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Bachelor of Film and Television

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  • Course description
    The Bachelor of Film and Television gives students the skills to create screen programs with high artistic and technical standards. Students are encouraged to be innovative, to experiment, to explore ideas and develop the expertise to express ideas for an audience. Students gain a broad understanding of the motion picture industry and the development of world cinema.

    The Bachelor of Film and Television npromotes independent learning with a large component of the course focused on practical screen production. Students develop production skills with a special emphasis on screenwriting, direction and editing. The degree produces graduates who can generate and develop ideas and who have a comprehensive understanding of the specialist skills of a number of craft areas.


    During this rigorous three-year course, you will develop creative, technical and analytical skills by attending small-group workshops, lectures and masterclasses focused on experiential learning.

    You will be trained to a high level in production techniques, including cinematography, sound recording and non-linear editing. Practical skills are developed in short productions, and collaborative skills are developed through crewing on fellow students’ productions. However, the course focus is on creativity for the screen and these practical skills are developed as tools to discover and express your distinctive creative voice.

    In each of the three years you will write, direct and edit short production exercises. In the final year you will continue your studies as a director, focusing on a major production of 5 – 15 minutes duration, or you will choose to specialise in an area such as cinematography, sound, editing or production management.

    In the final year, you have the opportunity to team up with students in the Postgraduate Diploma in Film and Television – Producing course for your major production. Many fruitful director–producer partnerships have been fostered in this way, and these teams often go on after graduation to work successfully in the professional industry.

    In this multidisciplinary arts environment, students in the Bachelor of Film and Television will also undertake subjects through the Centre for Ideas. The common curriculum is a cross-disciplinary sequence of subjects examining the interaction between artistic practice and wider social, political and cultural contexts. The integration of intensive specialist Film and Television training with critical studies aims to produce artists who are not only highly technically and artistically skilled but also culturally and technologically literate.

    Subjects by Year

    Year 1
    • 754-101 - The Artist in the World - Part 1
    • 754-130 - The Artist in the World - Part 2
    • 759-170 - Screenwriting 1
    • 759-171 - Assigned Projects 1
    • 759-176 - Actor Direction 1

    Year 2
    • 754-202 & 203 - The World in the Artist 2A & 2B
    • 759-270 - Screenwriting 2
    • 759-271 - Assigned Projects 2
    • 759-272 - Screen Studies 2
    • 759-276 - Actor Direction 2

    Year 3
    • 754-301 - Collaborative Contract
    • 754-302 - Professional Development
    • 759-371 - Assigned Projects 3
    • 759-372 - Screen Studies 3
    • 759-376 - Screenwriting 3
    • 759-377 - Assigned Projects 3 C
    • 759-378 - Actor Direction 3

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