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Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language)

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  • Objectives
    Good teaching requires both knowledge and experience. On the Greenwich College Teacher Training Course we ensure trainees get plenty of both. The course aims to produce confident, competent and independent teachers who have a solid base of knowledge on which to build with experience. Our team of highly qualified and experienced teacher-trainers create a comfortable and stimulating environment to study this challenging subject.
  • Entry requirements
    6.0 IELTS General Training Module or equivalent (TOEIC or TOEFL accepted as equivalent)
  • Course description
    This eight week course in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is delivered and assessed at Greenwich's Sydney campus. The Instructors Training Course trains students in the latest English teaching techniques. The course is designed for people without previous teaching experience who wish to pursue English language teaching as a profession or for those who, while having some teaching EFL experience wish to have this experience endorsed with a qualification.
    Vocational Outcome:
    Together with a degree and either 800 hours teaching experience or a diploma in education, a possessor of this certificate meets the minimum NEAS requirements for an ELICOS teacher employed in Australia.

    Course Start Dates
    Every Monday

    Duration and Hours:
    8 weeks at 30 hours per week (Total: 240 hours)

    Course Outline: -->
    Teaching Methodology (TM 30 hours)

    Class Management
    Discussing all elements of class activity outside of the teaching.

    Lesson Planning
    What makes a lesson? How is it constructed? What are variations on the basic model for listening, reading, writing, and speaking?

    Teaching Skills (2weeks)
    The core of the methodology course, covering 'chorusing', 'eliciting' & 'modelling', 'correction techniques', comprehension checking' and much more.
    Continuing into a second week, the skills needed to teach listening, reading, writing, and speaking are developed.

    Curriculum Development
    Considers how to plan for a prolonged period of teaching. What are the student's needs? What is a good balance of skills? What are the course objectives?
    Student Assessment & Testing
    Types of tests and how to make them
    Teaching for specific contexts
    Teaching kids, monolingual groups and other specific course types.

    Teaching Practice Preparation, Teaching Practice, and Feedback (From week 3) (TPP & TP & TPF 86 hours)
    This is the core module for the course; all roads lead to this module! This is where trainees get to practice what they have learnt. Beginning with one to one lessons and developing into full classess, trainees prepare and teach lessons to real language students. Many trainees say this is the most rewarding part of the course.

    Pronunciation (PR 7 hours)
    This module teaches trainees the basis of phonology and how to teach it. Trainees look at the problems different nationalities have in speaking English, why the problem exists amd how they can be remedied. This is a very theory based course.

    Class Observation and Observation Feedback (OBV & OBF 12 hours)
    Trainees watch the experts in action and the students evaluate and critically analyse what they see. The premise of this module is simple. Trainees get to watch professional teachers teach and then analyse and discuss the techniques and ideas they have seen with their fellow trainees.

    Grammar (GR 32 hours)
    The grammar course investigates specific functions and structures that are commonly taught in the classroom. Trainees examine how to explain these structures to other people and appropriate teaching ideas for these structures. This module focuses much more on imparting knowledge to students than trainees studying new grammar.

    Presentation (PRON 7 hours)
    During the course there are a number of speakers who present lectures on a range of subjects including: language school marketing, interviewing techniques for teachers, and starting your own language school.

    Introduction to Language Acquisition (ILA 4 hours)
    A beginner's course in a foreign language (Spanish, French or German) is used as a tool for linguistic analysis. After each lesson trainees consider and discuss the process of learning a new language.

    Linguistics and English for Teaching Purposes (LETP 8 hours)
    In this module trainees explore the standard models and current thinking in the world of linguistics.
    Trainees will also examine the origins of English and it's place in the world today.
    This module will also explore the language of teaching.

    Teaching Skills Development (TSD 6 hours)
    Further development on specific areas of teaching that require practice analysis.

    Peer Teaching Practice (PTP 8 hours)
    As an introduction to teaching, trainees are required to begin teaching their fellow classmates in their own language or specific games and activities.

    Weekly Tests (WKT 7 hours)
    A central part of the assessment of trainees. Trainees are required to pass all 7 weekly tests in order to gain the Certifiacate IV in TESOL.

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