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Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Science

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  • Objectives
    This double degree combines a full engineering degree with a supporting degree in a complementary branch of science from within the security, aviation, computer, natural, or applied sciences. There is a growing demand in high-technology industries and research centres for engineers with multidisciplinary skills in technology, management, and relevant sciences. This programme broadens the overall knowledge of students in areas which are complementary to their technical skills. The programme offers students a high level of flexibility as they are able to choose from a number of engineering and science specialist areas and can select a combination that best suits their personal career aspirations. Engineering Disciplines available include: Mechatronics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, Computer Systems, Electronics & Communications and Instrumentation Control & Automation. Science Disciplines available include: Security Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Aviation, Environmental Management, Biomedical Science, Human Genetics and Biomolecular Science.
  • Entry requirements
    In addition to satisying standard ECU admission requirements, satisfactory performance in TEE (or equivalent) Calculus or Applicable Mathematics is required. TEE Physics is desirable. Students who have completed a TAFE Diploma or its equivalent in an allied engineering field may be admitted to a Bachelor of Engineering with advanced standing. Special admission requirements Note: Students who have not completed TEE Calculus or TEE Physics (or equivalent) will be required to complete bridging units during the first year of their studies. Students wishing to undertake the Human Genetics major must have successfully completed TEE (or equivalent) Chemistry, Physical Science, or Human Biology.
  • Academic Title
    Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Science
  • Course description
    Related careers
    Automation Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Communications Engineer, Mechatronics Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Scientist, Pilot, Security Consultant

    This course is available for on-campus study by students with an International student visa.
    Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Science students can study unitsets in the following disciplines as part of this course:

        * Civil Engineering
        * Mechanical Engineering
        * Electrical Power
        * Computer Systems
        * Electronics and Communications
        * Mechatronics
        * Instrumentation Control and Automation
        * Mathematics
        * Security Science
        * Computer Science
        * Aviation
        * Environmental Management
        * Biomedical Science
        * Human Genetics
        * Biomolecular Science
        * Occupational Safety and Health

    This course structure contains information about the units which comprise the course as well as the credit points required to successfully complete it.

    The Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science double degree consists of 45 units, including one 0 credit point practicum unit, giving a total course value of 660 credit points. A student must complete units to a total value of 435 credit points (30 units including the practicum unit) in the Bachelor of Engineering program, consisting of 14 foundation units and a 16 unit major. The Bachelor of Science component of the double degree consists of a 225 credit point (15 unit) major in one of the approved science areas listed below.

    The Double Degree Structure:

    14 Engineering Core Units

    16 Engineering Units for an Engineering Major (selected from the options below)

    15 Units for the Science Major (selected from the options below)

    Year One - Semester 1
    Unit           Description                 Points

    MAT1236    Calculus 1    *                 15
    SCP1111    Physics of Motion    **    15
    Science Major 1 (15 credit points)
    Science Major 2 (15 credit points)

    * Students without TEE Calculus should enrol in MAT1137 Introductory Applied Mathematics instead of MAT1236 Calculus 1, and should enrol in MAT1236 in Semester 2 in place of Science Major 3. ** Students without TEE Physics should enrol in the bridging unit SCP1132 Introduction to Physics instead of SCP1111.

    Year One - Semester 2
    Unit           Description                                                                 Points

    ENM1102    Engineering Drawing and Computer Aided Design          15
    MAT1163    Linear Algebra                                                                 15
    CSP1150    Programming Principles                                                   15
    Science Major 3                                                                     (15 credit points)
    Science Major 4                                                                     (15 credit points)

    Year Two - Semester 1
    Unit           Description                                                                 Points

    MAT2236    Differential Equations                                                     15
    ENS1154    Introduction to Engineering                                           15
    ENS1162    Electrical Engineering 1A                                                15
    Science Major 5                                                                     (15 credit points)
    Science Major 6                                                                     (15 credit points)

    Year Two - Semester 2
    Unit             Description                                                              Points

    Engineering Major 1                                                             (15 credit points)
    Engineering Major 2                                                             (15 credit points)
    Science Major 7                                                                    (15 credit points)
    Science Major 8                                                                    (15 credit points)

    Year Three - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                                                               Points

    Engineering Major 3                                                             (15 credit points)
    Engineering Major 4                                                             (15 credit points)
    Engineering Major 5                                                             (15 credit points)
    Science Major 9                                                                    (15 credit points)
    Science Major 10                                                                  (15 credit points)

    Year Three - Semester 2
    Unit             Description                                                              Points

    Engineering Major 6                                                             (15 credit points)
    Engineering Major 7                                                             (15 credit points)
    Science Major 11                                                                  (15 credit points)
    Science Major 12                                                                  (15 credit points)

    Year Four - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                                                                Points

    ENS2159    Engineering Innovation and Ethics                                15
    Engineering Major 8                                                             (15 credit points)
    Engineering Major 9                                                             (15 credit points) #
    Science Major 13                                                                  (15 credit points)
    Science Major 14                                                                  (15 credit points)

    # Students completing either the Instrumentation Control & Automation major or the Electrical Power major should enrol in ENS4251 Control Systems in this semester, and enrol in an engineering major in its place in Year 5 Semester 1.

    Year Four - Semester 2
    Unit             Description                                                              Points

    Engineering Major 10                                                           (15 credit points)
    Engineering Major 11                                                           (15 credit points)
    Engineering Major 12                                                           (15 credit points)
    Science Major 15                                                                  (15 credit points)

    Year Five - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                                                              Points

    ENS4111    Engineering Practicum                                                  0
    ENS4152    Project Development                                                   15
    ENS4251    Control Systems    ^                                                    15
    Engineering Major 13                                                            (15 credit points)
    Engineering Major 14                                                            (15 credit points) ^^

    ^ Students completing the Civil Engineering major should enrol in ENS4549 Water Supply Engineering instead of ENS4251 Control Systems. ^^ Students completing the Mechatronics, Mechanical or Civil Engineering majors should enrol in their Engineering major 14 unit in Year 5 Semester 2 instead of in this semester.

    Year Five - Semester 2
    Unit           Description                                                               Points

    ENS4253    Engineering Project                                                      15
    ENS4543    Engineering Management                                            15
    Engineering Major 15                                                            (15 credit points)
    Engineering Major 16                                                            (15 credit points)

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