    PSYC12-210    Sensation and Perception    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PSYC12-325    Social Psychology    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PSYC11-105    Statistics and Data Analysis 1    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PSYC12-200    Statistics and Data Analysis 2    Humanities & Social Sciences              
    PSYC13-345    Statistics and Data Analysis 3    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    Public Relations
    Undergraduate Subject
    PUBR13-313    Crisis Communication    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PUBR12-235    Media Relations    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PUBR13-312    Public Relations Campaigns and Strategies    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PUBR11-100    Public Relations Principles and Practice    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PUBR12-250    Public Relations Writing    Humanities & Social Sciences         
    PUBR13-600    Special Topic in Public Relations    Humanities & Social Sciences    
    PUBR13-314    Sport Public Relations    Humanities & Social Sciences

    Bond University Faculties
    Humanities & Social Sciences
    Undergraduate Degree programs

        * Undergraduate Diplomas require a total of 80 credit points (8 subjects or equivalent)
        * Associate Degrees require a total of 120 credit points (12 subjects or equivalent)
        * Bachelor degree programs require a total of 240 credit points (24 subjects or equivalent)
        * Combined degree programs are offered
        * Programs may be studied on a full-time or part-time basis

    Non degree programs

        * Non degree enrolments for specific subjects may be undertaken

    Course Planning

    At enrolment, and as necessary during their course of study, students should consult with a Program Advisor and with appropriate academic staff members about the selection of subjects and majors which will best fit their personal and vocational plans.
    University Core Subjects

    In all Bachelor degree programs, students must complete, as early as possible in their program of studies, the four core subject options specified by University regulations. All students must complete the subject within the Communication and Information Technology clusters within their first 2 semesters of enrolment, or an equivalent period of part time candidature. The remaining two core subjects must be completed by the end of the 5th semester.
    CORE11-100 Communication Skills     OR     CORE11-101 Public Speaking: Presentation Skills for Leaders
    CORE11-110 Information Technology 1     OR     CORE11-111 Business Applications of IT
    CORE11-120 Cultural and Ethical Values     OR     CORE11-121 Contemporary Issues in Law and Society
    CORE11-130 Strategic Management     OR     CORE11-131 Entrepreneurship
    Majors or areas of specialisation

    A ‘major’ is a group or sequence of six related subjects selected from one subject area, or from associated areas of study.

    In some programs, majors require certain subjects as specified. The rules for majors may be waived from time to time by the Dean.

    A ‘double major’ is a group of twelve subjects in the undergraduate schedule, from one subject area or from associated areas of study.

    Recommendations about majors, double majors, or other subject groups, which may be of greatest interest or value to individuals, can be obtained from Program Advisors, or from academic staff teaching in subject areas of interest to the students.

    Majors regularly on offer in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for Bachelor degrees are as follows.

        * Advertising
        * Australian Studies
        * Behaviour Management
        * Chinese Language
        * Communication
        * Computer Games
        * Corporate Communication
        * Counselling
        * Criminology*
        * East Asian Studies
        * English as an International Language
        * Film & Television*
        * French Language
        * International Relations*
        * Global Governance and Regional Politics
        * International Diplomacy
        * Japanese Language
        * Journalism*
              o Television Journalism*
        * Language Studies
        * Language Teaching
        * Media
        * Multimedia
        * Philosophy
        * Psychology*
        * Public Relations
        * Spanish Language

    *Double majors are available in this subject area.
    Subject credit point weighting

    Every subject offered is allocated a weighting which defines:

    (1) the credit the subject carries towards the total credit points required for award of a particular degree program and
    (2) the portion of a full time student workload (40 points per semester) occupied by that subject. In this handbook, ‘subject’ indicates a standard 10 credit-point subject, unless otherwise specified.
    Admission requirements

    The Faculty considers a range of factors in determining admission to undergraduate programs. All programs are subject to Bond University regulations applying to all undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Exception cases are noted in this Faculty Website and Handbook (like the English as an International Language Programs).

