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Business Administration Certificate III (NRT) - Armidale Campus

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  • Objectives
    It develops competence in exercising initiative in a business environment, organising workplace information, producing business documents, maintaining financial records, delivering and monitoring a service to customers, participating in occupational health and safety processes, producing texts from notes, producing texts from audio transcription, designing and developing business documents, creating electronic presentations and organising schedules.
  • Entry requirements
    This course is suitable for all ages from school leavers to mature-aged learners and also trainees.
  • Academic Title
    Business Administration Certificate III (NRT) - Armidale Campus
  • Course description
    This course has been developed to enable learners to satisfy the
    requirements for the Certificate III in Business Administration BSB30407
    requiring 13 units - 2 core units plus 11 elective units.
    To satisfy these requirements this course has been structured into four
    groups plus an optional tutorial group.
    Group 1
    contains the core units BSBITU307A Develop keyboarding speed and
    accuracy and BSBOHS201A Participate in OHS processes.  Both units must be
    Group 2
    contains elective units.  Learners must complete 11 units.
    Group 2 subgroup 1 contains Administration units - 7 Administration units
    must be selected.
    The additional 4 elective units required may be selected from the remaining
    elective units in group 2, subgroup 1, 2 and/or 3, or from an equivalent
    AQF qualification in the BSB07 Business Services Training Package or any
    other currently endorsed national Training Package.(see **Note** below).
    Group 2 subgroup 2 contains generic business elective units and other
    Certificate III units.
    Note, a maximum of 2 of the 4 units may be selected from group 2 subgroup 3
    containing Certificate II and Certificate IV units.
    Elective units must be relevant to the work outcome, local industry
    requirements and the qualification level.
    Units selected from other Training Packages must not duplicate units
    selected from or available within the BSB07 Business Services Training

    Where the packaging of this qualification meets the rules of a specialist
    qualification, the specialist qualification and not the generic
    qualification must be awarded.
    The teaching section, through their line manager, should contact the course
    sponsor if a request is received from:
    *   an industry group to include a specific unit of competency in a
    qualification that is not already in the course
    *   a learner seeking recognition for a unit(s) of competency not included
    the course and achieved at another RTO or TAFE Institute.
    The course sponsor will:
    *   check if the requested unit(s) of competency meet the Training Package
    qualification completion rules
    *   include the unit(s) of competency in the course structure in an
    appropriate group for delivery or recognition.
    Group 998
    The module 9765G is included to allow students who require additional
    tuition in order to satisfactorily complete the business units in this
    course, and to complete required tasks within acceptable timeframes. This
    module is OPTIONAL and is provided to students on a demonstrated needs
    basis only. Talk to your teacher if you think you need additional tuition.
    Group 999
    Units and modules in this Group are optional to allow Institutes to meet
    learners' needs as appropriate.
    Students requiring support to meet their learning goals need to co-enrol
    in the Learner Support course (TAFE Course Number 9999). Talk to your
    teacher if you think you may require learner support.
    Talk to your teacher and/or workplace trainer, to ensure that your
    combination of electives provides you with a suitable vocational outcome.

    Group 1 CORE UNITS

    All module/units must be completed

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
    BSBITU307A     Develop keyboarding speed and accuracy     50     
    BSBOHS201A     Participate in OHS processes     20     


    Subgroups 1, 3 must be completed

    At least 11 module/units must be completed


    At least 7 module/units must be completed

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs

    BSBADM307B     Organise schedules     15     
    BSBFIA302A     Process payroll     30     
    BSBFIA303A     Process accounts payable and receivable     60     
    BSBFIA304A     Maintain a general ledger     60     
    BSBITU302A     Create electronic presentations     20     
    BSBITU303A     Design and produce text documents     50     
    BSBITU304A     Produce spreadsheets     25     
    BSBITU306A     Design and produce business documents     60     
    BSBITU309A     Produce desktop published documents     50     
    BSBWRT301A     Write simple documents     30     


