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Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communications)

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  • Objectives
    Combines the fundamental engineering disciplines of electronic systems and communication systems to provide graduates with skills in all aspects of analogue and digital circuit design, and communciations systems development. Concentrates on the engineering principles required to analyse and solve problems related to the design and implementation of electronic and communication systems. Graduates of the course will be conversant in the fundamental physical sciences, electronic circuits and systems, digital signal processing, power electronics, fibre optic and microwave communications, computer networking, and cellular and wireless networks. The course focuses on the development of knowledge and skills relevant to professional engineering practice and, along with a sound theoretical base, includes strong elements of practical problem solving, team work and project development. As a result, as well as having multiple technical and transferable skill competencies, graduates will have strong analytical skills and the ability to lead complex projects. Employment opportunities exist in most sectors of industry including communication and telecommunication, product development, fabrication, public utilities, mining and resource, defence, aerospace, and consulting.
  • Entry requirements
    Satisfactory performance in TEE Calculus or Applicable Mathematics, or equivalent, is required. TEE Physics is desirable. Students who have completed an Associate Diploma or its equivalent in an allied engineering field may be admitted to the Bachelor of Engineering with advanced standing Special admission requirements Note: Students who have not completed TEE Calculus or TEE Physics (or equivalent) will be required to complete bridging units during the first year of their studies.
  • Academic Title
    Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communications)
  • Course description
    Related careers
    Electronics Engineer, Communications Engineer,

    This course is available for on-campus study by students with an International student visa.
    This course structure contains information about the units which comprise the course as well as the credit points required to successfully complete it.

    The course structure shown below includes 30 Core units, 2 Electives and a practicum, totalling 480 credit points.

    Year One - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                               Points
    ENS1154    Introduction to Engineering         15
    ENS1162    Electrical Engineering 1A              15
    MAT1236    Calculus 1    *                              15
    SCP1111    Physics of Motion    **                 15

    * Students without TEE Calculus should enrol in the bridging unit MAT1137 Introductory Applied Mathematics, and should enrol in MAT1236 in a later semester. ** Students without TEE Physics should enrol in the bridging unit SCP1132 Introduction to Physics, and should enrol in SCP1111 in a later semester.

    Year One - Semester 2
    Unit            Description                                                                  Points
    ENS1253    Electrical Engineering 1B                                                 15
    ENM1102    Engineering Drawing and Computer Aided Design         15
    ENS1115    Materials and Manufacturing 1                                        15
    MAT1163    Linear Algebra                                                                 15

    Year Two - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                         Points
    ENS2256    Digital Electronics                 15
    ENS2455    Circuit Analysis                     15
    MAT2236    Differential Equations           15
    CSP1150    Programming Principles        15

    Year Two - Semester 2
    Unit            Description                            Points
    ENS3341    Signals and Systems               15
    ENS2257    Microprocessor Systems          15
    ENS2258    Analog Electronics                   15
    MAT3484    Data Analysis and Modelling    15

    Year Three - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                                                            Points
    ENS2159    Engineering Innovation and Ethics                          15
    ENS3441    Communication Systems 1                                       15
    ENS4251    Control Systems                                                       15
    ENS3343    Data Communication and Computer Networks         15

    Year Three - Semester 2
    Unit            Description                           Points
    ENS3547    Wireless Communication         15
    ENS3203    Electronic Circuit Design          15
    ENS3251    Digital Signal Processing         15
    Elective 1

    Year Four - Semester 1
    Unit            Description                              Points
    ENS4111    Engineering Practicum                 0
    ENS4152    Project Development                  15
    ENS4542    Communication Systems 2         15
    ENS4360    Power Electronics                       15
    ENS3447    Propagation and Antennas         15

    Year Four - Semester 2
    Unit            Description                                 Points
    ENS4253    Engineering Project                      15
    ENS4444    Telecommunication Networks       15
    ENS4543    Engineering Management             15
    Elective 2

    Recommended Electives
    Note: Any electives chosen from outside this list will need prior discussion with and approval from the Course Coordinator.

    Unit            Description                                             Points
    ENM2104    Instrumentation and Measurement          15
    ENM2210    Engineering Mechanics                             15
    ENS2110    Materials and Manufacturing 2                  15
    ENS2259    Thermodynamics                                       15
    ENS2344    Computer Architecture                              15
    ENS3205    Real-Time Embedded Systems                  15
    ENS3220    Electrical Machines and Transformers       15
    ENS3206    Power Systems 1                                      15
    ENS4445    Sustainability and Renewable Energy       15
    ENS4442    Robotics 1                                                 15
    ENS4240    Industrial Control                                      15
    ENS4209    Process Control                                         15
    SCP3341    Electronic Devices                                     15
    MAT3236    Multivariate Calculus                                 15

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