    The Faculty reserves the right to scrutinise each application to assess the appropriateness of a candidate for enrolment in a particular program, and to approve or refuse admission to any candidate. This will apply especially to candidates for places in postgraduate coursework programs, where the nature and standard of an individual’s prior formal studies or professional experience may be of the greatest importance in assessing likelihood of success in a particular program.
    Domestic student admission

    Australian Residents living in Queensland

    All Queensland students wanting to apply for undergraduate studies must apply through Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC): or contact QTAC on 1900 971 166

    Australian Residents living outside Queensland

    Interstate domestic students wanting to apply for undergraduate studies must apply directly to Bond University. Students will need to complete an application form for Domestic Admission available from the Office of Recruitment and Admissions or apply online now:

    Study Abroad admission

    Study Abroad students will generally have completed their first year at their home institution.

    Students applying to Bond are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the American grading system or equivalent. Please check with your individual Study Abroad department to make sure you meet all other requirements.

    If English is not your native language, you will also need to provide formal evidence of English language proficiency.  For further information on Bond’s English language requirements, please refer to the English Language requirements table.

    Complete an Application Form.

    Submit your completed application form, along with:

        * certified copies of your academic transcripts (if transcripts are not in English, they must be translated and certified before submitting)
        * at least one written academic reference
        * proof of English language proficiency (if English is not your first language)
        * a list of six to eight subjects the student intends to enrol in.

    Completed applications should be submitted to the attention of the Study Abroad Coordinator or Representative closest to your region. Applications may be submitted via fax initially as long as original transcripts are forwarded in the mail.

    International student admission

    International students must apply directly to Bond University. In addition to meeting the English Language requirements (where appropriate), international students must have obtained the secondary qualifications as outlined in the High School Equivalence Table.

    Students will need to complete an Application for International Admission available from the Office of Recruitment and Admissions, or apply online now:

    Credit and exemption for previous study elsewhere

    Credit may be granted towards degree programs in the Faculty only for subjects formally completed at other approved tertiary educational institutions, or Faculties of Bond University. Each credit granted reduces the number of subjects required for the degree by one.

    Credit will be granted only where the subjects concerned are equivalent (in terms of subject area, subject level, standard of assessment, and credit point weighting) to subjects offered by this Faculty. APS accreditation requirements prevent the granting of credits towards the Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology or Psychology Honours programs for subjects completed at other institutions.

    Credit granted may be for specified Humanities and Social Sciences subjects and majors, or for unspecified subjects or majors.

    For any degree program, like an Associate Degree which is a component part of another program, all work completed for that first program may be credited toward the more substantial award.
    Exemption (as opposed to credit) from core course requirements, normal subject Prerequisites and other rules may be granted on the basis of prior formal study, professional experience, or personal skills and experience. An exemption must be replaced by another subject.

    Each application for credit must be supported by the following:

        * A certified copy of transcript or other formal record of results achieved in subjects for which credit is claimed;
        * Details for relevant handbooks or subject and course descriptions sufficient to permit an assessment by the Faculty of the suitability of each subject.

    Each application for credit or exemption must be submitted in writing with supporting documentation.

    It is the responsibility of each applicant, at his or her own cost, to provide all documentation required for consideration of an application for credit. Applications for credit and exemptions must be submitted to the Faculty Services Office, with documentation, no later than the end of the first semester of enrolment unless there are exceptional circumstances as approved by the Dean.
    Changes and variations to students programs

    The Dean will be responsible for approving credit and exemptions, and variations and changes to student programs.

    Honours degree programs

    Bachelor Honours degree programs are offered in the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology). This Honours program comprises two full-time semesters (80 credit points of coursework and thesis subjects). To be admitted to Honours, students must have completed the requirements for the appropriate Bachelor’s degree, normally with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or better, based on:

    4 = High Distinction
    3 = Distinction
    2 = Credit
    1 = Pass

Other programs related to adult education

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