    You may choose electives from this group

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
    BSBADM301B     Produce texts from shorthand notes     140     
    BSBADM302B     Produce texts from notes     40     
    BSBADM303B     Produce texts from audio transcription     30     
    BSBADM311A     Maintain business resources     20     
    BSBCMM301A     Process customer complaints     30     
    BSBCUS301A     Deliver and monitor a service to customers     20     
    BSBDIV301A     Work effectively with diversity     20     
    BSBFIA301A     Maintain financial records     60     
    BSBINM301A     Organise workplace information     20     
    BSBINM302A     Utilise a knowledge management system     40     
    BSBINM303A     Handle receipt and despatch of information     20     
    BSBINN201A     Contribute to workplace innovation     35     
    BSBINN301A     Promote innovation in a team environment     40     
    BSBITU301A     Create and use databases     30     
    BSBITU305A     Conduct online transactions     40     
    BSBLEG301A     Apply knowledge of the legal system to complete tasks     80     
    BSBLEG302A     Carry out search of the public record     15     
    BSBLEG303A     Deliver court documentation     10     
    BSBLEG304A     Apply the principles of confidentiality and security within the legal environment     10     
    BSBLEG305A     Use legal terminology in order to carry out tasks     50     
    BSBLEG306A     Maintain records for time and disbursements in a legal practice     30     
    BSBLEG308A     Assist in prioritising and planning activities in a legal practice     10     
    BSBMED301B     Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately     50     
    BSBMED302B     Prepare and process medical accounts     30     
    BSBMED303B     Maintain patient records     20     
    BSBMED304B     Assist in controlling stocks and supplies     20     
    BSBMED305B     Apply the principles of confidentiality, privacy and security within the medical environment     20     
    BSBOHS407A     Monitor a safe workplace     40     
    BSBPRO301A     Recommend products and services     20     
    BSBSUS201A     Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices     20     
    BSBWOR204A     Use business technology     20     
    BSBWOR301A     Organise personal work priorities and development     30     
    BSBWOR302A     Work effectively as an offsite worker     25     
    FNSICGEN305B     Maintain daily financial/business records     20     
    HLTFA301B     Apply first aid     15     
    ICPMM321A     Capture a digital image     50     
    ICPMM322A     Edit a digital image     40     
    PSPGOV301B     Work effectively in the organisation     20     
    PSPGOV302B     Contribute to workgroup activities     25     


    No more than 2 module/units may be completed

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs

    BSBADM401B     Produce complex texts from shorthand notes     80     
    BSBADM405B     Organise meetings     20     
    BSBADM406B     Organise business travel     20     
    BSBADM407B     Administer projects     40     
    BSBADM411A     Produce complex texts from audio transcription     60     
    BSBCMM201A     Communicate in the workplace     20     
    BSBCUS201A     Deliver a service to customers     30     
    BSBFIA401A     Prepare financial reports     50     
    BSBINM201A     Process and maintain workplace information     30     
    BSBINM401A     Implement workplace information system     40     
    BSBITA401A     Design databases     60     
    BSBITU201A     Produce simple word processed documents     40     
    BSBITU202A     Create and use spreadsheets     25     
    BSBITU203A     Communicate electronically     20     
    BSBITU401A     Design and develop complex text documents     50     
    BSBITU402A     Develop and use complex spreadsheets     40     
    BSBITU404A     Produce complex desktop published documents     50     
    BSBMED401B     Manage patient record keeping system     30     
    BSBRES401A     Analyse and present research information     40     
    BSBWRT401A     Write complex documents     50     
    FNSACCT407A     Set up and operate a computerised accounting system     54     
    ICPMM263A     Access and use the Internet     20     

    Group 998 TUTORIAL

    Your teacher will tell you if you need to do any modules/units from this group

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
    9765G     Business technical tutorial support     40     

    Group 999 ENRICHMENT

    You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards course completion

    Modules/Units    Name    Hrs
    7370F     Practical placement     40
    8874B     Virtual Enterprise     20     
    NSWTCOM208A     Organise and complete a job application and interview     20     

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