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Bachelor of Arts Classical Languages (Latin and Greek)

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  • Objectives
    The Classical Languages major allows students the opportunity to study aspects of both or either the Latin or Greek Classical Languages. The courses undertaken as part of this major aim to provide students with both a grammatical and practical understanding of the ancient languages but also an understanding of key cultural and historical concepts and issues. An appreciation of modern English in relation to the historical languages is also developed. Classics graduates are valued not only for their specific expertise in historical language and cultural concepts but their ability to think critically and analytically, to form coherent and historically sensitive arguments and to express themselves both verbally and in written form. Employment opportunities exist both in discipline related fields but others utilising the above mentioned skills such as journalism, teaching, policy development and law. Further study can complement this major and can provide a diverse range of additional career opportunities.
  • Entry requirements
    Recommended studies: For psychology - HSC Mathematics
  • Academic Title
    Bachelor of Arts Classical Languages (Latin and Greek)
  • Course description
    A Bachelor of Arts degree enables you to study what you are passionate about in life, and convert this learning into a career. You have the flexibility to choose from a broad range of courses, and to tailor the program to match your specific interests.
    Jobs for Arts graduates

    Arts graduates are employed across business, government and the not-for-profit sector, in a range of areas including:

        * Diplomacy, foreign affairs, public service and government communications
        * Journalism, publishing and writing, public relations and media management
        * Television, radio and film
        * Advertising and marketing
        * Human resources, project management, corporate consulting, business analysis and research
        * Language translation and project management for international organisations
        * Arts management and curatorship, theatre directing, film-making and acting
        * Public policy for the arts, multimedia and visual arts
        * Teaching, adult training and development

    Equipping you with sought after skills

    As an arts graduate, you have highly developed research, communication, creative, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, and the capacity to think outside the square. These are the skills that employers look for when making recruitment choices.

    As well as equipping you with these general skills, an Arts degree also builds specialist skills, in the major of your choice.

    You will complete two majors as you progress through the Bachelor of Arts.

    There are various areas to major in, and each of them is very different in terms of what you learn, what you will build skills in and what career outcomes they deliver.

        * Aboriginal studies
        * Ancient history
        * Classical languages (Latin and Greek)
        * Creative arts
        * Drama
        * English
        * Film, media and cultural studies
        * History
        * Human geography and the environment
        * International affairs
        * Linguistics
        * Modern languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese)
        * Philosophy
        * Politics and policy
        * Psychology
        * Religious studies
        * Sociology and anthropology
        * Writing

    Combined Degrees

    There are a range of degrees that can be combined with a Bachelor of Arts to further strengthen your employment prospects.

        * Bachelor of Science
        * Bachelor of Music
        * Bachelor or Laws
        * Bachelor of Social Work
        * Bachelor of Speech Pathology

    Doing an arts degree builds your knowledge and understanding of the world, enables you to better communicate across culture, gender and religion, and equips you with skills that will see you through life.

    An arts degree is for you if you have an interest in broadening your view of the world, and enjoy critically analysing where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we may be going in the future. It gives you the flexibility and choice to pursue specific areas of interest to you.

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